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  1. i have this row with other wire fans in the pub(a while back obvs) ben currie has a fantastic offload, they're convinced he would make a great 13 because of this, when he's spent his entire career being a speedy edge runner bursting through tiny gaps. we never ever have him fill in at 13, thats not how the modern game goes and it definitely isn't how steve price sets his teams up.
  2. I see what you've tried to do there. You missed gale at Leeds Butler at warrington?
  3. I'll have to watch it back, the comm team spent a lot of the game putting him over, I thought naiqama was only covering on the wing for kicks
  4. cas- Millington Catalans- yaha Huddersfield- English Hull fc- that's a struggle Hull kr- abdul/litten Leeds-donaldson Salford-lussick Saints- walmsley Wakefield- tanginoa Wigan- French
  5. People always say they prefer bbc to sky, but that's purely because you aren't anywhere near as over exposed to them. My takeaway fromm bbc broadcasts is that Davies doesn't watch superleague, and ive thought this for years
  6. Pearson needs to appoint a new coach, thats not got any connections to hull
  7. yup, injuries and form permitted, he may have played his last game for this season, no guarentee he gets his spot back if we're still playing when his ban is up
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