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  1. I will be there but only out of habit. The Boxing Day games have become pretty meaningless unlike the good old days of the Hospital Cup.
  2. He's just getting nowty because their lot will be the relegation fodder next year.
  3. You might not be afraid to ask players to come but imagine how scared they might be to respond?
  4. Keinhorst has signed for York on a years loan.
  5. Clearly bored is spot on. I expect that to change shortly, however.
  6. Walton is still receiving treatment on his knee so I wouldn't expect him to go straight into the team. When he does get fit I expect that Ryder will be under the greates pressure. It will be good to have competition for places.
  7. I fully agree with your first statement. No bookmaker would take a £1M bet, however; £100 more like.
  8. Do you think that they are twice as likely to win the league as Batley? Both could be 100/1 and the bookies would lose no sleep.
  9. Realistic from a bookie's point of view but, really, they could offer 100/1 against more than half of those team with almost zero chance of paying out. Unlike last year (and the one before) there is no obvious banker for winning the thing.
  10. Shouting into the void TONO. This forum is pretty well dormant, you may have noticed.
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