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  1. mate, i hate(friendly hate) wigan with a passion, but there's no way i'd bet against you getting to the GF, we've seen really patchy poor form from you guys where you've looked well out of it, only to get a spurt on later in the season. It still easily could be wigan in the final. i dont know how you do it, but you do.
  2. i like him, i got invited to a behind the scenes thing with him a few years back at warrington, he was giving us a breakdown on video analysis where we were planning to attack a team the following week, everything he said, came to fruition, and you got a little tingle when you could see us setting up 2 or 3 plays in advance. He was proper nerding out enthusiastically telling us about this, and was trying to invite us back a while later to show us some more (with a couple of beers) it was one of those moments where you can really see a passion and excitement for someone in their job
  3. You note he's not complaining about the 'poor refereeing' when wigan weren't penalised for pulling akuala's scrum hat off twice. Which unless the rule has been changed is a pretty black and white decision
  4. Has the Hull pitch always been less than 100m long, I dont recall having seen rhe broken 30 line before. Have they resized the pitch for the upcoming footie season
  5. Tell you what, its pretty tedious watching Leeds doing a tug of war trying to steal the ball one on one every other tackle
  6. so it's not clear? its ambiguous at best, so i'll assume you're going to go edit your original post?
  7. I presume then you've spent 15 years complaining every time lockers didn't get penalised for his swinging arms.
  8. Has anyone witnessed one of them 20/40 kicks this year?
  9. Fair play for them being able to read it
  10. Interesting to hear sezer has been advised to stay away for the rest of the year, there's 2 ways that could reverberate around a squad, last night (allbeit against a typical fc performance) seems like a weight may have been lifted.
  11. https://www.totalrl.com/leeds-rhinos-secure-zane-tetevano-as-marquee-man/
  12. He was fairly well rated, made his debut in 2017 and we offered him a first team contract, then the word was his agent had got him big (for his age) money with kr, which he signed about a month or so after making first team. There was a fair bit of disappointment out our way.
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