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  1. I know you're being tongue in cheek but I keep thinking maybe something different and better will emerge from the mess that seems to be unfolding. The idea of throwing away the great work both clubs are doing trying to expand the game (for nearly a quarter of a century in Skolars case) and the potential they represent is crazy but all too likely. The sport essentially did it with Oxford and All Golds.
  2. It would have been nice to get an email or something from the club, but hey it feels like we are entering the End Days so no surprise.... Me and the lad are planning what we will spend our time doing on Sat afternoons instead of watching RL.
  3. Wow. Huge loss for us. He’s a great coach and I wish him all the best.
  4. So, this Forum has been full of concerns about the future of the game (including from me). Is this working group the answer to these? My first reactions were: 1. Champ and L1 clubs need to be on this if its truly "holistic" 2. What about the views of fans? 3. There needs to be fresh thinking bought to the table to avoid "group think" - perhaps an outsider who can challenge thinking https://www.totalrl.com/super-league-and-rfl-set-up-joint-working-groups-to-plan-a-way-forward/
  5. I am sure I have seen Skolars saying they travel in excess of 5,000 miles each season.
  6. I love RL, want it to thrive including in London where I live but honestly: what strategy is there to grow the match attendees to that sort of number? I remember the move to Barnet was meant to lead to a boost in attendance as football fans and local people gave RL a go. They didn't. Why will it be different in Wimbledon? When Skolars moved to Enfield for a season I was hoping some of the footie fans would give the game a go. There were a few at our first game there (against All Golds I recall) but almost none came back (because their loyalty was to the footie team). I would love to see 2000 at PL but cannot see how that will happen.
  7. People would have to know what's happening to make that decision. I found out about the move to PT via this Forum not sure how many old (ex?) fans will have picked it up but it would be good if you're right about Sunday. As for your second point: I fear you could be right. Mind you has anyone who follows a non SL club got a ###### clue about next season!
  8. I must say the move to Plough Lane seems odder still alongside this decision. Like you, I have heard again and again about strategies to build the game in London but seen nothing tangible. The sad thing is that you actually have to build the "game" rather than the "club" in London because the sport has such a low profile. It's a big burden on Broncos and Skolars. I don't think given the financial circumstances anyone could argue against this decision - makes me wonder what the cuts will mean for other clubs? Selfishly I fear this may make Skolars job harder as we will be keeping for a smaller pool of PT players in the capital, although maybe the clubs will come closer together to support each other (this assumes that Skolars actually exist as a semi pro team next season). Whatever this is another sign of the game's decline.
  9. Difficult one. Skolars get 1000+ fans turn up for our FNL match before the CC and Harringey is a bit of a trip for people coming to London. IIRC Newcastle get a decent boost and obviously no reason why Thunder can’t be promoted on Saturday.
  10. I do get what you are saying but playing this at their own ground (which I really like) hopefully will provide a bigger income boost for the club.
  11. But that’s not my point. My point is there was an opportunity when the switch was made. (Although I wonder if there will be any cooperation with the club). This is OTT however. Im expecting a London win today.
  12. …because we would have worked with the local council to promote it, for example. Because it’s an opportunity to grow the sport locally. Because when England played NZ at West Ham’s ground that happened. If you think about the sport as a whole this is a missed opportunity. Why wouldn’t they give us advance notice about a game on the same road we play on in a city where hardly anyone has heard of RL and we would have the opportunity to work with Harringey Council, Spurs Foundation and others from the get go to raise the profile of the sport here?
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