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  1. might i recommend eating raw jelly cubes as a fingernail strengthener? cos if this season is going to be owt like last, your nails are going to be whittled away to stubs.....what an amazing adrenaline filled way to prove youre alive! better than extreme sports for that rush any day of the week!
  2. its got to be seriously sticking in his craw! Its funny how they try market rugby league as an all inclusive sport, no intolerance or injustice allowed (and rightly so!) just one big happy family......yet teams are treated differently for the same 'crime', and not just a little bit differently...a massive amount. Is it league-ism? o team-ism? Chairman/owner-ism....or brown bag-ism?
  3. we used to have one every boxing day...widnes v wire, until the council cottoned on to the fact that if they put the matches on the day AFTER boxing day, they didnt have to pay people time and a half/double time!
  4. All the very best of the festive season, and for a wonderful 2017 for you all From Myself, my other half and my family. Have a good un folks xxx
  5. maybe its Prince Harry......
  6. dave...as always, you are a superstar!!
  7. LOLOL...thank god for this thread, I thought i was going barmy!!
  8. Doesn't the name Roughyed come from rough felt hats, that were made in the area in its history? You could keep the name and it's nod to history (as many team nicknames are) and kep Roary (would be a shame to gib him as he's such an integral character on match days) but add some sort of hat as the tie in to the name.... You could then have Roary wearing the Roughyeds hat, market Roary toys with the same, sell the (specially designed) hats etc.. Funnily enough I was having a discussion with a friend the other day as shed knitted her kids some black and white hats for widnes matches, amd I lamented that people didn't make their own hats/scarves/rosettes any more and that I thought they should make a comeback....so that's what's partly inspired my two penn'orth in this thread The club could do a comp for fans to design a hat (within certain criteria) that could go along side/work with the current name/logo/mascot...making a new gimmick (is that the right word?) But also keep the ones who like what's already there happy too
  9. Sorry....erm....je suis tres tres desole!
  10. Gotta get practicing your French! !
  11. Mine came today.....absolutely thrilled with my chris Hamilton /nobby tshirt
  12. if i could like this a thousand times, i would! superb!! :D
  13. it is SO nice to see people acknowledging the positive bits about the club, quite often anything positive gets 'naysayed' as soon as its posted and then trampled all over, so its nice to see all the fab comments and stuff taking pride of place on the forum and staying there too!
  14. what a fab thread, loads of positivity, which is a breath of fresh air, im loving it...but as for knockers...dont look at me! you know im only ever pro oldham........
  15. woo...id have a piccy of CH splashed across my chest!