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  1. says in a blog this morning that a american is interested in buying rochdale afc . and several other parties are interested. american morning
  2. forget swinton its now york. i would play astley at scrum half thats his position. while on loan at featherstone he was brilliant. it was only when he was recalled by wigan that feafherstone dropped of. get some speed in the middle.
  3. this is not a moan but i think oldham made a mistake in not resigning ah van top try scorer last year, scored two tries on sunday for north wales against widnes.
  4. a certain mr simon gauge states. he has tried to get investment in to the club for the last fourteen months he has been subsidising the club in loans to the value of £ 556k a investor needs to be in place by the end of march or the club faces liquidation. he also says the club is rich in assets but poor in cash. i think you all can guess .whats coming next .
  5. plus the ceo and the directors are not taking wages out. like a certain person was.
  6. hi wozzer its on youtube go to youtube type in sportsman tv swinton v oldham. it will come up now, upcoming game.
  7. nearer the day of the match, type in rugby league on tv, at side of swinton v oldham it will say the sportsman. with instructions what to type in.
  8. on yutube full matches rochdale v halifax and oldham v halifax scroll down past highlights to full matches.
  9. he as opened a new corner shop in the wrong place i wont sleep to night thinking about him, widnes wellcome to 25 years of rubbish.
  10. heavy rain forecast for barrow thursday/friday/saterday. what will be the state of the barrow pitch.
  11. tandle


    weather sunday sunny intervals from 0900 till 1600 then slightly cloudy. a big complment from finn the halifax coach who says we are a top championship side.
  12. you are forgetting oldhams 46-10 thrashing of keighley - 46
  13. tandle

    1895 cup

    1895 cup 1st seven games poll, the oldham v halifax match voted as the most exciting one to watch. 43.13% to be the best, next best workington v barrow on 17.54 seems oldham have got noticed
  14. tandle


    hi shrewsbury type in 10 days weather rochdale scroll down to bbc weathern warning. not looking good at all for sunday.
  15. tandle


    weather warning grt manchester including rochdale. strong winds and rain associated with storm ishi sunday till monday. injuries and danger to life. worth keeping a check on.
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