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  1. Rohan Smith has departed too,so they will be after another coach now.MMMMMMM they wouldn't would they?
  2. Looks like one is becoming two, Monkey lover
  3. You forgot your IMHO BSJ,as well as this, Santa brings gifts for free
  4. Sammut Please,please,santa,
  5. Yes you did.
  6. Who do you represent Monkey Lover,the club or the supplier. When i've enquired at the club i've been told there is no merchandise available. Shifting the blame on to Mark and Tony seems very harsh to me. I'ts all looking very fishy.
  7. Different circumstances at Batley .
  8. Spot on there grumpy,Said Craven had no idea at fullback.That showed from the word go that GM was clueless as a coach and he's done nothing to change my mind since.
  9. Why do we need Bradford cast offs anyway.Our loanees are back apparently .Zach should have been at prop,Muranka in second row,leaving Grady to play in the centre where he belongs.Sorry to keep the negativity going ,but imo., Glover is far too slow in his ball handling. Just a note for the Morton knockers,Dalton grant was walkabout on numerous occasions this afternoon,and was caught by 3 men including a prop against sheffield
  10. Bloody hell BSJ . At least Mr Cobb let Grant on to the pitch before giving him the yellow card
  11. Does anyone know why there are no results for last week or this week. Cheers
  12. Good initiative this. The club could also have helped by putting the sheffied match on the fixture board at the ground entrance well in advance.It still wasn't there on Saturday after the Oxford game