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  1. Do you know what he is actually doing at present or do you expect a weekly report entitled "What I did at the RFL"? Some people seem to confuse a lack of news with a lack of action.
  2. So are you saying that it has and they aren't? (We can all play at this game, you know.)
  3. Hull KR's Tony Smith calls for Super League relegation to be suspended - Hull Live (hulldailymail.co.uk)
  4. Furlough has been a blessing to some organisations, hasn't it?
  5. Please excuse an outsider butting in but you are getting very gloomy on the basis of one poster who is reporting that there will be no distribution money next year. I hear on good authority that this isn't correct: funding will be significantly decreased but there is no way that SL can retain all of the Sky money. The major discussion is how much the RFL retains for its own administration and how much will remain for the clubs. Championship clubs won't be looking at a 100% reduction but 50% may indeed be possible. I don't know how much might be made available for C1 clubs.
  6. As previously said, there is no good reason why we shouldn't be celebrating only our second home victory of the season. After a long lay-off I would hope to see a strong and fit side out for us on Sunday in front of a large appreciative crowd. Rams 28 - 14 Lions FTS: Oakes Att: 890
  7. Four tickets then - one to get in and one to get out, I assume.
  8. I see your point. the right side defence isn't simply a function of the centre/wing partnership but also reflects which half is on that side as well as the second rower who should be bolstering it. Our pack gets drawn into the ruck area too easily and recovers too slowly to give wide cover against a team that moves the ball quickly. I would hope that Smith is available again to give us some options but he has been carrying an injury, hence the limitations there. Fleming is a very solid centre and, in my view, wasted at full back. Oakes has also done well in the centres. May I say, ho
  9. Given the size of our squad and missing players I don't see ow there could be such two options available - please explain.
  10. No. The majority of hospital admissions are under 50 with a significant number of under 30's in ICU. Most cases of "long Covid", estimated to be 100,000+ pa, are under 30. It isn't the flu.
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