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  1. Kevin posted on the 'Dogs website. Average attendance was up on previous season, but didn't offset the loss in entrance money. I gather there was increased sales of food and drink and some additional sponsorship, but still not enough to cover reduced entrance.
  2. Thanks for posting the Batley vs Dewsbury game (1st April 1994), Rambo! It was good to see it again after nearly thirty years
  3. 1. Hooley 2. Manning 3. I'll go with Meadows, but everybody else deserved a place! My Champagne moment - KIbula on the rampage towards the nine 'oil
  4. Thanks to the time you put into updating the player stats, Roger. It's appreciated. Just one question, as we 're locked out of responding to the actual topic: in the far right hand column (G/A), I can understand, for instance that Ben White has kicked one goal from one attempt, indicated by 1out1. But what does the 2 against JC and the 3 against Sammy Kibula signify?
  5. 800? How old is he? Jeff Grayshon only played 703 club games (between 1970-95), according to Wikipedia!
  6. £10 for two hours' parking?? They've more brass than sense in York!
  7. It made the victory even sweeter.
  8. And if Hooley is available, I'd have him at fullback and have McGowan on the wing for his pace.
  9. Difficult to choose this week, as there were many excellent performances yesterday. After due consideration 1. McGowan 2 Hodgson 3= White 3= Walshaw More positives: Plenty of grunt from the pack and quick PTBs Best I've seen Woods play for Batley. Hopefully his injury is now behind him. Champagne moment: Kear breaking out of a three-man tackle and charging down the middle.
  10. Not easy, no. And don't call me Shirley.
  11. That's ok. Ours is more than twice as good as their's
  12. Thanks BB. He looks better in a Batley shirt...
  13. I couldn't get to the match, unfortunately. Did Hooley play and if so, in which position? Who made way to accommodate him?
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