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  1. There's far too much positivity on this thread. Makes a nice change. Well done everybody, keep up the good work.
  2. I'd guess training top too, Roger, as George has his initials on his shirt.
  3. “Perceived lack of ambition” trans: “Living within their means.” If so, I reckon they’ve a fair chance of surviving for a good few years.
  4. AN Other? I thought he retired in the late eighties.
  5. Is Brambani's departure "official" yet?
  6. Not a problem, PD. He only played well for us. Did nowt at Dewsbury, Fev etc. Probably something do with the slope.
  7. I'm obviously losing the plot. Even Meatloaf managed two out of three.
  8. I've been impressed with Iggy, Ryder and Sykes (when fit).
  9. 1. Smeaton. Created chances, good defence. 2 Reittie. Had his usual effect on Dewsbury. 3. Brambani. Some creativity at last, and managed a rare 40:20.
  10. That's a lot of games to play against one team.
  11. Follow BSJ's example and hug a referee. They're an endangered species.
  12. Plenty alternatives to summer rugby, I agree, and I wouldn’t complain if we reverted to a winter sport. But I’m glad I made the effort to attend today. A cracking match.
  13. Broadbent Brown Jouffret Great team effort
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