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  1. Pistols at dawn, then?
  2. It's a fine line, isn't it? When we try to slow down the ptb we are often a bit naive with it and get pinged for six again or a penalty. In every case it is largely dependent upon the individual referee although, apparently, they are getting quite keen on this in SL now as well. Quicker ptb's from both sides would be fine with me.
  3. Dewsbury do a printed teamsheet, available from the office foc.
  4. I noticed that Russell went of after only a short spell, indicating a knock to the head then being sick on the side-lines - classic concussion symptoms I believe. I hope that he was thoroughly checked out.
  5. What use would DR be with five weeks to go before the season begins? Nothing stops you getting loans form any club, short or long term; DR is, in theory, quite different.
  6. Pure speculation I presume but isn't Kieran Rush a Dewsbury lad? I think that full back is an unusual problem for us, having two decent ones available for once. I think that OR's follow up play is ideal for full back but wasted on the wing. I still believe that Bailey O'Connor is more of a natural centre than stand off, but we do need a new/fresh/pacey SO. Hooker/dummy half is still a slight problem too.
  7. I don't think so. Only genuine friendlies count, and only one of them at that.
  8. As we are now out of the 1895 and Challenge Cups we don't have another game scheduled until March 17th. Is this just a chance for Dale to refine the team structures or might we be better trying to arrange a friendly? I'm sure that there will be plenty of other clubs in the same position who would be interested in a hit out.
  9. Brad Graham for me - this shows how difficult it is to single out individuals in a team game. I feel sorry for Turner who isn't a natural half back but gets criticised for it - full back is his best position. Maybe the Giants lucky dip will turn up something interesting, possibly even a local lad?
  10. Who got the Dewsbury MoM? I must have missed it.
  11. Underneath the water the grass is in fine condition.
  12. A solid display showing plenty of determination and grit. The defence looked far better this week, albeit against a less creative side than Bradford. My main concern is a lack of any real creativity with nobody actually taking on the line. The passing movements were pretty but nobody drew a man first - possibly an unfair criticism given the conditions and time of year. This should give us some encouragement and, with the possible addition of a couple of season-long loans from Huddersfield we can only get better, can't we?
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