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  1. Tony Smith leaving Wolves (merged threads)

    I'm very grateful for the achievements under smith and I hope we find someone else who can take us to finals and be consistently challenging the Wigan's Leeds and Saints of the super league. Winners with big game mentality. That's been the difference between us and them..... plus a few inches
  2. 5K run on a treadmill

    Thank you kindly, my wife is doing well and concentrates her efforts on helping others, we will never understand why, but we can make a difference Heart breaking and soul destroying, thank you for the kind words. putting our efforts on the charity gives my wife great comfort and gets her through the 13.1 miles thanks again johnocco and Griff
  3. 5K run on a treadmill

    Good afternoon all.................. can't believe it was 5 years ago I was asking about how long should it take for a 5K run I continued to run on and off since the original post and then fell out of love with running CBA.............. however the loss of my sister in law aged 34 while out running has made my good lady and I want to do something good for bereaved children. One day my sister in law went for a run and never return leaving her 3 kids ( aged 1,3 & 5 ) and her husband shell shocked and devastated. worlds turned upside down................ asking why why why SO The wife and I are running for a charity call Winston Wish and we are raising money by doing a half marathon every single this year. please read our story https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Joanne-Jones63 I'm not asking for anyone to donate however we are looking to raise the awareness of this charity as families and especially children need support............ So could you help this charity for any future events ? thanks for taking the time to read best wishes Paul
  4. Exactly and we still await his response to an earlier post!!!! Can't wait for today, nervous as hell..... It's about time we won..... Just hope and pray we have it in us today.
  5. I think he's mixed his prescriptions up..... Prozac and viagra don't help anyone
  6. Thank you very much, I knew I'd never ever had the pleasure in seeing wires beat Wigan in a final ..... It's been v v v cruel for me growing up seeing them win, win, win, win, win,win,win,win ,win against us in major finals.... Just once , come on wires .... Just once
  7. 5th May 2002 if you like facts and reality...... Not 20 years Just to be clear !!!!
  8. Massive congrats to the Wigan fans - What a team effort yet again, they may not be a pretty team to watch however they can grind out a win and that's all that matters. The knockers saying this isn't a vintage year....... jog on, we've seen some fantastic Rugby League this season and we should be proud of our sport. Hull FC fans - Massive well done to you, what a great season and finally a Wembley win, who'd have thought that at the start of the season? FC will be a force next season and I wish each and everyone good luck for 2017. So we move on to next week and the Grand Final.......................... I can't remember a time when Warrington have beat Wigan in a cup final, I've been watching Warrington since 83 and seen Wigan beat us in 2/3 Lancashire Cups, Regal/JPS Cups, Wembley and in a Premiership final in 1987 which Wigan won 8 - nil at Old Trafford. This will be Warrington's 3rd Final at Old Trafford against Wigan and it's about time we have our colours on a Trophy but can Wigan lose 3 GF's on the trot......... the answer is yes as Saints have lost 5 on the bounce but in truth I doubt we can as history has a way of repeating itself. I'll be at OT in hope rather than expecting a win. Best wishes to all and let's hope next Saturday is a sell out to watch two great rivals play each other.
  9. Some fantastic comments from the Saints fans, good on you. The last 2 weeks have been above and beyond my expectations. Wires have been solid. So another GF and so hope we don't mess this one up.................... Just one GF win and I'll be happy for ever. Respect to all Saints fans once more and I hope you can find it in your heart to cheer us on!!
  10. Never ever expected a wire win last week and I still think tonight is sadly our last game this season. The boys have done exceptionally well this year with new halves and forwards, I'm extremely proud of them and a Wembley appearance and the LLS is a dream as I've followed them for 33 years and seen some ######. Here's to a great game to match a wonderful season as a wire fan
  11. Banter mode. After the regular season FC were top but you did play KR 3 times
  12. Love the response from the hull fans especially rob and Roy. All the respect in the world to you. You've had Wembley and we've got the hub cap, great for superleague that the " big4" haven't got either Now it's the business end of the season I fear for us both as 1 of the big 4 will lift the main prize, having said that what a year for the black and whites & wire
  13. I only want one grand final win, however warrington will only play one more game after a heavy defeat on Friday Chris Hill is our leader and he's been fantastic............ But we have no direction and with wires relying on ratchford & Patton I fear a big loss. Yes we have Clarke, westerman and Dwyer however hull will simply have too much for us. Best wishes to hull and I fully expect a saints / pie final
  14. I knew I shouldn't have started to type..... Good try, wakey will fall apart now!! FC can only improve and Wakefield started well but IMO they'll just go through the motions now... Hope they don't
  15. Just being mischievous after reading the Wire / Pie thread I agree the decisions have been wrong however Shaul should've been penalised for his play the ball