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    Grand Final Crowd

    still maybe just under a thousand or so available on the rfl site in the wire end,
  2. Peyroux came back on in the second half
  3. Barry Badrinath

    I make Widnes favouites..... no mention in there. To be honest, if i was a player and a club started having conversations with me about a championship clause in my contract i'd be telling my agent to hold off and find me another club, anyway it wouldn't be worth the paper its written on come relegation.
  4. Barry Badrinath

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    i've heard Price doesn't think he's physically ready for Superleague, whether that actually translates into he's too small i don't know. a shame really, he was one of the bright spots of last year after he came in for brad dwyer. Possibly the best dummy half passer we have as well.
  5. Barry Badrinath

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    That sounds so made up, did you make that up?
  6. i've just worked out what went wrong with currie this year, it was having that bloody brownee brother sat on him while planking for half an hour for that stupid advert.
  7. Barry Badrinath

    which leeds players need to be shown the door 1st?

    and to think gary said this week, they dont need a reserve squad as their academy is pumping out quality players, he's kidding himself lately. Aside from Walker and singleton they aint much cop. Liam sutcliffe has been heralded as the second coming of sinfield, but they keep shifting him from position to position trying to accomodate him. And he's not much cop.
  8. Barry Badrinath

    Things You'd like to bring back to our game.

    defense striking for the ball at the PTB Super league milk, Super league themed peter's pies the first gen 8 panelled ball.
  9. to be fair, in the wires end, there was a lot of empty seats as the beer queues were taking up to 45 minutes at the start of the wire game, queues were huge and i believe the beer [pumps shut down due to running out of gas at one point (need more interchanges). There were a couple sat next to me that came in at the end of the saints game, went straight for a beer and only came back at 30 minutes gone in the first half.
  10. that's warrington's new victory song, they now play it after every win at home, they're trying to get a 'sweet caroline' thing going i guess
  11. Barry Badrinath

    Transfers, Is there a system?

    Is that true? i do wonder cos one of the other stories that you hear about youth players that get released after 19s if they don't make the grade, a lot of them dont go to championship clubs or even back to their community clubs, they just walk away and are lost from the game entirely. I've heard that peddled a lot in recent years.
  12. Barry Badrinath

    Blake Austin signs for...

    you know what, i really liked that, it was something a bit different, and since it came out before the emails and text alerts that they send to members, i thought it was going to be something jumping on the 'its coming home' bandwagon and a message of support for England, so it was a nice surprise. It really disapointed me the amount of people slagging it off on twitter. That just goes to show you just can't do right with some people/ fans of rugby league, they'll complain about anything.
  13. Barry Badrinath

    Goalkicking percentages?

    Its amazing the breakdown and indepth analysis on ANYTHING within american sports. You can get NBA stats about how many times a right handed point guard uses his left hand back court in the second quarter adjusting his crotch material on a tuesday game.
  14. Barry Badrinath

    Ben Westwood

    reported to be on about 45k at the moment, must be the best value for money player currently.
  15. Barry Badrinath

    Assessment of Steve McNamara

    damn straight, actually having an out n out halfback has done them the world of good.
  16. I'm sure toronto know what year they were formed in.
  17. Barry Badrinath

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    well, the youtube highlights package showed lots of zip and running through gaps, he was a running threat, there's been non of that for us, he's had a knee issue since pre-season.
  18. Barry Badrinath

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    it was mentioned before wire signed him that he was repeatedly going back to gold coast trying to get an increased contract, arguably using our offer,i don't know if he's tried to call their bluff by signing with us, especially with this clause involved. However the homesick rumours have been here since he set foot at manchester airport. It's a bit too suss for my liking, More importantly, this stuff about he's committed to the rest of the year, i don't know how that is going to go, honestly he hasn't got much support in the stands currently due to not meeting his marquee price tag with performances. A few dropped passes in the next game and people are going to be on his back.
  19. Barry Badrinath

    Jason Clark to Wire

    Waterhouse was an offloading machine for wire, he was very underappreciated while here, and was one of those who's loss was felt but not spoken about during the transition of 2014 onwards.
  20. Barry Badrinath

    Jason Clark to Wire

    if clark can come over and be consistent and effective like miniciello has at hull, i'll be happy.
  21. Barry Badrinath

    Sam and Joel Tomkins - Fresh as Daisies

    Anyone that's seen joel Tomkins on a rugby will not be surprised by his behavior there, it's exactly the same as in the pitch, the fella is a ##### of the highest order. Wigan never learn did learn from the gaz hock incident(s) did they
  22. Barry Badrinath

    Players Reversing into Tackles

    completely different type of tackle, and whilst i can understand the OP's point(i watched joe westerman do it for 2 years) when people have been charged its always the tackles responsibility to make space. the danny brough one last night started off a jiu jitsu style neck crank.
  23. and you'll notice him amongst all the regular wigan participants how?
  24. Barry Badrinath

    Hakim Miloudi at the RFL Disciplinary...

    i didn't notice that, i saw him shake several wire players hands, although he did hang back and go the long way past hill hanging around being interviewed near the tunnel to then go talk to the fc fans. Miloudi was also one of the last hull players going down the tunnel as well. We were watching to see if this happened.
  25. Barry Badrinath

    Hakim Miloudi at the RFL Disciplinary...

    as wire fans, we'd been spoilt in recent years, in terms of briers, and even moz, being pretty good at managing refs, certainly from the start of last year a lot of us in the south stand (new corner) watch him talking to refs with trepidation and you'll hear someone shout, shurrup and get back in the line.