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  1. tandle


    spot on j r I have been saying this for seasons, when the big forwords in other teams get match fit after 6 or 7 games Oldham have always struggled to compete. this as gone on for season after season it as never been changed. to deliver this season the pack as to be strengthened now aug. 11th Newcastle at home and aug.18th Doncaster at home then the last match hunslet away things must change or failure again
  2. tandle


    hi jr I don't think the club had any other choice but to release nelmes as he as been missing all season. I think I read on the forum that he had off the field problems. but think perhaps this week there will be further forward signings to replace him.
  3. I just thought ide upset you all if you have not noticed Doncaster have signed rangi chase,plays against Whitehaven on sunday.
  4. so you would just walk away would you and forgo your contract money I don't think so. sn must be on a good contract otherwise ch could just not renew sns contract at the end of the season.
  5. brooksy its more the 3 years in the past 22 years we have only won 2 games we had to win. one we beat Keighley to get promotion, two we beat Whitehaven to stay up. and to answer young yed, a certain ex player who works the markets went to a rugby league dinner in leigh. and got to talking to a certain coach the ex player asked the certain coach how things where doing. the certain coach said he had asked the club chairman to sack him,the chairman replied saying he could not sack him as their no monies to pay him out.
  6. we have not always agreed on some topics 34, but you are a thousand per cent right on this one. ch seems to be a past master on how to live off the backs of others over 22 years experience. anyway to change the subject a bit when I was talking to a avro committee man he said they avro intended to build a stand two thirds the length of the pitch on the whitebank rd side. anybody any ideas or thoughts
  7. whitebank stadium owners Oldham council. leaseholders pepper coin rent avro fc community football club. football association award grants to improve community clubs grounds and facilities. avro have spent qver £100.000 of their own monies on ground improvements Oldham rlfc spent f= = k all.tell me where would Oldham rlfc 1997 ltd be without the above organisations being involved.
  8. tandle

    West Wales

    don't entertain the bad broadcasting co. just type in RUGBY LEAGUE FLASHSCORES all matches being played have minute to minute updates i.e. scores.
  9. tandle


    .listened to the match report on radio Cumbria,the match commentator and coach chris thorman could not praise danny langtree enough. scored 2 trys and made another
  10. are you serious that audited accounts filed at companies house are not fit for purpose. if so then in your expert opinion tell the supporters what your estimated value of Oldham rlfc 1997 ltd is.
  11. last accounts 31st oct 2017 fixed assets £1.745 creditors due in one year £334.108. ie. thousands. accounts 2015 fixed assets £125.896. creditors due in one year £442.687. accounts 2016 fixed assets £2.068. creditors due one year £341.834. so between 2015 and 2016 creditor/creditors where paid £80.853 ?
  12. you don't run a business for 22 years if you are not making money, forget it being a rugby club ch as done very nicely out of it.
  13. tandle


    I apologise young yed jones bishop, any way I have just heard that we have signed superstar old yed so we wont lose another game all season yippee.
  14. tandle


    this is one of the reasons i do not go now the standard mid season collapse,oldham have lost 4 good players in nelmes Kershaw caton-brown and is the other one johnstone and no replacements have been signed. forget promotion it was never on Oldham are a average struggling champ.1 side and here they will stay i feel sorry for the supporters who stay through thick and thin i admire you but are backing a lost cause..
  15. because old yed widnes let us, in the first halve after about 15 minutes of sparring widnes went up 3 gears and totally destroyed Oldham it was cruel to watch. in the second halve they just took it easy their job was done.
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