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  1. In result now means the Australian who was playing under a Canadian flag moves out of the 17 to make way. Fantastic seeing them rack up 100 points in a league where the standard is best chance of blooding Canadians. sticking to their banner of having zero intentions of getting Canadians playing
  2. Toulouse were totally justified to start in league 1, last time they played in championship they were in relegation spot so they need to prove themselves. as for Toronto they should have some kind of quota they are playing to blood Canadians, especially at this level. Even the French play with a quota, best do it now before super league. There's nothing to stop them fielding the Australian national team.
  3. Having watched league 1 games for many years I would be pretty shocked to find there are zero standard players of League 1 quality in Canada. Have you watched many league 1 games to give you a different perspective?
  4. Have the Toronto team actually been to Canada yet? currently do we have a team where none have actually set foot in Canada.
  5. But would more turn up to watch a winning team with? A, zero countrymen B, some fellow countrymen the team is winning either way and if you think option B wouldn't bring extra fans I think you are deluded. The team will win either way, but winning with home players in it will bring extra fans whether that 1-10-100-1k on the attendance Seriously doubt it would turn away fans if it had home grown players in it
  6. If Toronto aren't going to bother playing the Canadians in the squad, they may aswell loan them to Hemel Hempstead since they are a 10 minute drive away from their respective training bases.
  7. But do those crowds come in to see Canada internationals because it is their home country & their home countrymen?
  8. Looks like their aim is to humiliate teams beating By 100 points rather than winning by 40 points while developing homegrown players. it appears they have a very poor/lazy scout network that can't be bothered to find any Canadian players.
  9. Looks like Toronto are taking on any English player available rather than play a single Canadian in a team they are going to walk the league, another player getting in the way to block the pathway of any Canadians!
  10. Having a look at the fixtures it appears Easter Monday is a day both teams are not playing with them both playing on Good Friday prior.
  11. The phone call is part of the issue, should someone tell Hunslet their game is cancelled, how else will they find out they have to cancel everything. Is this weekend a perfectly good weekend available, does not appear to me it was available as there was a game arranged with events. Also are you stating mid week games are likely to cause player injuries compared to the weekend?
  12. Why can't the RFL be bothered to phone Hunslet up to say they have forced Whitehaven to play this weekend? Hunslet & their fans seem to be the club being punished here losing vital thousands of pounds of income.
  13. It appears Whitehaven have been told to play their fixture this weekend, after trying to rearrange for a midweek & Oxford refused. this results in Hunslet V Whitehaven being cancelled, however RFL couldn't be a**ed telling Hunslet & left it to Whitehaven having to phone Hunslet. now this means Hunslet losing valuable money (££££) having sold corporate packages for Mother's Days meals, wonder if they will be compensated, not like league 1 clubs have plenty of spare cash to run! then we have the fans who arrange their holidays around the fixtures to have it dashed.
  14. What do they claim their fanbase to be? 2k and less than 8% turn up of that fanbase, fans of clubs are normally aware of their fixtures. looking at other attendances indicate the drop is 50% at most for other teams. Not 92% the core of supporters of clubs normally turn up no matter who they play or price. Hence you don't normally get more than 50% of fanbase not turning up. is this Toulouse record lowest attendance?
  15. Even if it was Toulouse 2nd string an attendance of 150 is less than 8% of their home attendances which is shocking. i think that shows their fans aren't loyal & if they lost a few games they would just walk away. Surely a sign that Super League isn't for them, end up near bottom of league & 90% of original fans won't be bothered to turn up.
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