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  1. Of course no sooner do I say that than St Pats score!
  2. Enjoying the game but Hull looking very comfortable at the moment.
  3. Toronto fatigue aside, I have to say I feel the opposite. There are lots of positives about the game and I feel really positive.
  4. I’m a big fan of what Thunder have done and enjoy my trips there to watch Skolars. It’s clear that the foundations are in place and the fans. They just need to get promoted! I think the amateur gave is in a good way up there too. We now need to think about how we expand in the rest of the country!? Because frankly at best we’re treading water.
  5. Yes and its been made clear that he wishes particularly to carry on with his sporting connections. I was out for four friends last night - all of whom knew about the RLWC because of the publicity and one of which agreed to come to see the Ashes later this year at Tottenham. His first ever RL game.
  6. Skolars cover all of London east of Charing Cross and broncos everything to the west. That’s about 4 million people each
  7. Last few seasons have been more competitive. We’re playing Broncos in a couple of weeks. The hospitality was sold out so from finance perspective I’m sure it was a success. I’m not golfing out a lot of hope this season. We were geared up last year, hoping for the investment, did ok but didn’t realise this potential. There’s some continuity this year but I think it’s gonna be tough.
  8. Spot on. Skolars may not be the top L1 team but they have improved season on season using many southern players - exposure to heartland clubs has certainly been a part of the reason for that.
  9. Boring. RSB would add press interest (the announcement they wished to join L1 was on the BBC website), potential interest from ex-pats in the game (apparently there are 70,000 in the UK including a large community in Halifax), local interest, a nice place to visit for away games (that from London I could probably get too quicker and cheaper than some northern clubs) and, given their owner, a potentially competitive team. It would be a mistake to think their current squad would be the squad they take in L1. From reading his piece you'd think all L1 clubs were getting thousands through the turnstiles and had strong academy and youth squads. The only question I'd raise, which I've raised before, is can we be clear what the purpose of L1 is and how do we use it to support established non heartland UK teams like mine, long established but generally struggling heartland teams and new non UK teams.
  10. Not a bad crowd at all by the looks of it. It also appears that they actually play in the forest! A good game for the BBC to covet perhaps.
  11. I have to say I’ve struggled to understand how this benefits us in terms of exposure given how far away it is from NE London. Not sure if we’re getting a share of takings when (if) it happens. Perhaps the TWP London fans will adopt us as their second team and start heading to New River!
  12. The club is being active and are pursing a number of avenues but I think the next season is likely to be a ‘treading water’ one. The squad is stable, the set up secure and coach is excellent but we’re not competing on an even playing field in terms of access to players, cost, media exposure et al, We do really compete with one arm tied behind our backs. I’m a shareholder so I know lots going on, but Its gutting Argyll hasn’t delivered (yet).
  13. It’s true the monies not arrived. The club are being proactive about the future. Who knows if anything will arrive from him. To have any real chance of competing as well as promoting the club down here and build crowds we need more cash. Skolars have a great set up and potential but it’s just so hard here. I shall be trying to support them a bit more financially but it’s peanuts, so if anyone knows someone with a couple of hundred grand spare that would be great.
  14. Really enjoyed watching that. Could have gone either way.
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