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  1. Although I am a southerner I was at university (in the early 80s) in Bradford and technically they are the first RL I watched and followed so they are my second team; although I’m also inexplicably drawn to Salford - no idea why, it’s just one of those things.
  2. In response to a couple of the comments above my original post was a bit of an instant reaction to what I was watching and thinking- 1. I don’t recall RL ever getting that amount of coverage on BBC London (the sports fault for not taking advantage of ‘stories’ that journos could use), and 2. Thinking everything that was said about NFL could be said about RL and wondering if we’d ever tried something like this because the one big challenge to expansion is lack of players down here
  3. I’m watching BBC London Inside/Out. NFL in partnership with Barnet and Southgate College has set up an Academy to find young people in London who might want to play the sport. There are 85 places and 1000 people applied. Trails at White Hart Lane. The College has a link with Skolars. We don’t have enough RL players down here. Shame our sport couldn’t have tried to do something innovative like NFL.
  4. Outside the abuse - this story also illustrates the precarious nature of many RL clubs. Low crowds and poor finance. Frequently relying on owners bailing them out.
  5. The only thing we should be thinking about is whether there are alternative media deals for Championship and L1. Watching the amount of L1 games I’ve been able too on OurLeague App has been great but obviously generates no income for the game. There are loads of media platforms. I’m no expert but I do wonder if there’s a number of deals to be made ?
  6. This quote from the Mirror is telling- He added: “This is a warning for the sport as a whole. There have been good people, respected individuals get involved in rugby league at Swinton but they’ve been frightened away through some people’s actions.”
  7. Just been watching before heading out. Typical level of L1 errors on display! actually - wonder if nerves are taking toll.
  8. There were a few more eagle fans dotted around (ditto Widnes) but not that many.
  9. So, what’s the problem and solution then? I’ve been a ST holder for over a decade and IMO the performances have massively improved.
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