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  1. Relax 34 .I was using irony to show that we were all more or less agreeing with you apart from edz who appears to be just the one so called negative to mess up an otherwise perfect thread.Sorry you didn't get it.
  2. Oh dear only, one negative for 34 to get his gnashers into.Never mind. I was watching an old Whitebank match on youtube and it really brought it home to me that progress has been made.BF is a nice place ,I like going there.The standard is set and Limeside will never come near it. Merch is on sale before xmas and the website is good.We appear now to be operating the way a club of our stature should.Hopefully this can be maintained and we make slow and steady progress.
  3. I am sure your medals in the post R34.Anyway I decided to go skiing that week for the sole purpose of nicking off to this match.Drive from Hotel to lyon.Train to Toulouse and 45 bus to the ground.Deep joy.Just so you don't think I am picking my matches I will go skiing before Swinton and Rochdale and Fev away as well.
  4. This is what close seasons are all about.
  5. If all the positive things which happened post meetings where just coincidence fair enough.End justifies the means. Tubey we should write a book.From Burger Van to Boutique via online Sales. 34 should get free copy along with the Limited edition "You're Welcome"Oldham shirt I want Mr Monkey Lover to make.
  6. Cheers,just planted seeds,some grew ,some didn't.My medal should read for services to ORLFC 1997 ltd.In stating the bleeding obvious to the owner. Someone had to do it.Nonetheless you're welcome. Then again does CH not deserve one for doing the bleeding obvious. Something tangible?
  7. You're welcome folks.When the merch selling was in burger van mode twas my good self wot told him he needed to get in with a kit/club wear company.Get things online.He was scared of over ordering .I told him that they would handle the sales and probably make to order.I suggested Canterbury as the type of company he needed to deal with.This was during the fabled meetings.Also droned on about the website ,getting match vids online,apps and if he could not find a person to do it ,I could.Mr Naylor stepped forward and that saved me the trouble. The point being these steps needed to be taken,were not expensive and make a difference. A bit of positivity through negativity.Anyway you're welcome.
  8. If anything,it is a sense of relief that we can continue at BF.Some of you are on a high that we seem to be operating at some sort of parity with the clubs around us.Perhaps this is more of an indication of the depths we have come from.This parity needs to continue and grow into something better.If this means giving CH a kick up the jacksy to remind him ,then so be it.Merch on sale for crimbo is a must.If we can climb a little and be having the same conversation this time next year,good enough.
  9. And big fat pensions and redundancy pay offs
  10. Fantastic goal kicker and great lad.I will not forget the part he played it getting us up and keeping us up. But I can see where the coaches are at at the minute.The squad has to be strengthened and we need players who can help us climb the table.
  11. York look beyond knackered. 12 man team against Toulouse.
  12. No come on surely there has to be a rollercoaster ride before that's confirmed.
  13. Correct and as bf is what I would call a minimum standard if we end up reducing to Whitebank levels again forget it.
  14. Quite right and send them to another ground while re-seeding takes place.