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  1. Skolars didn’t enter last year due to cost and extra travel. I think the club just thought it wasn’t worth it. Don’t think we’re in it next season either; not sure though.
  2. It’s the run up to Xmas so it’s The Box of Delights by John Mansfield for me.
  3. Number of teams and length of season. Really not good. I don’t understand why we don’t start a little later. Is the CC factored in?
  4. Well obviously my own but otherwise in L1 it’s got to be Newcastle. All the ingredients are there to grow the club and RL in the NE. In Championship we need London back in SL.
  5. As the crow flies but not as TfL runs. Last two TWP games have been at New River guess the ground isn’t big enough or up to standard for SL - something for us to think about when we get promoted
  6. First home game for Skolars will be opening for Toronto’s match against St Helen’s in Feb, played at Hendon Saracens ground. Hopefully a financial reason for us as can’t see many new fans heading our way from essentially the other side of London. http://www.skolarsrl.com/2019/11/14/2020-london-series-relocate-to-allianz-park/
  7. Let’s open a book on whether the millionth post will say something positive or negative about our wonderful game.
  8. Have to say Skolars have always had good beer. Caveman and now New River brewery. I miss the old beer festivals we use to have (think there might have been north London CAMRA link).
  9. A poor attempt at humour linked to the original post. The idea being in heartland terms I should be closer to my club but in non heartland terms Skolars are really close by. You’ll see why my comedy career didn’t take off.
  10. I’m a London bus ride (the 444) and mere 25mins away from London Skolars.
  11. This was great! 7,000 people in attendance. Such passion for the game and we won. Yay.
  12. That’s great. Brilliant to see amateur RL growing outside the heartland.
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