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    Mikolaj Oledzki.

    I think theyve took a cop out here. Inconclusive footage on the bite, despite both the ref and touchy seeing the mark(including the headset camera) because it's so obvious what Powell's actions are. It's easier to do this, than charge him, and give Leeds the right of appeal and then go all in pointing out what a scrote powell is.
  2. If I get time tonight, I may peruse this thread and get a collection of those wanting Blake to be strung up.
  3. Theres nothing in it, for all the kr hand ringing, McGuire doesn't react, he's setting up the next play and zero players run in aftwr the tackle to lamp austin. They didnt think it was bad, the ref didnt call anything, the TJ didnt see anything either. Austin got binned because of the injury, Liam moore also had a very loose interpretation of the obstruction ruling yesterday as well.
  4. It's the one the kr player did shenton in for the season first game a few years ago, there was outrage as he only got 4 games and cas lost their captain for the season, since then theyve cracked down on it.
  5. i think a lot of wire fans are a bit fed up with him doing this, after 15 years of having briers who had perfected the art of 'managing the ref' to have chilly just yelling at them is frustrating, and he's probably lucky that he's not been marched 10 metres on more than one occasion.
  6. Well, in fairness to our slow start last year, it was down to us only having about 13 players for pre season, we had so many come back late after the world cup, it took a while to get them all 9n prices same page
  7. Barry Badrinath

    The worst imports to great britain

    Thanks, I always thought he was unlucky with his injury, and fans always chuck him in this list despite him never actually getting the chance to show anything on the field, so hearing this does actually change my view slightly, and i can believe it as we went on a shopping spree that off season with auckland warriors reserves, signing him, vagana and tony tatupu, who turned out to be just poo. That was an interesting time in warrington's history, as thats when the money troubles started, we struggled with the full time wages over the off season, supposedly recruited well, got battered on sky first night by bradford then the following day john smith the then CEO released 12 players, including a few we had signed in the off season and shut down our alliance team. yes, 2nd hit up of ( i want to say) garry sanderson's testimonial match versus salford, he disapeared for a month then came back and did 10 minutes on a friday night away at the don valley stadium (the night that sheffield announced signing steve mccurrie back from rah rah, which was never completed iirc)
  8. Barry Badrinath

    The worst imports to great britain

    london in the first few years of superleague (pre virgin i reckon) had the ability to find these weird odd ball aussies, that were comically bad like mick seaby, or weirdly effective, like steele retchless, david krause or kim howard, then they started making the big international signings like grant young, carroll, jim dymmock and jason hetherington
  9. Barry Badrinath

    The worst imports to great britain

    Any chance of expanding exactly why dallas mead was shocking?
  10. Barry Badrinath

    The worst imports to great britain

    Marc glanville was pretty good. Certainly better than paul marquet at warrington, we got the only rugby league player without opposable thumbs
  11. Barry Badrinath

    The worst imports to great britain

    Mateaki mafi and salesi finau. Two tongans we signed just before xmas in 1995 after the world cup. We were short on numbers at the time. Mafi was an Olympic sprinter who had played sod all rugby before he got included in their world cup squad. It was reported that he checked with the players before going out for matches if it was a sky game, so he could put gel in his hair. You're right he disnt play for us after the opening round of 97. We released something like 15 players after the first match where Bradford killed us.
  12. Barry Badrinath

    The worst imports to great britain

    Yeah I'd go with that, hes probably conceded 300
  13. Barry Badrinath

    New SL Promo Video

    i genuinely don't remember either of those videos, again, instantly forgettable.
  14. Barry Badrinath

    New SL Promo Video

    and its not going to inspire any new customer to go to games in the next month.
  15. Barry Badrinath

    SQUAD DEPTH Can Your Club Compete?

    i dunno, he's got a back rower at centre and a back row/prop at wing. We did have a skinny squad last year, about 24 players, i think we've got about 29 now including promoting a few kids as well, including ellis robson and eribe doro.
  16. Barry Badrinath

    Who needs enemies?

    Mathew johns you say?
  17. Barry Badrinath

    Widdop and price

    Play off ticket money used to get shares amongst the teams involved, I dont know if this still happens
  18. Barry Badrinath


    some widnes fans did, the daft ones (which is nearly all of them )
  19. Barry Badrinath

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Well, when roger the doger was in charge at Warrington, he was very much in favor of single sponsors, he wasn't happy with how the stadium hoardings looked, with different signage, 150 different companies with 150 different logos and colours all splashed about the place, and was hoping he could entice Fly Emirates to be sole sponser (shirt and stadium ) then he got a better offer and buggered off leaving us in a financial black hole and had ###### off a lot of longstanding advertisers/sponsors by trying to exclude them. Including a main shirt sponsor which meant we went with little known one energy (who i believe is a wire fan based on merseyside). I don't know how much they paid last year but probably got more exposure than ever previously with us getting to two finals
  20. Barry Badrinath

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    CCC europe went bust, leaving wire in the lurch in late 09. Thats when they went to isc.
  21. Barry Badrinath

    Milner yesterday

    Ratchford is making the squad this week
  22. Barry Badrinath

    George Burgess summoned

    well he only got 5 matches when he did it and "it was out of character"
  23. Barry Badrinath

    Bennett bangs drum for Internationals

    You say that, but i'd kill to see Warrington play against australia at the halliwell jones, one of my earliest RL memories is us playing the Oz midweek team at wilderspool in 94, it was jam packed and a real event. Bring back proper tours and mid week games against club sides. #nostalgia
  24. Barry Badrinath

    Warrington sign Walker from widnes

    Well, liam hood will probably still be there in 3 years,