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  1. If I can tag onto this; what happened to Andy Wilson of the Guardian?
  2. I can't see Te'o getting a start in the Broncos' backrow, arguably one of the strongest in the NRL.
  3. Coaches: Both Wayne Bennett's are good reads. Jack Gibson's too. Players: Jamie Peacock, Adrian Morley and Barrie McDermott are really candid books.
  4. Another old past it centre, Bryson Goodwin served Warrington well.
  5. Best is difficult to define. As for most memorable, this takes some beating: https://youtu.be/udgV8TgKEB8
  6. Not necessarily the best, but one that played close to the edge was the Warrington pack of the mid to late 80s; Boyd, Tamati, Jackson, Rathbone and Roberts. The polish being provided by Gregory. In fairness to them, despite their ‘reputation’ they could play a bit.
  7. One thing I would love to get a view on is those of the older generation, where helping each other out has no been replaced by the 'I'm alright Jack' types. I thought the spivs were meant to be the minority?
  8. If people used some common sense, it wouldn't be required. The problem with common sense, is its not that common. The amount of elderly people I have seen at various locations today, is staggering.
  9. Definitely. As much as a change was merited, to do so in such a public manner was incredibly crass.
  10. The wind seems wild, seems like if two points are on offer, they are being taken.
  11. This season is the first one he hasn't had his knee strapped up. Seems it has enabled him to have a proper pre-season.
  12. I have wondered for a while why representative/borderline rep players who go there see their careers nosedive?
  13. Warrington paid for the fit-out only. Didn't contribute a solitary bean to the stadium build.
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