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  1. I'm sure I read Matt Dufty was afforded the opportunity to leave. Gigot could be a direct replacement.
  2. Spent the past few days in Rome, but never got chance to try the Roman version of Arancini, what they call Suppli. Has anybody ever tried one?
  3. I think a lot of Aus/NZ born Tongan/Samoan/Fijian players hold this mindset.
  4. I find using a tea towel as a whip quite effective, whilst they are mid-flight.
  5. I'd argue he is at his most effective at centre.
  6. This being in the public domain is not going to aid their cause. In fact, I would imagine it will have quite the opposite effect.
  7. I think you have failed to appreciate Gigot's ability to play fullback, centre and stand-off.
  8. Natural selection is inevitable for this one.
  9. Please go and have a spot of lunch at the Opera House. Breathtaking place. PS The bars and restaurants around the Jewish Quarter are well worth a visit. Arguably, the best in Prague.
  10. Considering next year’s options. Looks like Japan and Hong Kong are looking favourite. Any experiences to offer?
  11. It was the players fault. It was Warrington fans. it was Catalans fans. It was the referee. The elephant in the room, is the tired notion that RL is above other societal issues/sport that the game doesn't have an issue with booze. We seem to put ourselves on a pedestal, way above football for example that boozing at the game is okay.
  12. Anyone looking to apportion individual blame is missing the far bigger issue.
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