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  1. I've just checked Wikipedia. You were close - only a year out - it was 1985.
  2. And (if memory serves me correctly) he was still a Batley player when he made his international debut.
  3. Mark Scott involved in a fist fight? Sounds unlikely...! (Ahem)
  4. I'll try to post more regularly, as you seem to be missing my company. I'm currently on furlough - being paid not to work. I imagine it's like being retired, but with more money. It's just a pity there's nowhere to go and not much to buy...
  5. Apologies, BSJ. I can manage either quality or quantity. Not both.
  6. Well, we look forward to further samples from the BSJ archives. All interesting stuff, I'm sure. My name's not Roger, though. Close friends call me "Sir".
  7. Thanks BSJ. I always thought you were a closet Batley fan. Now you've confirmed it.
  8. The same could be said for a few folk on here...
  9. Such as a complete lack of moral fibre, humility and basic human decency?
  10. Let me help you with your maths, Phildog. It's really not that difficult... If we assume out of a total population of 65,000,000, around 60% of us catch the virus, that's 39,000,000. Now assume 1% of those will die of it. That's 390,000 people, or nearly the whole of Kirklees. Hope this helps.
  11. Where do you get your nails done, BB?
  12. Well, I believe we started in 1895 by helping to form the Northern Union, and carried on from there. Hope this helps.
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