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  1. the best defensive fullback and goal kicker Oldham ever had imo was frank {spanky dyson}
  2. at the presentation at the old town hall I was stood behind the players whilst my uncle who was the mayor received the team on behalf of the people of Oldham. that great video brings back many happy memories. I was 15 at the time.
  3. kevin played in one of oldhams great front rows of ken Wilson kevin and Charlie bott a truly great club man r,i,p. I rember a floodlight cup match at shedding v widnes . the ref. had pulled jim mills out for a foul and was talking to mills when kevin ran up and smacked mills in the face.the look on mills face said it all. kevin then had the very good sense to do a very fast hasty retreat. .
  4. watched the Dewsbury v widnes match, Dewsbury completely out played widnes for the full 80 minutes. they are a good big side but what surprised me most was their fitness, they where just as strong on 80 minutes as when they started imo they are a much better side than Bradford who faded in the second half.
  5. the Oldham v Bradford match is now on our league instead of the leigh v swinton match.
  6. tandle

    our league

    the Oldham v Bradford this afternoon is to be shown on our league instead of the leigh v swinton
  7. the nearest I can see for a answer is this. type in {non-super league clubs working to earn central funding} it certainly doesent make good reading, it reads like there is going to be a cull.
  8. hi kiggy last season Toulouse had 10 management staff and a squad of 38 players, is it the same this season. Oldham on saterday will be lucky if they can field a squad of 16 fit players I fear for the Oldham players as I firmly believe they are putting their health and safety at risk I do fear for the Oldham players in this match. but I do know that the welcome your club give the Oldham supporters will be first class as always .
  9. Oldham are not scraping the barrel they have gone right through the bottom of it. ch should hang his head in shame if he knows the meaning of that, he as created a out and out disaster. it looks like Oldham will have 15 so called fit players for the Toulouse match. these players are part time and will have week day jobs if they get injured and have to have time off work and no money the club are asking to much of them by far a utter disgrace. and what are the rugby league laws on this do you have to have a set number of fit players to form a squad for the match to go ahead.
  10. does not surprise me one bit to small a squad, and signing players who are injury prone. when the good players have to cover for the players who are not good enough this is what happens the good players get injured.
  11. I do hope iam wrong moorside but look at the accounts. Oldham rlfc 1997 ltd companies house will make you sick.
  12. do I detect a lack of interest, sad times a head I sense. I have to go now to feed the fairies at the bottom of my garden .
  13. after searching and searching over several nights iam no nearer to finding what the championship clubs get in funding. so if any of you can find out what the clubs get for the 20/20 season i would be very grateful. because its like going through a mine field talk about round the houses.
  14. tandle

    The Law Cup

    jr thank you for coming on at last a realist speaking the truth. I watched the barrow match and we where nearly beat by trialists . today Rochdale had 7 trialists in their squad no contest, Oldham are a complete shambles. but one good thing I see rid of ch and if possible reform but I agree we will not win a game
  15. does anybody realise that we play barrow at barrow on sunday, read the barrow mail great read all about their squad fitness of players and so on. then we come to Oldham. online Oldham chron. Oldham times .F- - - K ALL last rugby headlines in the Oldham ch. the great frank foster dies on 20th dec. then the next one positive signs for diskin printed 6 week ago. no Christmas or new year greetings to the loyal fans on this forum.the chairman does not deserve respect.
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