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  1. Most of the predictions keep referring to Batley as operating on one of the lowest budgets in the league and this division is largely governed by money. iIknow that "little Batley" have punched above their weight for a few seasos now but expecting it to continue unabated is optimistic at best. There are a group of clubs in the Championship, including mine, that operate within lower budgets and whilst ever that continues we can expect to be scratching around the bottom of the table with the occasional miraculous year to provide unrequited hope.
  2. I believe that they are moving out of the Olympic Legacy Park whilst conversion work is going on. However, now that the Scarborough group have lost all of their shareowning in Sheffield Utd and are selling their ground ownerships the situation may be less clear than before.
  3. If you could get either of the Seniors or Trout on loan you would be a bit stronger in the threquarters.
  4. Aye, but beer was so much better then wasn't it Grumpy that you didn't need to drink lager at all?
  5. Given that Fartown played at Wakefield on Wednesday I can't see them sending more than a glorified reserve team for this game. At least you should make some cash.
  6. So they didn't go to Batley last season then? This will account for their gates plumetting. The simple reason behind the clubs' decisions is that insufficient people were buying programmes in the first instance to get anywhere near viability. If you take the situation back to fundamentals, removing habitual behaviour and seeming long-standing traditions, and ask what is the function of a matchday programme, I believe that you would say that all of them are now obsolete. Current means of communication allow for all of the information that you would want from a programme to be readily and more easily provided elsewhere. I am speaking as a regular programme buyer, but also one who has disposed of the majority of them pretty quickly afterwards.
  7. "When you sup with the devil use a long spoon" is always sound advice. However, just for once, I do believe that this is a conspiracy theory too far. Although many would choose to disbelieve it Gary Hetherington is a SL chairman who truly does hold the interests of the whole game dear so, as I understand, there are no ulterior motives attached to the offer from Leeds. Whether we were right or wrong to accept the offer is another point altogether. To address the conspiracy directly, those fans currently supporting both Bradford and Dewsbury are die hards, not glory hunters. Just how many of these would you imagine might be seduced by the palatial offerings of Headingley to simply abandon their team and switch to the Rhinos?
  8. There is more than enough hotel space in Huddersfield already and the George's only actual claim to fame was that it hosted the original meeting, nothing more. It is a financial black hole and, thankfully, the RFL have avoided all toughts of getting involved with it. Any actual redevelopment of the building will probably coincide with HS2 reaching Huddersfield. A very large proportion of the students at the University are from overseas, largely from China and Vietnam. This either represents a barrier or an opportunity, depending upon your viewpoint.
  9. Souths were able to pay off his contract because their insurance company settled on the basis of his medical issues. If he were to return to playing again then the insurance people would be asking for their money back, as would Souths. It isn't going to happen. As far as the OP is concerned it is never obvious how good or poor an ex-player will be as a coach until he starts doing it. Maybe, like a long list of other ex-players, he simply isn't cut out for the role.
  10. Jeff Grayshon started out as a full back; just thought you'd like to know.
  11. Surely the pont is to firmly embed the structures that will be followed during the real season? Like all standing together in a tight group under the posts every 10 minutes or so.
  12. Quite. Like ushering one set of relatives out of the back when the other set are about to come in the front door.
  13. Highlights: https://www.dewsburyrams.co.uk/2020/01/20/highlights-dewsbury-rams-25-12-bradford-bulls/
  14. Somebody said it was true on Twitter, so it must be right. From a logistical point of view allowing one crowd in for one game, denying the crowd for the second game access until the crowd for the first have been properly purged, then allowing access to crowd #2 would have been a complete nonsense. I can't believe that the clubs even considered this at all and that it is simply the result of some fans fevered imaginations. The power of social media.
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