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  1. Could certainly be a success - I can't see any reason why a Bristol based team, with the right PR and link up with a local brewery (!), couldn't get decent (by L1 standards) crowds "IF" they are competitive and that's the issue for me. What's the plan in terms of attracting players in the future? All Golds strategy of recruiting from the student game didn't deliver on the field, but I really hope this works.
  2. I saw I made the a typo straight after I posted and was going to change but thought it won't distract people from the point I want to make, but hey...
  3. It's true for all sports isn't it? The prospect of no fans for six months (at least) is a disaster as much for RU as RL, will hit football as much as cricket. My local non league team had a (COVID) capacity for their FA Cup tie earlier this week, which they won. Next round no fans and no money. What I think RFL has been very good at, and is a consequence of the thing I gripe about the game (its concentration along the M6 corridor), is arguing the part clubs play in their communities (anchor institutes in the parlance). Lucky for us all you northerners chose to vote Tory last year!
  4. Just watching it. Impressed with what he said and the importance of the sport. I’d be surprised if RL doesn’t get significance support.
  5. Hull FC owner on Daily Politics on BBC talking about support RL needs. Talks with gov underway.
  6. Newbury (until I was 18) Bradford (Uni) sittingbourne (Kent) Watford Sittingbourne London Been planning to move out of London in preparation for retirement just can’t decide where (being near a RL team would be good but limits options)
  7. I’m sure there was/is an online “find your nearest club” tool, but that might be the BBC or I might be totally wrong.
  8. ....but in the absence of a crowd the banners get more notice and create an opportunity to promote/sign post/inform a TV audience of our game.
  9. I’ve just bumped into my neighbour who fits none of those stereotypes (He’s a southerner who lives in London). He watched it.
  10. So I’m watching Wigan v Hull on BBC2 and seeing the club banners draped on the stands (Leigh, Bradford, Castleford...). Given that the BBC audience is national is this an opportunity to highlight non-heartland clubs too? People from Midlands noticing a Coventry Bears banner might just be curious enough to find more out for instance. They might not even know there’s a club in the area. Ditto for London and Wales.
  11. You know that’s exactly what I thought as soon as I posted (!)......so as a London Skolars fan I shall be rooting for Hull.
  12. As a neutral will be cheering for Hull. Think it will be close with Hull edging it.
  13. Had a bit of luck but Warrington get another try but still one score in it.
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