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  1. Another nailbiter! Really enjoyable day.
  2. whats the weather set to be like?
  3. best commentary ever!! the joy in that simple few lines is absolutely palpable!
  4. He'll need the John Innes thats for sure! But Ive seen them working pre match, and they work like trojans to make it ready for us...hope they didnt have too many cuss words about us after sundays match....was anyones right ear burning?
  5. I loved every minute of it. It was a fantastic atmosphere. Great to hear the singing rattling the rafters. The guy from the BBC came to me at the end and said he'd had a great day with us, and the outside p.a guy who was doing all the music today enjoyed himself too. Top day all round.
  6. Apparently the game is viewable on bbc iplayer for a month from today.
  7. I didn't win with either of my 2 tickets either
  8. 6437 hunny xx
  9. Your user name just made me smile...as a child, i remember my nan used to yell 'gerrumonside' at the Widnes matches, for years I thought it was all one word which was a special rugby term!
  10. If i could like this post a thousand times I would! Quite often, Phil brings stewards to work the Oldham matches, who work with him at Widnes. They live in Haydock, and have already told him they will be coming to the match as fans, and will be bringing family and friends with them. As theyve already been to the Fold to work, they know just how fab the ground is, and have been singing its praises far and wide. Everyone is buzzing about it.
  11. This is great news. Brilliant for the club!
  12. it will be a great day thats for sure! Im hoping both sets of fans are in fine voice, as that, for me, is what starts the creation of a fabulous atmosphere, fans singing, and doing their chants. Id love to hear more of it on a match day. Its good that Haydock isnt too far away, that fans will have to spend a massive amount of time driving/travelling, so can make a day of it. anyone know what the weather forecast is going to be like? wondering whether to do a flask of tea or put the diet coke on ice?
  13. thats not good at all Ive never understood trolls, or what they actually get out of what they do :/ Stalybridge have helped us out of a massive hole by allowing us to ground share, and not only that, its a brilliant little ground. (If i could pick it up and move it to whitebank site, i would!!) The ground gives a great impression for the club (ORLFC) and its grown on a lot of the fans, judging by the comments ive read since we decamped there. Im hoping that there are Stalybridge fans, who have popped in on a match day, to see what all the fuss is about in 'that there game that uses them egg shaped balls)' and have enjoyed what they saw and become Oldham fans, even if its just for the tim we are at Stalybridge, if not longer.
  14. given that (and im talking back in the days of mick burke, keith elwell, stuart wright and andy gregory) in winter rugby, many a game was played in the snow, fog, driving rain and mud baths etc, do you think the rules about when a game should be called off is down to stricter health and safety rules and a genuine fear for players safety, or more from a fear of litigation should a player be injured because of weather?