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  1. Yup, I use twitter for news, easy to search for a key word (AOL represent yo) and get what you're looking for rather than what Google is trying to tell you.
  2. According to savelio's statement, 16 wigan players did the after match 'good games' 1 didn't
  3. Well, I can imagine it was probably an awkward conversation with his Papua new guinean coach whenever they spoke about it
  4. Now now, Tony isn't your typical thick northern rugby player, hes a thick southerner. All jokes aside, I dont know about the racist comment, but I know for a fact you can go back and watch most wigan games he's playing in and see him pull the tomkins scowl face and start gobbing off at opposition players trying to be pre 2006 Stuart fielden and intimidate people.
  5. The next question now is will Powell keep the conditioning staff on. Ade Gardner has been a pleasant surprise tbh after Jon clarke being part of the furniture
  6. is i presume when you say that, they've got a time machine and got tony williams from circa 2013
  7. Wakey fans on twitter are, ive been told to 'learn the rules' so much this past weekend from Wakefield fans
  8. Another way of looking at this, is imagine the dh had run from the ptb towards the defence, but stopped after 5 metres, lino comes walking back, but decides to tackle the carrier, or intercepts a pass or offload that he just happens to be in the way of. I dont think he's active at all till he gets back at least the first ten. Mind I've seen rhe above scenarios happen in a game and not be picked up either.
  9. I presume option d applies if you're in possession and not a chargedown scenario.
  10. Thats not an incidental thing though, he's offside, surely if it was an interception and there was a suspected offside that would be checked
  11. It has existed, I talked my old man into doing it a year or 2 ago (pre pandemic) he's in his 70s and literally sits in a dining chair all day. It was mix of blokes who were trying to keep moving and have a laugh, plus some ex amateurs taking it very seriously, which kinda leveled out to it being fun, but with a bit or organization. Hopefully that will start again in the next few months, I think he's missed this more than he's let on.
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