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  1. Just read theyve brought someone in thst wasnt in the 21 man squad,so that means they lose an interchange I think?
  2. Yup, all stood, subs on the sideline and one of them stood with a Wigan player, with what i think was a png flag
  3. If you went through the squad 1 to 25, what sort of value would you say you've got from individuals? Certainly individuals that have been here a number of seasons now?
  4. Maybe, but many teams would have defended better. You know what i hate saying that cos it was some impressive attacking play but you can't deny how Hull have been in defence
  5. If you want my view, radioed could have and should have gone after any of the kickings you got from warrington over the last 3 years, Pearson has been unhappy publicly, you need a rebuild and arguably you're 2 or 3 years behind schedule, now covid as you say has made things even more awkward
  6. Excellent kick, Excellent chase. Hull fc need to move on from Jamie shaul
  7. just to put a bit of context on Johnathon Isaac, (as an Orlando magic fan) he's an ordained minister so highly religious, in a league of young men (he's 22) with ridiculous wealth, he does a hell of a lot of charity work in the Orlando area, with under privileged kids/families. He's donated a fair chunk of money to the Arena staff who have lost out on wages during the lock down. He's a good dude, but there's rumours and stuff that suggest he isn't all that close to his teammates because of how strongly religious he is. Non of them came to his celebration where he was ordained, it was a big story at the time, however he never does anything hard line or 'far right' or fundamentalist, its a little strange. i would guess he's the other end of the spectrum from Israel in terms of outspokenness and being judgmental, he preaches compassion, izzy says you're getting a red hot poker up his jacksy. Whats also interesting about him not taking a knee, all the maga idiots have come out supporting him and they've sold out of his named jersey on nba.com (approx $150 dollars) in about 24 hours.
  8. I dont remember this particular incident, but are we talking Option A Brandon costin attacking sean long's non kicking leg. or option B Jason Hooper being a twunt just running as hard as possible shoulder charging kickers recklessly? granted, as i type that i realise that neither of those are charge downs in essence, so option c other
  9. Thats fair enough (not the patton bits) but at some point you have to ask how did we get the challenge Cup, and gf that year, who led us there, brown? As I say, he wasnt worth the money and we didn't get a superstar as we were expecting, but he was better than we probably remember. All that being said, im just watching the grand final qualifier and with 3 minutes to go he's put a bomb up to hand the ball over, instead of drilling it into touch and wasting a minute
  10. you know what, at the time, he did my head in but watching games back from 2018 last season he actually did ok for us, and as much as people dont dont realise/ want to admit it he probably was a big part in us getting to the GF that year, compare and contrast with Patton last year, he was probably what we were missing in 2019 (also props) he wasn't worth marquee money by any means, but as a 7 did fair decent job of getting us around the field. Thats all in hindsight obviously.
  11. just to say, as a warrington fan, i have nightmares about charge downs under tony smith.
  12. theyve also got walker there, who they signed from london, so, potentially 3 first choice fullbacks, though gigot does cover most of the backs so there's utility value there. Gigot summed up catalans for me, great a lot of time but petulant and moody, and as you say, doesn't take a lot to distract him and get him in a funk which takes him off his game.
  13. would i be reyt in saying that, the karate kid, top gun and first blood are all new releases in fev? i know we joke tongue in cheek about yorkshire being behind the times...but...
  14. lets not start about accidents in bed, i've had 3. they got me some nice presents last sunday
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