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  1. Jose Felaciano on jools Holland show trrefivpc blind guitarist and singer probably before your time!
  2. Brough has been a class act since winning cup for Hull FCC with john Kear only his temperament can be suspect at times.Di d he start at Wakefield another good un that went.
  3. His Scottish brother in law happens to be Scottish champion Haggis catcher in the Forth n Clyde Canal.He can count very well I know. So take care who you are insulting ya English ya ya .
  4. hi mat so your back in tcountry Who is graham Muchly? Is he on the bench ?
  5. Norma Waterson and Eliza Carthy singing lonesome Traveller 6.5 minutes of blissfull harmony and spirit fully uplifting.
  6. How about some Trad Jazz? Humph Bad Penny Blues always cheers me .
  7. See today's I newspaper an article by an armchair fan Matt Butler 1 make sure games end earlier so the report can appear in first editions . 2.Give them pictures the papers that is. 3 You must spoon feed the papers to get anything in. See County Cricket for example. This is just a short précis of the article which seems to state what the RFL should be doing. Or is it?
  8. Already bought mine 3 at £50
  9. You are so right .Niel Don and Peter Fox all 3 from little old Sharlston.I watched Neil from 1958 and in early 60's he was untouchable. I think he was the first to drop kick goals back then.i don't recall any others.
  10. Nigel Bell trinity lived for tackling head on!Amazing work rate.
  11. I would recommend a few robust red wine like merlot for RL guys I'll get my coat!
  12. Anything good about t trinity is always ###### on.I expect he will soon be bought by Wigan or warry etc it's always the way!
  13. I have always said that the mergers Maurice proposed would have invigorated a 10/12 team comp The game needs a radical overhaul.Franchising properly policed will do it!
  14. Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band It came upon that midnight clear