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  1. Proper reaching here, im sure you dont give 2 shiny ####### about the victim, as demonstrated by your need to get digs in at kf and the club. Match promotion and social media antics have got precisely zero to do with this situation.
  2. Watch it back, he's wobbly, so much so that we shifted charnley over to centre field for kick offs to help him out. Give him another couple of weeks and bit more confidence i'm sure it'll disapear though.
  3. Actually as good as he is going forward, he looks very nervous under kicks, not matty russell bad, but, he doesnt plant his feet, and this collapsing under the ball is gonna cause him a problem at some point.
  4. And ash golding about 5 minutes beforw walker with his 5 yr contract
  5. could have done with wigan doing some promotion, for the ###### that warrington and fitzpatrick got for the 'bad blood' presser (which had zero bad blood during it) you'd be a fool to deny that it probably got some ppl off their sofas to attend. It did make it feel like a proper event was happening. Some RL fans need to see the bigger picture.
  6. We might do ok, we've only made 1 sub in the first half, not sure im happy we've got burrell on the bench in this scenario though. Im worried about french darting through our props though. Also, can tommy not pass the ball backwards to willie isa?
  7. as a warrington fan, there's no way i'd mention wembley last year and robert hicks
  8. my favourite bit was the bit where widdop moved from warrington to wigan mid article.
  9. Thats not how i read it at all, why would he as you've suggested say you've got marquee players, but dont want to make them public BUT give an exact figure of how much you're over the cap. Besides which, they wouldn't be over the cap if they were using the marquee allowance, would they.
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