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  1. Then we disagree. "Proper" scrums consisting of seriously honed athletes would simply be begging for an accident to happen. I see this as neither sensible nor responsible. There is clearly a need for changing or improving these restarts and for finding some better form of competition for the ball but I can't see this to be found by looking backwards to what is becoming an archaic practice. I take no interest in nor follow RU but I do believe that they have been facing similar problems of their own in attempting to retain scrummaging whilst controlling its inherent dangers.
  2. Who are you expecting to be sensible? As you have said you played in the pack in the 80's - would you describe the players of that era, or any other for that matter, as "sensible"? Players and coaches will exploit any opportunities that the rules provide. Amongst other things the rule makers must attempt to ensure that they take into account the risks to players at all times. Harking back to players and practices of yore isn't helpful in this respect.
  3. No disrespect to you Dunbar but I would suggest that the typical physique of professional and even semi-professional RL players is very different to what it was in the 80's. I am firmly of the opinion that properly contested scrums of twelve such individuals would be inherently dangerous and possibly even life threatening.
  4. I love the arbitrary nature of your sentencing Harry. Ever thought of becoming a judge?
  5. Should we not consider the opinions of those who really matter in terms of tactics and strategies - i.e. the coaches? I don't seem to recall many of the current forward thinking coaches referring to props, second rows, or even loose forwards. They refer to middles, outers, edges, pivots etc revealing the actual atributes that they look for in their players. Their abilities in and around the scrum are regarded as irrelevant, because they really are.
  6. An exactly how many present day props (or middles, as coaches call them) have experience in "proper" scrummaging?
  7. Just to provide something of an update on this Kirklees council are forecasting that the George might reopen no sooner than 2024. I wouldn't order your tickets for the museum just yet, if I were you.
  8. There is now talk of the "round-ball game" lobbying strongly for spectators to be allowed into grounds from the start of their next season, beginning in early September. This might require grounds to be limited to 20-30% of capacity, the possibility of face-coverings being mandatory and spacing being monitored or self-imposed. If this were to be the case in RL then I can't see there being too many difficulties in applying it for all Championship clubs. I, for one, would regard it as being very welcome news if it were to come about.
  9. My personal view is that older supporters, such as myself, tend to look back on scrums as being from some sort of golden age. My recollection of the last c20 years of scrums, however, is that they were a complete shambles, almost impossible to referee properly without the game lasting for 2+ hours and penalised seemingly arbitrarily. They were, in fact, detrimental to the whole RL spectacle and, certainly via televised games, a source of ridicule of the game. Wind forward to the present day and I also believe that the sheer athleticism of the modern day RL player would make "proper" scrums pretty well impossible without there being some very serious injuries as a result. I would like to see scrums retained, albeit in our current artificial form, as they do provide a brief pause from the usual frenetic progress of the game. Without them and with the advent of the "six more" rule we will be in danger of becoming a glorified form of touch rugby, in my opinion, of course.
  10. I didn't read it in that way at all. It was neither arrogant nor insulting, simply stating the issues facing journalists who try to produce more informative and in-depth copy, as distinct from uncorroborated "click-bait". Maybe lockdown has made us all just a bit too sensitive?
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