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  1. Well after buying a season ticket I now found my season over. Knowing the fixtures back then I would have known whether to buy one or not. For some reason my club has decided to play its fixtures on a Saturday which is something I am not happy with my club. Regarding the split, I can not think of anything fairer than the bottom clubs getting to play each other home & away. That way you can have a fair league to see where teams are, and this should be throughout the league. Suggesting the split gives competive games is nonsense as you would have had the same competive games throughout the season of everyone played each other home & away. It makes it less competive as some teams end up playing the same teams twice at home or away.
  2. 28 fixtures it would have been if everyone played home & away. Instead of the farce of splitting league up into 2 half way through. You could have had top team promoted then 2-6 play off. Sounds better to me that. Rather than not know who you are playing for the next 7 games in middle of June in prime holiday season coming up.
  3. A deserved try. However a penalty from another cowardly act from an official, whats it going to take for a player to be sent off? If they just allow players to get tipped on their heads in games it's going to end up with one paralysed & then it will be too late!
  4. Some brain dead stuff at times, like not playing to referees whistle & letting the player run through. Was Faal injured again? as we have gone back to the centre wing partnership that didn't work for us at start of season. Wilson should have played if so. Plenty of brain dead stuff like Watson out of position for a kick through for their try, Near the end Duckworth chipping into their in goal area rather than a grubber resulting in a tap on 20 for them when there was only 5 minutes to go, agora catching ball & sliding into touch & yes why was Flanagan taken off?
  5. Is this a case of Racism in the workplace? I wonder if he ever speaks to any English Video refs in this way?
  6. Rob, it seems like someone's comment from someone who can share an hindsight into the game on the other side of the pond has been lost with all this bickering.I agree with you I can't see the benefit of the long term plan if they play a complete non Canadian team. I have suggested quota's but have been shot down saying the fans won't care. However league 1 isn't the highest of standards and is the perfect opportunity to blood & expose Canadians or Americans before & if they move up the structure. I think it would be a great idea that if at end of the season the Canadian national team played a home match against a League 1 select side, that would give us an idea of their standards & I am sure 20 players from league 1 would be willing to play in an expenses paid trip to Canada.
  7. How much do you know about the game in Northern America? Pro RU is a lot bigger than RL in Northern America so it isn't much of a loss, however it might actually work. And as been stated before, it seems like you speak on behalf of players & clubs for L1, but you don't seem to have no basis to speak on behalf of them.
  8. Having these regulations in league 1 is hardly a disadvantage to them, I am sure there are some Canadians already at league 1 standard or even higher. I want Toronto to be successful, I want them to turn rugby league fortunes around. However if we want this to work we need to look to the long term plan. Not have shortsightedness & think only over the next 12 months!
  9. Suggesting there is a quota isnt chasing them away, maybe they have ambitions to have Canadian players. Maybe the fans will love to have a homegrown player, maybe they see a future for Canada & rugby league.
  10. Why use Catalans as an example, any team in any country can get around this & field a complete foreign team.
  11. We are talking about league 1 here. Not sure if many know what the standard is. I am not asking for the whole team, if players are to develop it is from league 1. Having 2 players isn't going to mean they will finish in the bottom half. If Toronto is to continue in 10 years time I am sure we would love some Canadians to be playing, if this is to progress you might as well start from the beginning to give yourself the best possible chance. As for quota's, it's done in other countries & sport to have players playing because of their nationality or their race to improve standards for the long term benefit.
  12. Catalans have an overseas quota but they can get around it like other clubs do just a like the league leaders who have more than 5 foreign players.Have a quota of Canadian players will benefit Canada in the long run. Or will we all just be happy for Toronto just to have 17 lads from West Yorkshire? I know I would rather see a push to improve the standards of Canadian players & would be delightful to actually see some Canadians playing RL.
  13. They should have at least a quota in place, say at least 2 Canadians have to be in the 17. Then 2nd year 3.
  14. Well I take my hat off, we finally won on a Friday & Barnett got 4 tries. I couldn't go but did Mvududu have a hand in them? He has got to take credit so far this season as he has been laying them on a plate like a classic centre should. Regarding DR, my belief is come end of th season we will be stronger when these teams will be exposed again when they won't be allowed to play DR. While our team will be playing as a unit & our players will be match ready.
  15. Professional foul! Stopped a goal scoring opportunity, why isn't he sin binned??