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  1. would i be reyt in saying that, the karate kid, top gun and first blood are all new releases in fev? i know we joke tongue in cheek about yorkshire being behind the times...but...
  2. lets not start about accidents in bed, i've had 3. they got me some nice presents last sunday
  3. 6 figure salary? you think he got 100k + when he was 22 in 2017?
  4. and we know from history that saints dont bother accounting for them in their salary cap
  5. amazon warehouse? have you seen omega north in warrington?
  6. Love matty, he's a whole hearted player, probably good value for money in his current deal, but he's just a bit too small to start at sl level, weve struggled when weve had both him and Walker coming off the bench. Losing too much size. I'd like to keep him as a back up but if he can get a decent contract elsewhere then fair play to him.
  7. this being the downside to playing with a 13 thats an auxilliary prop, which 99% of teams do, and possibly not the most attacking oriented hooker in the league. if i was hull, i'd just have him following for line breaks and offloads, if the opposition know he can't get the pass to a centre or winger away, its a waste of time having him make that run. Play to your strengths.
  8. i like mcintosh, no doubt goulding is a fair player, but i've never watched and game and been that worried about him, him being a leeds junior he obviously got the sky propaganda machine behind him for 10 minutes till jack walker came along. Though the possibility of shaul seems a weird one, if mcintosh can play across the backline, shaul is pretty much a fb, can goulding slot in anywhere else perhaps?
  9. indeed, you don't think toby king, who's a fairly big centre isn't salivating at the possibility of getting mentored by GI. Likewise, matty ashton, who we picked up from the championship this year, again seems pretty big, and awkward looking for his position, i reckon he'll be banging the door down asking how to use his size and acceleration to the fullest from FB
  10. i'm a rugby league fan in Warrington, i've never even heard of this, when did that happen? Anyone else hear about this, or is it just me that missed it?
  11. must admit, when i read his post, i had to put the internet down and go for a walk
  12. Leroy rivett and Jeff Lima say hi. I'm sorry I think he's limited, he's got the kicking game of Danny brough in his prime but without the aggressive running game. That accurate monotony of kicking balls into touch is great when you're ahead and trying to suffocate teams, but if your halfback partner (Kelly, connor or tuimivave) isnt getting anything done, then sneyd isnt either.
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