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  1. Not saying that Huddersfield caused Oldhams demise Mr Meast. The situation was more or less identical for both towns.My point was that Huddersfield took their opportunity and Oldham didn't.The moment was there for both towns. I can remember back in 96 being at a REM concert at the Mcalpine thinking why doesn't Oldham do this.Then a few years later when Huddersfield were becoming a full-time pro club and beating Oldham easily,I was thinking why didn't Oldham do this.We had the real estate.If only we had the few Huddersfield had.They were the difference.
  2. I have always said that Huddersfield were on the up when Oldham were on the way down.Someone in Huddersfield must have banged heads together and made that Stadium happen.Whatever combination of factors occurred for Huddersfield,Oldham just did not have.Whether you look at the owners of Oldham Athletic,Oldham Rugby League or the council, none of them had the right stuff.Instead we had years of faffing about,the rugby ended up as nomads and both the latics and the rugby are teetering on the edge.Yet in the early nineties.Both teams in semi finals, national headlines,the town buzzing.Oldham Athletic seemed to attract a succession of owners who messed things up further.The Rugby club owner never had the funds to be of any influence and that's how it's been.Two hundred and something attended the 1895 cup v Doncaster.Its not looking good for both the Oldham Teams.
  3. I went to the boozer a couple of fridays ago and bumped into Mike Ford.I got talking to him. On Oldham he just said "You cant keep doing the same things every year and expect success you have to do something different".
  4. andykenny


    Anyone know what has happened to the OCR commentary for home matches?
  5. I was a mere kiddywink back then.I found out Charlie McCourt lived not far away on Hill Farm Close.My mum got his autograph for me when he came in the Co-op she worked in.
  6. From about 68 we stood in the Herbert Street stand ,penny rush corner.Still Saturday matches then.Wilf Briggs,Derek Whitehead,Bob Irving etc. We were reminiscing about standing there at a BF game last year.My cousins lad was highly amused when an Oldham touch kick shot through the bog doors on the main stand side.We told him about Johnny Blair slotting a touch kick between the planks in the Covered part of the Herbert Street stand.The ball went into the void underneath and probably remained there with the newspapers,woodbine and old Holborn packs until it was demolished.Course when you look back with today's standards in mind it's clear why that stand was the first to go. Still, happy times and after the match round to grandads on Equitable Street for a hot vimto before catching the 82,98 to George st and t'B bus to Fitton Hill.
  7. andykenny


    We stopped dead for what looked like Hunslet knock ons.Next thing they score.We must play to the whistle regardless of whether we agree with the ref.
  8. Thanks for doing it Dave.Could not get to game due to late finish.Downloaded app and followed you.It popped up live at half time.My 82 year old mum was well impressed with Kev,Gareth and the lads chanting away and we were counting the minutes down.I reckon you and Dave Murg could do a good double act. wireless mike's via Bluetooth perhaps so he can do his job as well.
  9. To be honest R34 a covered shed down the houses side would do.25 yard to 25 yard. I have seen its much better looking place than it was but it is no good in rain.Also without stepped terracing you need to be tall to see if God forbid we get a crowd.
  10. It sounds like the type of thing I would say.Whitebank is CHs spiritual home for his club.For me it's about what is tolerable.I couldn't tolerate a return to the pre 2015 state of affairs.Trouble is ,Whitebank is for me part of that.I would never consider that place a permanent home.Its CHs club,he wants to run it,so my best advice is get us promoted,get us out of that place. I will support all reasonable endeavours to that end.
  11. What about an albatross round Roary Roughyeads neck.
  12. I guess I am up in the higher echelons of matches attended so I will take it as read I can have an opinion. As one of the five who did attend the CH meetings I would say that some good came out of them.CH was totally in the dark ages re internet and social media,that is tonnes better thanks to Dave.Merchandising was awful ,that is better thanks to a deal with bsk and so on.CH was still stuck in the Oldham Chron as the sole distributor of info era.Sadly that has passed and I can't see it coming back.We have to keep developing the social media side. However like Tubey and Cliff said we had people round the table and CH was open going down the supporters/RO route. However the team started winning and got promoted and this process was cast aside by CH.It should have continued, perhaps at a slower pace, but it should have. Due to the improvements made and playing at a half decent ground I was able to dismiss the ignorance of CH and was happy to support the team.If CH keeps these levels, fair enough and we have a half decent ground,fair enough crack on..However there is little point trying to work with him and have a set up involving him.He does it himself or not at all. If CH had said look lads ,I hear what you say but I want to do it my way,fair enough but not answering emails, and doing what he did was just plain ignorant. Now in many ways You can argue he is back were he was before the meetings.But with yet more people alienated. As I have stated before I'll put money into a post CH club.Ask me to deal with ignorance I have seen from the current setup.No Chance. Ps I hope someone berates mine and my families 250 year + combined attendance record.
  13. When Wardy dropped the ball at the start of the second half me and my cousin got that sinking feeling.It was just so sad to see the lack of invention when attacking, just one man stuff. Swinton scored tries making the ball do the work,we didn't, so Swinton deserved to stay up.Fair play to them Swinton, if nothing else, looked like they benefited from the little regime change they went through.If and when one comes to Oldham I hope its not too late.
  14. Agreed 34. Oldham as a town has gone in a direction I just don't understand.The area spud mentioned ,in fact the whole of that area should have been stadium 2000 years ago.A bit like LSV.Latics on there,rugby the lot.The retail put in a more central area. I never expect to agree with everything that goes on in the town but somehow I disagree with virtually everything done there now. The only thing I'd like to do in Oldham is watch the rugby.I am not holding my breath.
  15. Used to go up and collect the green final for Anne's paper shop on sat.I'd watch the final pages come down the shoot and get turned into plates.Then a flurry of activity as the vans were loaded.I got my batch and shot off down Woodstock St past the park up to Broadway Street.This on a chopper bike.In the end the younger generation don't go for papers and there is so much news, blogging, social media that the chron could not monetize it's content.Its more important than ever that Oldham continue to grow into the social media world and not underestimate it the way they used to before Dave Naylor started his good work.
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