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  1. They were reknowned for the "boisterous" nature of their suporters, one of the reasons for their demise.
  2. The wonderful RL outcome could be the two organisations squabbling like cats over the money before any decision is made followed by the government department deciding to grant no funds whatsoever, then being accused of "betraying the community game". I don't suppose that would ever happen, though.
  3. I bought my DVD of this game from the club shop a few years ago. No doubt, when it reopens, they will still have some available.
  4. I am actually saddened by this question. Is it a case of the SL bandwagon having succeeded in misrepresenting what they actually do or do people not really get the difference between the two? SL is all about maximising income for SL clubs - they might claim otherwise but this is simply their singular aim. The RFL administers the sport of Rugby League including training and providing match officials, as well as a host of often unrecognised efforts. It was the SL who, not too recently, wanted to take ALL of the Sky money for their clubs until the other clubs, ably abbetted by the RFL, forced them back to realising that a contract was already in place that said otherwise. If the RFL do negotiate a payment from the government, which is not a given by any means, and if the SL clubs come along saying that they need the lions share of it, then I imagine that the RFL would have some pithy and interestng things to say in return.
  5. The ref wasn't getting constant abuse either. How many knock-ons at the ptb did you see, and were you bothered?
  6. Will they though, or might the risk to many sports be that people will have discovered that they can actually live without it? There are alternatives, as we are all slowly discovering, except for the sad sods still commenting on sports forums.
  7. Rents, rates, electricity bills, ground maintenance etc. It isn't just 17 fat lads on a council pitch. And where does it say that any bailout is intended to replace lost revenue? I can't imagine anyone being happy to be told that government funds were going to be made available to pay generous sporting contracts.
  8. Have you watched any of these games, soccer, RL, RU etc that have been broadcast in such circumstances? They are soulless to say the least. Sports need a live audience to be properly competitive according to may sportsmen.
  9. "...for as long as six months, possibly longer..." They don't really know, and nor do we.
  10. From a significant number of club chairmen if what I read is crrect. It was also rumoured before this crisis that there was considerable disillusionment amongst a number of SL leaders with the performance of SL with the inference being that one particular chairman had more influence than anyone else. Will adversity bring the SL clubs closer together or will it drive them apart?
  11. Oddly enough my memories of him were playing at prop for us when things were really bad, and I mean really bad. He did a lot to help the club at the time, including acting as stand in coach for a couple of games, yet never seemed to get any recognition for it at the time nor since; I wonder why that was?
  12. Wingers of yore were always judged simply upon their tryscoring expertise, often from distance, whereas, according to this forum at least, their defensive abilities are now more important. I believe that this also represents the changes that we have seen in the game. The time was when we would comment upon a winger being good defensively as being something exceptional, with the expectation being that wingers would never be any good defensively. (A different code but I can't remember Stanley Matthews backtracking too often.) Another feature (and one why I reckon that Martin Offiah was the best that I ever saw) is the player's ability to catch a ball wherever it was passed - ears, ankles and all parts in between. I do remember, for example, Garry Mitchell who was a great finisher and pretty quick with it as well yet who would drop the ball, with such frequency people actually stopped groaning when he did. In other words it isn't just pace that makes a good winger but a whole set of attributes and today these are even more demanding.
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