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  1. Music & mike still too loud, if he would turn it down a bit it would stop it clipping (norman collier style) + hold the microphone properly. We to the right of the announcers box and we only get half of what your saying.
  2. If the announcer was better today he must have been sh-te last week, totally poor today, pa. system kept going off and on, volume way to high on music and microphone.turn it down to stop it breaking up, or find someone who knows how to use a microphone.
  3. Have not posted for six months or more, but I find I have to on this topic. Gary, myself and others have raised well over 70k for the club since its formation, and to treat a guy like this is lets say outrageous to put it calmly. Remember it was Gary who first called the meeting to form the knights and has supported them all the way, a true fan. Why the Ban. Because a certain individual does not like it when other people have different thoughts to his and there write. I am one of the many stay away fans, only been to two games this year, I have my own thoughts, hence im not putting money in certain pockets, I listen on the radio, but good for you guys who go. So all you JG supporters, is this a way to treat a fellow supporter. The End.
  4. Shades, 100+ attendance, 20 Legends + partners =40 to be given a medal worth £1.79 wow what an achievement. And thats come from someone who recieved one. All in all the night was poor so ive been told. Pity the club cannot have the balls to return to KISS the hall of fame photos that were on the wall in bar 13, how petty is that. And they come to us cap in hand asking if we can give the new squadbuilder fund team any funds we have. IT WORKS BOTH WAYS.
  5. Not bad coach still sticking in there mate
  6. There was a great full back stood in the stand, wonder what he thought of our performance Spoke to him, great guy Mr matt blaymire. Oh for someone of his standard
  7. There was a great full back stood in the stand, wonder what he thought of our performance Spoke to him, great guy Mr matt blaymire. Oh for someone of his standard
  8. Kiss are holding one of our ever popular party nights on the 24th Oct at the Huntington sports club, starting at 8pm. What's happening. Family quiz Bingo Races on big screen. Music for dancing. Chicken n chips supper. Raffle, all for £5 Adults and £3 under 16. Tickets available from all committee members and you can reserve on here by putting your required no and contact number.
  9. He still does col. Wait and see.
  10. Boom Boom Knights Army
  11. Well said andy.
  12. Seeing as all the club could do for a guy, that has given his all for our club is give him a signed shirt, we in KISS thought we could not let this guy leave without a proper supporters send off. So what we have decided to do is invite Mick and his family to our BBQ +DISCO on the 4th. July @ Huntington Sports Club to celebrate with us his career in rugby league. We will be presenting mick with his award which saw him in join a wealth of York rugby stars in the Hall Of Fame + a tribute to his time at York + something special. Hopefully others players will be in attendance to wish mick all the best in the future. There are still a few tickets left for this function, priced at, Adults £5 and Under 16s £3. Closing date for tickets is 28th. June. call 01904 634902.
  13. Have you seen the light col and jg for what he really is. Wouldn't want to be associated with him when everything comes out. He's in deep .
  14. There's still a few tickets left if you haven't got yours.
  15. At the Independence Day BBQ and Disco, KISS will be presenting Mick Ramsden with his Hall of Fame Award. There are some tickets left so if you would like to attend prices are £5 adult and £3 for children. Call 634902 Come alog and support a great night out.