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  1. You can tell it's nearly Christmas when folk start arguing over something that doesn't actually exist. Thinking of Santa, of course (apologies to anyone who didn't already know).
  2. Most clubs pushed it up to 65 a few years ago but if you already had an over-60 pass then they allowed you to renew. Probably fairly academic to many of those who use this forum though.
  3. Oh, I don't know - there is a lot of competition after all.
  4. RAMS ANNOUNCE BOXING DAY CLASH AGAINST BULLDOGS – Dewsbury Rams RLFC Discounted tickets available at Rams Stadium office.
  5. A consistently poor website with old news and recycled articles.
  6. No doubt. Of course, what you could do, as an interested party, is to lobby the RFL to commit an annual payment towards the running of this museum, wherever it is situated. This could come out of the broadcast coffers.
  7. And 60% of LA spending goes to social services, shifted there from central government by Osbourne. You can equally claim that my taxes go to fund whatever passes as a national treasure in your neck of the woods. It isn't a nett zero calculation.
  8. And there you have it. Kirklees Council are no wealthier than any other in the deprived and under-resourced North. The local populance are relatively uninterested in RL. Any move to fund the running costs of the museum in the medium term from local taxpayers money will be suicide for a local politician anywhere. I love RL, but this museum has such a limited future in Kirklees (and maybe anywhere) that a serious rethink is required.
  9. Do your own research. Then answer my question - how much are you prepared to stump up? Most museums sound great to the enthusiasts but constantly struggle financially. A RL one will be at the lower end of that league. It is unlikely to generate much, if anything, towards the economy of Huddersfield or Kirklees in general. Please don't laugh at your own jokes - it is quite childish.
  10. Where do you live and how much are you prepared to contribute towards the maintenance of this museum? Sadly the vast majority of Kirklees taxpayers have no interest in RL, whether that is it's history or it's future. To ask them to subsidise your personal interest is both arrogant and ignorant.
  11. Did you ever go to Watersheddings Bi11?
  12. Crown Flatter was there and says that your lot started it.
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