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  1. Obituary thread 2017

    My mam said if you can't say something nice about a person ,particularly if their dead keep your gob shut.
  2. Just finished A Yorkshire Tragedy. The Rise and fall of a Sporting Powerhouse author. Anthony Clavane Covers Rugby League,Football,Cricket An attempt to explain the fall of Yorkshires sporting prowess Linking in to the political and economic influences over the last 40 Yrs. well worth reading.
  3. General Election thread

    I really hope we get a radical govmt but not Tories.They are self serving Capitalists. i want Green Green .we don't need economic growth all the time .We want a happy contented Society and this will only come with Green Policies. But that would be cloud cuckoo land No. I can only hope people will vote I mean averybody. Anyone who doesn't should be err told off or shot or denied benefits etc etce Rant over carry on as normal!
  4. Well done BBC

    I was at Wembley 1962 Wakefield beat Huddersfield then a week later lost championship playoff at Odsal gteat days more exciting than today. But then I was young and excitable going to these exotic places from Wakefield.
  5. Well done BBC

    Proper beer that 3.8proof? Drink all night.
  6. wow i didnt know that .Newley was a child actor turned singer and writer. Idle on Parade was a film about the post war army and conscription in which he sang the theme song and others i think with leslie Bricuss. i have the original EP 7inch of course. Great days going to the record shop and listening to the latest 45 single in the booth then paying 6shillings eight pence 33p to you younger guys.LPs were out of reach on my paper delivery money.
  7. Anthony Newley compilation. Strawberries ripe strawberries,shan't be round tomorrow the donkeys eaten all my Strawberries!Classic Newley. Great voice long gone now.
  8. Django Reinhardt the gypsy guitarist with the hot club de Paris.Didnt srefan Grapelli play with them? Great musician despite the loss of two fingers on one hand.
  9. House Buying

    What are you trying to say .Houe prices are usually set by supply and demand .popular areas will be dearer and more people wanting to move where the supply is limited will push up prices .Also the availability of finance will affect the market. Prices will always rise when supply can't meet demand. What we need is a lot mor social housing and to stop the sale of houses to sitting tenants.
  10. See Green Party manifesto. The way to go for a decent caring society. The Lib Dems proposed something similar some time ago but as usual the sheep in Britain voted ideologically .
  11. Just found this retro band on YouTube called kitty daisy and Lewis .Brother and sisters who swop around on the instruments. Great stuff have a listen.
  12. Jose Felaciano on jools Holland show trrefivpc blind guitarist and singer probably before your time!
  13. Danny Brough for England

    Brough has been a class act since winning cup for Hull FCC with john Kear only his temperament can be suspect at times.Di d he start at Wakefield another good un that went.
  14. His Scottish brother in law happens to be Scottish champion Haggis catcher in the Forth n Clyde Canal.He can count very well I know. So take care who you are insulting ya English ya ya .