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  1. Such as a complete lack of moral fibre, humility and basic human decency?
  2. Let me help you with your maths, Phildog. It's really not that difficult... If we assume out of a total population of 65,000,000, around 60% of us catch the virus, that's 39,000,000. Now assume 1% of those will die of it. That's 390,000 people, or nearly the whole of Kirklees. Hope this helps.
  3. Where do you get your nails done, BB?
  4. Well, I believe we started in 1895 by helping to form the Northern Union, and carried on from there. Hope this helps.
  5. I’ll plump for Mark Fortis at 13
  6. Surely, the great Steve Presley? And I was away at uni, so wasn’t there.
  7. That was Colin's question number six...
  8. Make sure you wrap up warm, 9'O. It's bleak in the middle of summer at that stadium.
  9. There's far too much positivity on this thread. Makes a nice change. Well done everybody, keep up the good work.
  10. I'd guess training top too, Roger, as George has his initials on his shirt.
  11. “Perceived lack of ambition” trans: “Living within their means.” If so, I reckon they’ve a fair chance of surviving for a good few years.
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