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  1. Well, I guess it's a novel tactic: to bore the opposition into submission. Far too much one-man rugby and silly mistakes for about fifty minutes. When they finally remembered how to pass a rugby ball, it all went a lot smoother.
  2. Yes, there's a small housing development on the site of the old ground, and it is called McLaren Fields. The Barley Mow pub is still there. I worked in Bramley for many years.
  3. Something like this, perhaps? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retevis-Headphone-Earpiece-Compatible-QUANSHENG/dp/B014QGOA8Q/ref=sr_1_3?crid=HDSBS03WBOXU&keywords=walkie+talkie+mike+and+headphones&qid=1651497749&s=electronics&sprefix=walkie+talkie+mike+and+headphones%2Celectronics%2C56&sr=1-3
  4. Yes, the match officials are miked up. You can hear them if you watch the highlights.
  5. According to BSJ, Batley had to sign MR, as their current forwards are looking jaded...
  6. I'm surprised you took the bait, BSJ. Yes, Batley were disappointing in the first half. It's not unusual in these derby games. Their quality showed in the end, though. There was a big improvement in the second half, and I thought the final score a fair result. And yes, I'm glad we're another quality forward signed for the 'Dogs - competition for places, and giving injured players time to heal, and all that. As for Sykes, perhaps the ref put him in the bin for ten minutes peace and quiet?
  7. No, it's refereeing at its most consistent. Everybody hates Dewsbury, including the referees. Have you not realised that by now?
  8. If I remember correctly there were a handful of clubs that announced some sort of wheeze that you refer to some time ago. I think Dewsbury and Featherstone were two of them, Batley weren't. So you may be able to get into PO Road a bit cheaper with your Rams season ticket, but not Mount Pleasant. You can save a little on the admission price if you buy your ticket before midnight tonight, like I just did.
  9. Agreed, current form often seems to go by the wayside in these derby games. In theory, Dewsbury ought to expect a good tonking on Friday, but I'll be happy with a Batley win from a drop goal in the 79th minute!
  10. I think you should have time for a full recovery, Roger. Good luck!
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