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  1. There couldn't be any further action against the Bradford player - it wasn't carded nor paced on report and the tackled player wasn't injured, so it wouldn't have been reviewed in any case.
  2. She is a director but the shareholding is in AC's name. I suspect that she is an employee of the solicitors where the company is registered - quite a common practice. I couldn't find any accounts posted though - has anybody else?
  3. AC has stated, categorically, that they will not retrun to Odsal under any guise. He says that they are actively planning the development of another site elsewhere in Bradford (not PA or VP).
  4. I believe that there are restrictions upon using the site for landfill, possibly due to serious geological problems.
  5. And are either of them "money men"? (Hint: I very much doubt it) Who are the named shareholders in the club or its holding company?
  6. I thought that was the old, since liquidated, Bradford. It's the shiny new one that is now crying the poor tale.
  7. If you are an old gimmer like me 750 then you will remember when the only information that you got was via the local newspaper, if anywhere at all. Some things have certainly improved.
  8. So the same as York and fewer than Fev. Outrageous!!
  9. Sort of, although Championship clubs have first to demonstrate an ability to finance their own individual caps. They cannot simply spend as they will without fisrt have an acceptable limit agreed with the RFL.
  10. Remember, Everett was a world-beater when you signed him, according to this board, just needing the right coaching. We did try to warn you but did you listen?
  11. So why did you ask if anyone knows how many players we have used this season? I was answering your question.
  12. There could be a bit of toing and froing across the valley this year allegedly.
  13. Savings on the rent will be about £40k, the main savings for them will be on the significantly reduced maintenance costs. There will still be some of these that they will pay at our ground but the costs at Odsal are enormous and have been for many years. Overall Bradford have been saying that they anticipate gross cost savings of £400k pa. Whilst that sounds considerable it doesn't take into account any equvalent reduction in income which must be inevitable given that a fair number of people will decide that they don't want to travel to our place on a regular basis. What the overall benefit to them will be is hard to be precise about, therefore, but it should be significant, at least in the first instance. If they fail to gain promotion to SL in 2020 however, then the calculations may need some revision; they are gambling upon this and it is unclear how much is being sunk into this effort. As far as we are aware Bradford have no big money man behind them, even if the costs from their original three years must have been considerable and, I would guess, exceeding their income. The whole sport will watch the development of their club with great interest, I'm sure.
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