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  1. PS was asked about this and he said that he was concentrating on playing for now. Liam is keeping his eyes peeled for someone suitable but there is no pressure - he is happy with the staff that he currently has.
  2. You might want to look out for my doppelganger standing behind you at MP next season PM, whispering quietly into your ear throughout every match. Be afraid!
  3. Jolly Johnny sounds a bit questionable; don't you think?
  4. No, don't drink at matches BD, and I was on the Long Stand that day. Your thinking thing (the one that holds pictures in the brain) must be better than mine.
  5. Great support again from you lot. It was very pleasing for me to learn that all of our Rams players are now sponsored for next season. It just shows what a determined commercial push can achieve. I hope that you do the same.
  6. Enjoyable and informative with a good turnout - a fair bit of cash raised for AR together with a reminder of the benefits that Squadbuilder has brought to the club. Boxing Day fixture was confirmed - 12.00 at Mount Pleasant. No other friendlies could be confirmed until final agreements have been reached with the other teams involved.
  7. No, I don't and I was there of course. A surprisingly small crowd at that game too.
  8. Really? We've been waiting a very long time at our place. (Sing along: "There's a good time coming, a good time coming, there's a good time coming, boys. Wait a little longer!")
  9. I recall that something similar was done with Dewsbury's nineoil at Crown Flatt (youngsters ask a grown up) and it was something like 11'. It certainly provided a bit of character back in the day.
  10. Pedant here, but I believe that clubs can't run testimonials for players, they must run their own. If the club does it then all income is subject to PAYE, I understand. At Dewsbury we had at least one player who was granted a testimonial but never took up the option of running it. Some blamed the club but, as I said, they couldn't do it for the player involved.
  11. A new signing to be announced tonight according to the club social media. A half back would be nice.
  12. I hope that there will be some information about upcoming friendlies. Boxing Day will be just over three weeks away, after all.
  13. Correct and actually a hangover from the infamous "eights". It was only the press who labelled the recent phenomenon as "The MPG", not the RFL.
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