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  1. How do we look at this? Is it - Whats best for the game as a whole? Those who perform best on the pitch? What clubs are in a strong enough position to be sustainable and grow? Do we respect the history of RL and those clubs that have been going for over a century? Who gets the most people through the turnstiles? The numbers of people turning up to watch many Championship teams and most L1 suggests we have a big problem unless more money is pumped in - particularly to grow the sport (local advertising, juniors, school and college engagement, national publicity). That’s not likely. Its true L1 has become an exciting league to follow but how sustainable is it with many teams (including my own) getting only 300 or so people paying to watch? (There are teams in Championship with similar gates). Reluctantly - unless a deal and money is on the way - I can’t think how L1 can be preserved as a third tier. We had a chance maybe when Oxford et al, came in but that was blown. I’m not sure what the way ahead is, but given economic realities I suspect it’s not based solely on performance on the pitch. Perhaps every Championship and L1 side should go through a “stress” test to see how well they are managed and the strategies/business plans they have to engage and grow, as well as their location (eg, we need Cumbrian clubs) and performance and gates. Promotion from L1 doesn’t seem to add many to the gates (away supporters from the likes of Fev aside). SL is the only prize. Fewer teams in an expanded Championship I fear may be the only way ahead ,
  2. ...plus trying to get stories in local media. The Cup sponsor has presence on high streets so could be a free site for advertising.
  3. Yes but that’s people like me and friends who are existing converts.
  4. Over drinking has a lot to do with it. Also, in small grounds/crowds - it's hard to avoid. IIRC there was a recent thread on here about people who get over angry at matches (on internet forums too!) It doesn't bother me either but it doesn't create a family atmosphere. (I watched football in the late 70s/80s - that was mayhem!)
  5. I have to say while I have never seen anything that would constitute hooliganism at New River, I’ve seen plenty of aggressive behaviour with loads of swearing (often aimed at the ref), which I wouldn’t be happy to hear or see if I had a young family with me.
  6. Very well put and I completely agree with you. Not sure why the poor performances occur, particularly those like against Coventry, that follow periods in a single game where we play well. Someone associated with the club, told me it was "confidence". May be we need a sports psychologist to help out. If - and its a possibly a big if - we can keep most of this squad and have access to Bronco players then we should build on this next year. The plan was to take two years to get out of L1. (As an aside I have given up hoping to see any money from Argyle).
  7. Newcastle have great potential - best crowds in L1, passionate fans and a good home in a area receptive to the sport. Skolars do have a medium term plan to get promoted into Championship, build crowds and then see so you never know..
  8. I guess when it comes to Skolars I'm glass half full and you're half empty...If we'd won the two games we lost by one point we would be in the play offs. I do agree we are not playing every game for 80mins but unlike last season we are not collapsing when we go behind as today shows. I've seen plenty of good performances this season, which makes the poor ones more frustrating. I wasn't at the game today but feedback from Don fans on here and Twitter have been positive.
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