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  1. Thats not how i read it at all, why would he as you've suggested say you've got marquee players, but dont want to make them public BUT give an exact figure of how much you're over the cap. Besides which, they wouldn't be over the cap if they were using the marquee allowance, would they.
  2. What does surprise me is that theyve been allowed to register players that put them over the cap. Some confusing points in that article, if he's suggesting theyve got overseas players on more than 170k or home grown players he's stupid or st least cutting his nose off not using the rulings, especially if they're 200k over. Bit of a daft interview adam.
  3. Doesnt surprise me, theyve signed a lot of high profile players for next year
  4. Sure did, he was one of our able bodied players. Likewise joey johns played for warrington in the game against souths, looks like ex wire roy asotasi made an appearance for souths, i think matt king was involved as well
  5. Do you think it was daft of wigan tonlet you go, now it seems that hastings may not honor his contract?
  6. and for those saying that merrin was excellent for leeds last year, he must have saved all his appalling performances for when he was on sky, and his worst for the bradford challenge cup game. He may have got better as the season went on and leeds improved, but for the early part, both he and lolohea were symptomatic of everything being wrong at headingley last year.
  7. very much like tyrone roberts at warrington, he was clearly using us to get a better deal out of gold coast and they called his bluff, he never wanted to be over here and it showed, goodwin threw himself into getting the best experience of europe possible, tyrone just sat at home complaining about how dark and cold it was (through the hottest and longest summer on record)
  8. i'd like to see some more from riley dean at warrington, he showed more in one match against sintellins than dec patton has shown in most of his first team career. Also i'd like to see ellis robson and eribe doro get a chance in first team, hopefully the reserves will be the stepping stone they and a lot of kids need to make the jump
  9. That was roger draper's plan when he was ceo at warrington, he wanted single branding and advertising on the kit, stadium and adverts, he thought that was beneficial to be lock stock and barrell in with one company(fly emirates being that company) then didn't bother to do any of the work involved meaning they walked away, and almost ostracised all our other partners.
  10. i don't know if has been mentioned on here (i've not seen it) but warrington and wolfie managed to get in on the act and did a little promo video with sonny bill yesterday as well.
  11. Well, since yesterday morning ive had about 2 dozen separate bods, all unconnected, all football fans asking me what this sonny bill williams thing is about. They all heard about it a various points on the news, and point out they never hear anything about league, so this must be a big thing.
  12. Likewise do you think mr wood would make half the daft decisions he has if he didnt feel untouchable in his ivory tower away from meeting upset and disgusted fans face to face? He's practically a bond villain in rl circles at this point.
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