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  1. As a warrington fan, it's the culture of slithering out the play offs kike a damp fart, versus kr, fc and cas over the last 3 years, that I wanted changing. Beating saints and Wigan during the season means sod all if you can't score any points, at home versus kr in the play offs
  2. Digital content has been stripped back as they've been pushing subscriptions for wire tv
  3. always a limited fullback in my opinion, fast, but cant do a lot else.
  4. nah thanks, if he'd commited before now, maybe, but now he'd be stealing a spot from one of the lads thats suffered through the crappy covid training camps and everything, they deserve the right to be picked for england. johnny come lately.
  5. I know, it's just annoying when you've seen the opposite on sky previously
  6. Sky blaming matty Lees for shooting the line, he didn't, two defenders moved up, and Jack welsby was in no man's lands feeling sorry for himself. He was at fault there
  7. There was no one receiving the ball though I've seen that overridden in the past as there was not defender/receiver/ catcher. No saints player was attempting yo collect the ball
  8. I would have said yellow, but it was a clear attack at the head with an upper arm/shoulder
  9. Also there was no one attempting to catch/receive the ball, as you heard the VR asking for that. Weird one.
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