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  1. Isn't the official position that you can't have away fans? This would be an away game I'd go too.
  2. Unfortunately a few weeks before Skolars first home game but me and the boy will be there.
  3. I don’t think you’re too far off there. I wonder though if WWRs might pull a win out of the bag this weekend.
  4. Skolars ending like they started (just need to keep that up for 80mins) 24-38
  5. A group of Skolars fans watched from the bank outside the ground last week - I think they'll be glad they didn't this week!
  6. Thanks Rob - doesn't, though, look like its gonna be our day. After a bright start to the second half, Cru intercept a pass on their line and built from there to a try. Now 6-24
  7. In, I have to say somewhat typical Skolars style an initial bright period of play where we were fast and well organised is followed by a period when we are any thing but. Now 6 -20 (and we have the wind against us second half).
  8. Cru try and against the wind and from the corner a conversion - 6-6 after 26 minutes.
  9. Will definitely give it a listen - have a soft spot for Oldham. Good you’re going to reach out to other clubs fans too.
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