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  1. 1. Smeaton. Created chances, good defence. 2 Reittie. Had his usual effect on Dewsbury. 3. Brambani. Some creativity at last, and managed a rare 40:20.
  2. That's a lot of games to play against one team.
  3. Follow BSJ's example and hug a referee. They're an endangered species.
  4. Plenty alternatives to summer rugby, I agree, and I wouldn’t complain if we reverted to a winter sport. But I’m glad I made the effort to attend today. A cracking match.
  5. Broadbent Brown Jouffret Great team effort
  6. There’s some free sport on Sunday, at Mount Pleasant!
  7. I take it you're treating Mrs Johnny to a holiday in Canada. And then "accidentally" discover Dewsbury are playing down the road whilst you're there... I like your style.
  8. No, you're right, Bi11: more in common... Many Dewsbury fans would like to kick us over the crossbar as well. But if we all agree to leave our boots at home I'm sure all RL fans will enjoy watching the match.
  9. Out of interest, who do you reckon were the five players that tried? From what I've seen of your lot this season, I'm guessing Iggy, Ryder, Morton, Walshaw & Trout?
  10. Thanks for your work on these stats, Roger. Just a thought for next season - how about recording the number of goal attempts as well as successes?
  11. He was playing second row for Batley when I started supporting them in the 1981-2 season. As noted above, good in defence. I recall five consecutive tackles he made in a set, to great roars of approval from the old Long Stand.
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