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  1. 2018 fixtures released.

    Friday night in February, UNBELIEVABLE!
  2. What's going on?

    Cos its Dewsbury Chris ,frustratingly amateur to the extreme. Mr Sawyer needs to look at all his staffs abilities ,before its too late.

    Great decision by Neil. All links to the failed Morrison culture had to be removed. New life has been injected back into our beloved club.
  4. Pricey/Schoey

    Disagree Coolie,all links to the Morrison jobs for the boys should be severed. Start the new era with a completely new coaching team.

    I think Neil Kelly would be a good choice. Paul Delaney,would bring a sence of unity back as Chris says. Pair P.D. up with Francis Maloney for a local bash at it.
  6. Great News

    Very soon.
  7. Great News

    Is on its way.
  8. Why we turn amatuer clubs away?

    ! Rams sack Morrison. ! That's the only bit of marketing we need at the moment.

    Wilsden Ram might be able to enlighten us on this one. Why on earth cant the one near the new turnstiles be made accessible from the east terracing.People (inc myself) were walking away from both the South Stand bar and its bottle bar due to the massive queues while the above mentioned remained virtually unused.Wasted opportunity to make loads more money.
  10. Official website

    Does anyone ever update it. It still has last years league table showing and Joel Farrell modelling last seasons shirt ,how embarrassing.
  11. The Coach

    Your right, weve all got to stand together and demand he brings it back to the Teleys stadium where it belongs.
  12. Toulouse score predictions

    87-1. Cos we'll fail to follow the game plan.
  13. How long has Morrison got left ????

    I read somewhere that Morrison had said that our players had bought into the dual reg with Wakefield, well that's certainly not the tale thats been circulating today. As Therein73 said ,leaving Teanby and Tonksy out as well, is unforgivable, if they are not injured. Dual reg is splitting our camp already.As well as being a poor coach looks like Mr Morrison cant handle Dual reg either.
  14. Bradford's Re Entry

    Rohan Smith has departed too,so they will be after another coach now.MMMMMMM they wouldn't would they?
  15. Shirt updates

    Looks like one is becoming two, Monkey lover