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  1. I have wondered for a while why representative/borderline rep players who go there see their careers nosedive?
  2. Warrington paid for the fit-out only. Didn't contribute a solitary bean to the stadium build.
  3. The Americans. Managed to miss all but the very last episode, yet still chose to watch it in its entirety. Despite knowing the conclusion, it was that good I feel compelled to watch it from the start, all six series.
  4. Two incompetent referees,does not equate to one competent referee. Yes
  5. I'm sure I read Matt Dufty was afforded the opportunity to leave. Gigot could be a direct replacement.
  6. Spent the past few days in Rome, but never got chance to try the Roman version of Arancini, what they call Suppli. Has anybody ever tried one?
  7. I think a lot of Aus/NZ born Tongan/Samoan/Fijian players hold this mindset.
  8. I find using a tea towel as a whip quite effective, whilst they are mid-flight.
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