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  1. I don't think these stewards are the same as the soccer ones.
  2. Clifford this thing with nipping out for a smoke rears its ugly head from time to time. We seem to corner the market for unnecessary stress and grief.All the other venues I go to have it sussed and everyone is happy, some venues dealing with 49500 more than our people do. There was an incident or two last year. With these stewards its a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I just hope it doesn't put away fans off from coming here.That's the last thing we need.
  3. A lot slicker at the play the ball,better kicking from Wood and Hewitt.Great tackling from all.Gee needs to hang on to that ball better. As for the tannoy man,one word,idiot.
  4. I would prefare us not to be playing in league one.
  5. No
  6. Agreed Warren Ryans .Are you referring to Paul Starbuck and Gordon Pollard as the other two.I remember being at an A team game when Paul Starbuck swallowed his tongue, very scary.
  7. It's as if they velcro the top bit onto the base.
  8. It's definitely looking better at Limeside but I don't fully understand what Avro have to gain by making this place up to rl championship standards.Still ,if they do good on them.
  9. If It happens it happens.Not a lot wrong with BF as far as I am concerned.TBH the attitude of some of the latics fans leaves a lot to be desired.I wonder how low the latics have to fall before they realise that ground sharing was actually common sense and should have been made to work.Its not as if it doesn't not work elsewhere.However not in special case Oldham.Still it's a little late now,horse has bolted for both clubs.Happy to spectate at BF for now.
  10. We were stood in the Herbert St stand when it was a covered stand.Penny rush corner.Johnny Blair sent a penalty kick towards the corner .Ball came up into the stand and slotted itself between the wooden steps and fell into the void underneath.If you attempted that a million times you would never repeat it. I also remember in that same era Widnes beating us in a cup match with a fluke try at the penny rush end.Probably the biggest crowd of the 70s that day. Bob Blackwood swapping places in a scrum to spark out an opposition forward.I can't remember the ins and outs but I think it was justified.
  11. He was tight against the touchline,deep in the Oldham half,under pressure and somehow kicked down field without it going out on the full for a 40/20.I think it was the last tackle and I was just relieved to see the ball down the field but then the ref signaled the Oldham put in.It was the type of thing a great union 10 like Phil Bennett would do.
  12. When we scored we were looking promising.We won a penalty and Scott Leatherbarrow did not get any distance with his touch kick.From the tap we lasted two tackles and lost possession.It was from then they started to run in tries.Bottom line is when we get a penalty,find a decent touch and play down in their half.It seems to have been a trait of Oldhams to gain little from a penalty to touch.
  13. Oldham winning try 1h39 in.
  14. It probably refers to steward in dark glasses with his likkle camera which was the subject of discussion a year ago.