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  1. Got to say I’m fearful...
  2. OP edited with the full details, including prizes. Plus an email address for bank details to donate too if you’re not on FB: SkolarsRLFans@gmail.com Please buy raffle tickets if you can. Thanks.
  3. Hi Sorry, didn’t realise this was inaccessible. Will ask Adam if he can post on here. Richard
  4. Hopefully works this too: https://m.facebook.com/groups/965080427210336/?ref=share If you’re on Twitter DM: Adam Perry @Peza100
  5. One of the good thing about Skolars is the breadth of their community teams, but of course this has been hard hit by COVID. Indeed the club, like other L1 sides is facing challenging times. A Skolars fan, Adam, has set up a raffle to help support Skolars Community. Tickets are a mere £3. The prizes are fab. You’re helping a good cause and RL. If you can buy a ticket (or more) and why on earth wouldn’t you PLEASE do. Details here and the FB: https://m.facebook.com/groups/965080427210336?view=permalink&id=1140949082956802&ref=share We are raising money for the London Skolars Academy Development Scheme. Funds are much needed as the Skolars team have been on Furlough for the lat 3/4 months. Tickets are £3 each and can be purchased via Paypal sending money to SkolarsRLFans@gmail.com Please leave your name and pay via 'Friends & Family' (for as many tickets as you want). Each ticket will be given a number and the prizes will be drawn at random live. More details to follow.. If you don’t have PayPal, please DM me for Bank Transfer details. Prizes are as follows: 1 new Skolars Away jersey (Anniversary Edition) 2 tickets for a Skolars game of your choice 1 new New Zealand sweater (size of your choice) 1 Replica NRL 'classic' polo or vest of your choice 1 new New York RL training top (XL) 1 new 2017 RL WC baseball cap 1 signed Wigan ball (2008) Thank-you Steve Mascord Chris Superfly Walker Lisa Marie McCormack and Skolars for your kind donations. We really need to make as much money so please please share as far as wide. It is our responsibility as fans to help out where we can.
  6. London Skolars did a share offer last year. A couple of us invested. I think is something more clubs should consider as a way of revenue raising. Agree with the post above. Investing in RL won’t make anyone rich.
  7. I was heartened by the recognition and focus on the wider role RL plays in communities - some powerful quotes by MPs about the importance of the sport. Also nice seeing it described at the fourth largest sport in the UK. There was an interesting comment that the government was surprised how little money the RFL asked for. This is not to say they should have asked for more but rather that the gov was surprised how relatively low the profits of clubs and wages of players were. The implication being that the sport isn't as money grabbing as some! Some of the comments from RU fan readers of The FT were depressing...I got fed up trying to correct them but more positively nice to have the chance to read about more fav sport in the paper.
  8. Not adding much to this debate but I’m really missing live rugby league which means either Championship or L1 in London.
  9. On current support there’d be about 2000 there. Lol ?
  10. Obviously London Skolars winning the SL and WCC but in the real world England winning the World Cup will do..
  11. There was an expanded share offer last year to match the expected but non-arriving Argyll investment. I know there was some talk of crowd funding too. I think given current events clubs will need to think about other ways of raising funds. Personally I like the idea of allowing fans to buy shares - although no one will make any money out of it!
  12. Bought shares in Skolars last year but didn't manage to get to a board meeting due to work. Hoping to get more involved whenever the season gets going again.
  13. I’m pretty sure I could socially distance at New River given the size of ground and size of “crowd”.
  14. This will probably save me a lot of heartache at New River this season as we struggle to compete! More seriously it does raise issues of financial viability. Friday Night Lights before the CC Final provided Skolars with a large proportion of our income each year (luckily Capital Challenge took place before lock down). That income is lost. I know working groups have been set up to look at this but it worries me.
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