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  1. Well, if you are actual shareholders then you must be notified of the date and place of the AGM and invited to attend. You should also receive annual reports and accounts.
  2. They do at AGM's I presume. Otherwise they elect Directors to represent them.
  3. Understandable but shouldn't you be critical of whoever signed him rather than the player himself, or was he beating on the doors pleading to get in?
  4. This is one game that I would love to win - at home, traditionally, we either get a close victory over Fax or they hammer us. they have named a full-strength squad, demonstrating that league position is far more important to them than the slim chances of victory in the CC next week. Maybe one or two players will be distracted and we will play exceptionally well, who knows? Being realistic: Rams 16 - 24 Fax Att: 1101
  5. He is just another human being - why so much bitterness?
  6. Nothing like it was two years ago. It certainly won't balance against the expenditure. Still, if you have more money than you know what to do with, how would you spend it? I reckon that only PM on this forum is in a position to respond.
  7. Yes you do but you never notice when things go your way. Paranoia is a precondition for becoming a RL supporter.
  8. And this is the club that had to get rid of all of their full-time players at the end of last season due to a lack of funding. How soon will it be before DB decides, once more, that he can't afford his favourite hobby?
  9. And the games are called off because the other club can't raise a team. Participation levels are falling in virtually all sports: this is simply a fact.
  10. Sorry PM but you are attempting to rewrite the rules. There have been numerous occasions where a player is put on report with no immediate sanction, including sin-bins. I am not defending any specific incident but the actions of the referees in these specific circumstances are generally prescribed - they can't just make things up on the hoof. The game struggles enough at the moment to get one referee for each game (they leave in droves when subjected to personal abuse every week) so, whilst the aspiriration might be worthy the practicality of two referees is yet some way off.
  11. It might be £2k per match but £2 would be very reasonable. The reason that we can't use volunteers is that when we had the new terrace built we had to get a new safety certificate. (This is only necessary when significant changes are made or if legislation changes.) This specified the type and qualifications of security required, which the club cannot avoid. Batley haven't made any significant ground changes for many years so the terms of their old certificate will be different, allowing "volunteers" to be used. This is yet another reason why the club occasionally closes the South Stand when a small attendance is anticipated.
  12. Rules don't overcome the fundamental problem of participation. Players aren't as committed as they once were - how do you explain that?
  13. More whingeing. This happens every time with suspensions - the team who is offended against doesn't get the advantage yet, overall, don't these things even out?
  14. I reccomend that you read Phil Hodgson's column in LE then. He writes about all things happening in amateur RL and paints a grim picture. the problem isn't with the clubs but with players no longer being prepared to play regularly for any particular club. Yes some clubs such as batley Boys or Thornhill Trojans can enjoy mini booms but the overall trend is one of decline. This is true in the Hull leagues, Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.
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