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  1. This sort of thing is not going to end well. I was going to come when Oldham played Rochdale.Found out it was all ticket,could not be bothered with the nonsense of a cap on attending when 3/4 of the ground was empty.Stayed away.Now we have this. There have been enough examples of this behavior.Bradford kicked out motorsports and ended up playing at Dewsbury.Eventually the motorsports went back and so did the Bulls.Then we have Oldham.Do I need to say anymore? If RAFC boot out the Hornets from spotland and make them nomadic,both clubs will suffer and fade away.The soccer club will be the next Bury and Hornets will end up probably in a worse state than Oldham. I doesn't matter who is responsible you cannot turn revenue away,case closed.
  2. Wow! I mean like absolutely amazing! A sell out in a stadium that is 3/4 empty. I appreciate someone involved will have allowed this set of circumstances to happen.They will think it is sensible and be able to justify it.They will actually get paid for this moronic nonsense. Keep up the good work.
  3. Hope you get well Clifford.
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