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  1. 100% No. That’s not why they’re doing it. There are reasons for both of them, which are fair enough but I can assure you you’re wrong to suggest either of them would share your view (why on earth do you follow the club if you dislike it so much?) A passing understanding of the clubs history would show you that neither of their investments have been based on thinking Skolars would be a top table club. There have been many seasons when we’ve struggled over the last 25 year. In fact the last 5-6 seasons have been the highlights. Off the pitch as many on here say Skolars are doing a good job in very tough circumstances- we have a healthy number of sponsors including for players, events like Capital Challenge and a strong community presence.
  2. This is totally my own thoughts but I wonder, with the exception of Broncos, whether the immediate future is indeed building the amateur game and foundations down here as you suggest. It doesn’t seem to be doing All Golds any harm for example. In saying that Skolars absolutely have the potential to compete in L1, particularly with our coach. There is a three year growth strategy (year ones a bit buggered now) - would like to see that given a chance. By way agree with everyone about nominating Hector for an award.
  3. Totally agree Toby but would add to that the innovative approach they take such as the Capital Challenge and link with Barnet College.
  4. That’s rubbish. What’s the source? I’m involved with the club in a small way (hold some shares) and know the opposite is true. In fact I know how much they’ve ploughed into the club when no expectation of a return let alone a profit. They put extra in last year in anticipation of the Argyle money.
  5. Both and particularly Hector have invested a lot in recent years. I think it’s been clear for a while that to meet the clubs potential we need a significant new investor(s). Obviously hasn’t been Mr Argyle (so far). I guess remaining Directors will review options (post virus). Money isn’t being taken out of the club though.
  6. Uncertain (although obviously every thing Is uncertain). The other directors remain, however. Absolutely. A massive contribution. I think he and Terry will continue a relationship with the club but not as owners.
  7. Long time CEO and founder Hector and chairman Terry are stepping down https://www.skolarsrl.com/2020/03/23/ceo-and-chairman-of-london-skolars-both-resign-with-immediate-effect/
  8. This certainly puts things in perspective. A prolonged shut down could also question the viability of a number of clubs. The issue will be the delay. The most likely scenario is disruption for 2 months (ie, to June). That would be six missed games for us. Easter adds an extra match compared to a normal month, as much as you ever have a normal month in L1. Rescheduling them doesn't sound impossible.
  9. I’m appalled at some of the abuse I hear. I literally have no idea why people volunteer to referee. Surely there could be a concerted effort - like with racism - to stamp this out?
  10. The gaps in matches has been a long standing issue. They would still be there without the cup. I don’t know why we can’t have a more concentrated season. If we are going to have breaks make them in August when people are on holiday but we’re straying off topic...and I can’t comment on this weekends games because we’re not playing!
  11. No game for Skolars. Home wins across the board.
  12. I know the fixtures are crazy. Why can’t we have a shorter season so matches are closer together?
  13. Thrown by glitch mid season when we lost two key players. This season there are quite a few new players. I think it’s going to take a little while for the squad to gel but the potential is there for much better than bottom three.
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