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  1. I would rather see someone lineup who is committed and going to give 110% rather than someone who relies on reputation no matter how good they are supposed to be or think they are.
  2. I think the problem is we have no experience in our half’s, Dean is young and inexperienced and goes missing too much for me and O Hagen is clearly not fit just dropping the ball off when does he actually take the line on? Next week will be interesting Dean suspended and o Hagan probably out injured what’s our half back pairing going to be? But with the way we have been playing we could play Green and Baldinson in the half’s and they would provide the same threat. We need a experienced half to guide us around the field like a Brough or Gilmore at Batley who do we have in our side to
  3. Still awaiting my email thought it would have come by now, are many others still waiting?
  4. I don’t think you are not liked as a club I just think it’s the pitch fork brigade jumping on the bandwagon. I’m a York fan but support rugby league as a whole and admire your club but certain individuals have done wrong and have put your club in a bad light. I strongly disagree when people say Featherstone should be deducted points why should they be? By deducting points your punishing all the fans staff and players that have followed the rules how is that fair? My view is that the people involved should be fined individually not Fev as a club because not one person owns a club
  5. Christ there are some anti Fev posts on here ? let there supporters enjoy the moment they have just won a semi final and are 80 mins from super league I for one hope they beat Toronto.
  6. Well done today Fev hoping you go on and get promotion. Best side I have seen this season power and pace all over the pitch. Good luck for the playoffs fingers crossed for you.
  7. Yes quite right 2 teams who should be both very proud of what they have achieved this season. Reading your forum pre season there was not a lot of optimism but your new coach has done fantastic and used the dual reg very well and got the Leeds players wanting to play for Fev which is good and should be applauded instead of everyone having a go , we used dual reg to our advantage last season and it does have benefits if the players buy into it. Obviously I hope York win but my head is saying Featherstone but who ever wins I hope they go onto the final. Looking forward to Saturday it shoul
  8. I’m sure the ball boy won’t forget the nice comments that were directed his way after you scored your last try from the same group of supporters that got sarcastically clapped by Dixon. But hey it’s only banter and we can all take it or can you ?
  9. Great travelling support from you guys, if you did get into super league what kind of attendances would you get? Would it be sustainable to run a super league side? I know London don’t get the crowds but have a backer bank rolling them.
  10. I thought the first disallowed try in the 2nd half was a try but the fev players from what I saw didn’t complain to much. I can’t comment on the RFL been anti Fev but to say the match officials have been told to be bias to the side playing Fev is a bit over the top you watch every rl game and refs make mistakes some for your team some for the other it’s just part of the sport. It baffles us all the time some of the decisions because they are not consistent what’s right one match is different the next.
  11. I don’t know why he didn’t sin bin the York player maybe York had more men back in the defensive line than when Chisholm was sin binned and a try would not have been certain. I have watched RL for over 40 years and still have no idea what goes on in a referee’s mind re decisions. Good game I thought you were going to blow us away at the start and with a bit more composure in the second half you could have had 3 or 4 tries. From our point of view this season has been a amazing success and reading your forum before the season started you would have snapped anyone’s hand off for a top 5 finish. N
  12. As a York fan always enjoy Fev vs York matches today the same good hard game I think you had the game in the bag during the first half and the sin binning turned the match which (correct decision for pro foul). You looked good when you got the ball out wide but we managed to hang in and grind another result out. I hope you make the playoffs which you should. One last point I may be wrong but should Chisholm been allowed to kick the penalty technically the offence was committed when he was in the sin bin he came on and kicked the goal didn’t something happen like this when Bradford tried to bri
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