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  1. Your chairman commented on this in another thread, didn't he?
  2. Nigel Wood was at our game - they could have come on the same bus?
  3. I was a little aggrieved by the ref pinging us for offside twice in succession in the 1st half, which led to their try, then seeming to ignore similar indiscretions by them in the 2nd. Overall though he had a decent game and York just about deserved the win with their loanees being marginally better than ours, which could have made the difference.
  4. I thought that we should have kicked the previous penalty too but we didn't and went on to score the try and conversion instead. How wise my choice would have been!
  5. No Twitter updates on today's game for those who aren't able to watch the OuRLeague stream. You can follow progress via the club's website. See here: Rams Vs York blog – Dewsbury Rams
  6. Try this: Rugby-League.com/match_preview/133472
  7. What sponsorship did clubs like ours receive in 1990, pre SL?
  8. Sky would not support a reduction in the number of SL clubs and will stipulate a minimum number in the agreement, I'm sure. What has been talked about many times, and continues to be advocated is 2 x 10 teams in SL1 and SL2. What would happen to the rest is anyone's guess.
  9. Clearly. The details and reasoning behind the Championship structure together with potential contingencies were laid out by the RFL weeks before the season commenced.
  10. This would provide even more temptations for the better quality British players to move to greener pastures.
  11. You refer to the populance of Dewsbury in your last comment I presume, and I agree with you.
  12. What could possibly go wrong?
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