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  1. Owning a ground costs a lot of money in terms of rates, power, maintenance, insurance, VAT etc Bi11; not a penny of this is covered by the furlough payments. In addition the underlying budgets will have been calculated on the basis of generating income other than through the turnstiles. The renters simply pay on a match by match basis, making separate arrangements for training facilities etc. I do hear of a couple of clubs where they may even have made a profit out of the shutdown plus furlough, having zero fixed costs and all of their variables met by the taxpayer. Just look at the recent recruitment patterns to get an idea of those.
  2. A job for Crown Flatter, I reckon.
  3. For the moment there will be no real crisis. Come November if there is no furlough extension then things may become very tight. For clubs like Batley and Dewsbury who own their own grounds the situation is even more difficult. The "renters" won't have the same immediate issues.
  4. Thanks for the help. It was a sticky that I was really wanting. Any Admin folk reading at present?
  5. Thanks. I know that some on here don't do FB so maybe if an Admin could oblige it would be welcomed I'm sure.
  6. All systems of measurement are, by their very nature, arbitrary. Even time is not a constant, as evidenced by that lightning fast winger when he signs for your own side.
  7. Is anybody able to post a full list of those players who we have signed, re-signed or who have left and place the post as a "sticky" at the top of the forum? I, like many others, would find this most useful.
  8. I like accuracy DD, as I am sure do you. From where have I copied and pasted this, please?
  9. Metric is based upon units of ten, of course, which naturally relates to the digits of two hands. Anyone who suggests that the base of twelve originated in Leigh is being most unfair upon the denizens of that town.
  10. Unlike the 20 and 22 year olds that we have just announced. You must be sweating on that half back, although Sammut doesn't yet seem to have committed to Workington.
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