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  1. mr i dont think the rfl realize that oldham have not got a ground,they will still think its bower fold its par for the course for them. if i was a stadium owner being approached by oldham and knowing they would be desperate/ iwould want top belt rent and paid upfront.not looking to good is it.
  2. how can you sell season tickets when have not got a ground.
  3. just like last season our backs where not good enough, same thing will happen again they will just run through use
  4. tandle

    Next season

    one thing hornets have that oldham dont have and thats a ground.
  5. if you want to know some history about oldham rlfc type in boundary park wikipedia and read all of it.
  6. avros dictate what goes on at whitebank not oldham council end of.. did any of you know that on the 28th of july 2011 oldham council gave the 3 amigos owners of oldham athletic 5.7 million to help fund the new stand. it was said by the council that it was compensation for monies lost on the latics failed bid to build a new ground on the avro sight on broadway, planning was refuse by the charities commission.
  7. keighey fixture list round 1, sunday 27th march oldham away venue TBC. make of this what you will. building a team with no ground. cant find a ground oldhams problems will be over.
  8. art thats the most sensible post i have heard in ages.
  9. i suggest you watch the australian nrl channel 24 hour rugby league every game shown, all advertising goes to the nrl all pay for view goes to the nrl they dont use sky they dont need them. indiginous matches 2nd grade matches forums interviews with world class players of now and yesteryear. the rfl is so far behind now its frightening.
  10. you dont want to do anything untill you find out whats going to happen in the 2023 season
  11. i agree mr but to put a weak side out next season with what is going on with funding and not compete could prove fatal. fact is there is not enough sky money to support 34 clubs. some of weak clubs will have to go thats how serious 2022 is.
  12. they learnt the hard way herbie but the teams they played for only played one or two in each match not seven or eight which is what oldham are doing. just look what happened last season with young players we got thrashed. any way you have not answered my question how long have you been watching oldham and who have you played for please answer.
  13. started watching rugby league in 1949 played amatuer for several years before joining the merchant marine. when did you start watching rugby league herbie, and who did you play for. you dont play academy players against battle hardened pros which champ.1 is full of. ask moorside why there are different weights in boxing
  14. brierley/ridyard/nelmes /coventry/ the rest are not good enough and that includes hewitt.
  15. 500% right spw1 we keep signing these injury prone players, we should open a a&e ward and start taking private patients in it could earn funds for the club . its just getting worse start of signing 4 descent players then back to normal signing players who are not champ. 1 standard
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