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  1. Team of the tournament

    All I can say to Usain is "stick to athletics" your judgement on RL players standards has sunk VERY low,anyone that puts Tom Burgess in their best players list obviously has NO idea of forward play.....tom is simply "BRUTE FORCE & IGNORANCE.....and Widdop as the best stand-off halfback ?????????? HEAVEN FORBID.
  2. Wishful thinking Scubby,I am afraid you have to accept that the Kangas are in a supreme class of their own just like the All Blacks are at RU>
  3. YOU COULDN'T BE WRONG ON THAT PROPHESY........I reckon the cup will already be engraved with AUSTRALIA 2017 WINNERS.
  4. Australia will not make the final

    PLENTY OF TIMES?????....................PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT THEM. I can only remember 1
  5. I lived in bradford until i came to Australia,I followed Bradford Northern in all their glory years and I probably know more about rugby than you ever will know. stop making stupid comments like you do, you make an idiot of yourself. I live in South Australia where rugby(either code) is virtually I dont see rugby live only on TV.
  6. Bad refereeing

    I saw Mal Maninga interviewed after the Aus v Lebanon match and I totally agree when he said the referee gave unnecessary penalties both ways,in the first match (aus v England) only 3 penalties all match,whereas in the Aus v lebanon game i believe the totally was about 15, it acheived nothing except stop the flow of the game,and even the players looked ###### off with the refereeing.........send the ref back to Wakefield where he comes from. Also it is time the refs made the players touch the ball with their boot when they have been tackled.
  7. I watched & enjoyed the match last night and was impressed with the English team especially in the second half,I realise they have a mighty long way to go to catch up with the Kangaroos but I reckon they will give the New Zealand team a good shake when they meet them in the next round. The only fault I could find with the Kangaroos was their No 8, DUGAN I believe,he was a passenger all night,no force in his running (unlike the No10 who was unstoppable) but what an improvement there will be when Thurston returns....we are like the ALL BLACKS at Rugby Union.....UNSTOPPABLE
  8. Would you like to put your money where your mouth is ?????? You OBVIOUSLY have a LOT to learn about Rugby League.
  9. This day & age forwards are no longer a strength,Australia& New Zealand both have teams where the forwards are generally as quick as the backs and this is the main reason why England have won sod all since 1978.
  10. Blotto....I am sorry for you,obviously the truth hurts...great reporting IMO.
  11. I don't understand what can be done to bring the standard of Rugby League played in England,up to the standard in Australia,maybe,just maybe Wayne Bennett can do SOMETHING to raise the standard. Cowboys slaughtering of Leeds Rhinos was as expected,38-4 it must be dreadful for you pommy RL supporters that have to watch your "CRACK" team lambasted just about 100% of the time....I think that England are years behind in styles,they always seem to concentrate on big bulky,slow as a snail forwards,to use brute force & ignorance,whereas Australia & New Zealand have forwards that are as fast as their backs and this is where the BIG BIG difference I said on another forum,England have not beaten Australia in a competition since 1978.....NUFF SAID.
  12. These "Clowns" as you name them happen to be the boys that Wayne Bennett coaches,Wayne is coaching the England team next season so shall we have another set of CLOWNS then??? Let's be honest now rabbit English RL is nowhere near the standard of haven't beaten us in a competition since 1978.
  13. It certainly is an issue,you poms spout about any minor sports where you are capable of beating Australia in this case you haven't won one competition in which Australia have participated since 1978,also may I state that I peruse many "English" sports forums and since the "United Nations " were thrashed by all & sundry in Australia I have seen very,very little cricket mentioned on pommie forums,...I've been wondering what awards the cricketers have received for their "Glorious and heroic deeds " they gave their countries whilst they were in "OUR" glorious country.