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  1. as a warrington fan, i find i tend to complain more about refs when we win. If we lose, well, thats always warrington's fault
  2. Needs to move to hooker, his best form for warrington was covering there in 2018 after price decided Morgan Smith was too small for SL
  3. well no, its based on the accumulation of points now, and up until him getting injured in june he was up there with tomkins as best player in the league,
  4. I thought it was a leveller after he got wind of the knock on, give a soft penalty, the other way
  5. Yeah there was nothing wrong with isa there, it was just unfortunate
  6. national brand it may be, but as a seasoned whisky drinker, wasn't a brand i was familiar with. i'm more familiar with their mass produced brands of blended whisky high commisioner, and Glens vodka, again lower end brands which they probably sell a fair few of (which keeps the lights on at the single malt distilleries)
  7. Its a fairly low end brand of scotch whisky, must admit when they came on board with wigan I had to do a bit of checking as I hadn't heard of them
  8. That being said, check out this belter from this morning I always remember Cooper going into Walmsleys neck with his forearm when he had just returned from his spinal injury, Cooper is a dirty player when the opportunity comes his way
  9. Its an echo chamber, for the entitled and arrogant My favourite was Liam Moore being the best ref when he stopped wire from all our gamesmanship and stuff, then a week later he was the worst ref ever when they lost
  10. Did they ever get rid of the cancer that Sean mccrae was complaining about a while or so back. Hull fans, who exactly are the players that are letting you down? Not the fabulous overseas players like tuimivave who's been there for ages. Not scott Taylor and the other English forwards. Or is it the fantastic Hull youth that you being through? Now, whilst this question is sort of tongue in cheek, I genuinely don't know, it all keeps changing, this weird malaise continues
  11. They always get dragged, that never ever gets called as the reason, ever. Even though you correctly state its the rule. This highlights yet another unfairness towards the ball carrier, the ref shouts held and there's an offload, he gets it back to play the ball. In this instance, its a penalty.
  12. Double whammy, got his head in front of the carrier and went wallop on the way down to the ground
  13. Nah, the wobble started with austin, he's a terrible tackler, as a half, him tackling forwards is hard to watch, he got left on the ground like Luther burrell did a couple of times and that partially started the panic down our right side.
  14. Micheal you left the field on 38 minutes with a dislocated shoulder. Thanks jenna, I was playing it down so me kid didn't get upset
  15. Virtually that same tackle, grab round the head got Chris Hill a red card at Wigan last year
  16. Thats not a red for what you see ignored and given yellows, that's a harsh red
  17. Had Turner not rolled over onto charnley'a throat nowt would have been given
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