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  1. Coming back? I bet his suitcase is under the bed, unpacked.
  2. Not necessarily so. Three million quid is chicken feed for a former PL and FA Cup winning side. There is no rationale for these decisions. See Sunderland and Blackburn for reference.
  3. To tease this one out; what is your choice of egg? I am partial to a poached egg, the only issue with this, is I can't cook one to save my life.
  4. I still can't fathom out people who put ketchup on a plate with baked beans.
  5. Buttler continues to confound. I don't think he is the answer as a wicket keeper. Historically, he hasn't brought enough runs,but when he puts it together like he has,he really does make you eat your words. Crawley will get the plaudits and rightly so, but Buttler's efforts need to be acknowledged.
  6. Bacon, egg, sausage, baked beans, toast. Depending on how I feel at the time, little bit of black pudding. Not a fan of tomatoes, plus they look watery on the plate.
  7. I have family in Zurich and I am toying with the idea of visiting them at the end of October. It has been a long time since I drove in Europe, that long that I can barley remember. Flying isn't really a consideration at the moment, as my wide (and me, if I am honest) is comfortable with the thought of flying. My first query is sat navs/route mapping. I have one in the car, but it can be a little erratic, that said, it could be user error. I recently used Google maps travelling from the Cotswolds to Bath, which took upon itself to change the route mid-drive. So I am a little sceptical of that. I also have Waze on my phone, but can't vouch for its capabilities outside the UK. Any tips, advice, quite literally any help gratefully received. TIA
  8. If I am honest, I didn't hold much hope with Buttler. He really stood up and took the game away from Pakistan, Woakes finishing the job off.
  9. Fifita is an incredible player, any club would be happy to have him. It may go some way to addressing the fundamental on-field issue with the Titans; a complete lack of leadership. I thought Proctor may have been that player, but it hasn't been the case.
  10. If I can tag onto this; what happened to Andy Wilson of the Guardian?
  11. I can't see Te'o getting a start in the Broncos' backrow, arguably one of the strongest in the NRL.
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