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  1. his comments/conversation with jenne brooks yesterday on mark applegarth's appointment were pretty unprofessional
  2. He was doing that he does after making a mistake, get in every tackle, go ott and Try to force the ref for a cheap penalty
  3. Awful wasn't it. Also, dave is right, this filming is atrocious, it's almost like they've never seen a game of rl before.
  4. if warrington had done it. we'd have been called tin pot
  5. If Holmes had his just before moving to warrington, I would agree. Ben currie is another one
  6. Lee Jackson, sorry https://youtube.com/shorts/ONhZ0hWuapo?feature=share
  7. It's part of the laws but not currently written down, I saw someone ask Ian Smith about this in twitter during covid, as we didn't have ballboys but had other players from the squad acting as such and it took them a while to get to grips with it. Its about it being a controlled restart/process. Remember when lee Smith scored for Hull ages ago, when he hid a ball behind his back? That sort of scenario
  8. wardle's been ok, he's not been great, looks shakey in defence.
  9. Fully expect hull to give Danny Houghton a new 12 month deal over the weekend
  10. I've seen less convincing, more obvious no trys poured over by thr video ref
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