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  1. When we scored we were looking promising.We won a penalty and Scott Leatherbarrow did not get any distance with his touch kick.From the tap we lasted two tackles and lost possession.It was from then they started to run in tries.Bottom line is when we get a penalty,find a decent touch and play down in their half.It seems to have been a trait of Oldhams to gain little from a penalty to touch.
  2. Oldham winning try 1h39 in.
  3. It probably refers to steward in dark glasses with his likkle camera which was the subject of discussion a year ago.
  4. at the stage we are at sole use of any stadium is a no go area
  5. It's a shame that some of the Oldham lads who made it big either with superleague or back at Watersheddings are so detached from Oldham.If we could get them on board that would help.
  6. You can gauge it.Less cars on the main road coming in and the half time turn around where ends are swapped was quick. The UTD match and the Wigan game will have had some effect .Londons away support would not have helped. TBH we have lost fans in the nomadic years and once out of the habit you struggle to get them back. The changes in the Oldham population don't help,the type of person that would attend an RL match just aint there in The numbers it used to be. As it is now all we can do is keep at it.Turn these good performances into results.We should be hitting the 700 mark with the m62 corridor teams. We get into the upper half of the table and a few more punters start turning up.We may nick a few from the rugby side of Oldham ,tameside,it does not matter.Word will spread.We have a much better social media set up now.The chrons role is mimimal these days.That said Hornets got a write up in the mirror yesterday.
  7. Whitebank will not be up to championship standard in 2018 .Also without really sticking my neck out in the slightest , Whitebank will never be up to championship standard.
  8. Don't know where chronic got its info from last week but the idea that all Whitebank or vestabeef can house ORLFC with 3g and a spruce is laughable.
  9. Totally Agree R34.
  10. The air horn at the penalty kick was followed by the cop helicopter flying over.Tbh I was half expecting the red arrows next.Poor Mr Leatherbarrow had everything stacked against him for that one.Fev fans were well animated after the first full time hooter.They were glad to get off the park.In the end we were one slick pass or kick through away from a win.
  11. George was having serious verbals in the second half with a Rochdale forward.It was not pleasant what they were saying to each other.I was hoping it would be forgotten at full time.Word will be round how to play him so he's got to learn to laugh it off or he will be out for a big part of the season.
  12. Relax 34 .I was using irony to show that we were all more or less agreeing with you apart from edz who appears to be just the one so called negative to mess up an otherwise perfect thread.Sorry you didn't get it.
  13. Oh dear only, one negative for 34 to get his gnashers into.Never mind. I was watching an old Whitebank match on youtube and it really brought it home to me that progress has been made.BF is a nice place ,I like going there.The standard is set and Limeside will never come near it. Merch is on sale before xmas and the website is good.We appear now to be operating the way a club of our stature should.Hopefully this can be maintained and we make slow and steady progress.
  14. I am sure your medals in the post R34.Anyway I decided to go skiing that week for the sole purpose of nicking off to this match.Drive from Hotel to lyon.Train to Toulouse and 45 bus to the ground.Deep joy.Just so you don't think I am picking my matches I will go skiing before Swinton and Rochdale and Fev away as well.