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  1. so the season ticket holders and sponsors have paid £90 thousand so well done to them. so there is me thinking oldham were skint how wrong can you be.
  2. well done ch to wipe £75k off the depts. and put £15k in the bank and for the first time get the accouts submitted on time. so then the money was allways there to buy new players that could have saved our season. or was it that you new what the rlf intend to do
  3. ii did not know of any meetings only learnt about it after when i joined this forum but getting back playing in oldham now whitebank as gone if that is true, then you can forget getting back playing in oldham there is no chance of that. as for boundary park which is owned by a ltd company called brass bank, i have it on good authority they will not let oldham rlfc back there in its present form.
  4. i lot of supporters of oldham tried to engage with ch in ways they could help the club and they were shunned.. so happyed tell me what the supporters of oldham can contribute to the club to make it viable and competative apart from attending matches.
  5. bang on moorside if what as been implied and clubs wil be axed. the clubs in the worst finantial state wil be axed all the rlfc wil go off is these clubs accounts. not interested in somebody who says he as got cash in his back pocket
  6. several times in the past oldham rlfc have had winding up orders against them by hmrc. oldham now have no ground in oldham, we are next to the bottom of the championship and more tham likely be relegated. fixed assetts of £1.244 money in the bank £690. debts due in one year £355.253 so amigo you would expect investers to buy shares in oldham rlfc 1997 ltd nobody would touch it with a barge pole.
  7. supporters are coming on here with the best intensions for the club,but you should type in oldham rlfc {1997} ltd companies house. that will reveal all on the state of our beloved club i strongly suggest you do this before you make any more comments. because if we are relegated or when, i do believe it will be the end of oldham rlfc r,i.p.
  8. .problem with league 1 we have no ground.
  9. perhaps BM will watch the match, we might pick up a good scrum halve and stand off and a good full back. just a thought.
  10. as i said in a previous post oldham are no way fit enough stands out by a mile. they lost the ball thirteen times either in the tackle or knocking on, divide that into 80 minutes that averages out at 1 lost ball every 6 miinutes. then they give away to many penalties when tackleing bradford players. and kicking the ball full over the dead ball line from a kick off. well bm will certainly know now whats wrong with oldham, but there is two week break before we play whitehaven.but the main thing to me is get them fit,fitness sharpens the brain.
  11. its very simple for oldham. play like they did against halifax. they did it once there is no reason for them not to do it again.
  12. , he as been out of the game to long, its a diverent game now. there is a new bread of coaches. yesterdays wine.
  13. brooksy why omit gregary far better player than owen
  14. oldham v bradford is definatley on our league.
  15. four players they had on loan have gone back to their parent clubs including ashton golding. they are not invincable they have had to heavy defetes against sheffield and featherstone. we can only live in hope, if this great coach cant motivate our players nobody can we will find out on sunday fingers crossed.
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