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  1. T-Dub

    Ed Miliband

    Funnily enough (or not), Trojan my mother has spent a lot of time in St James with terminal cancer as well Her treatment has been exemplary. Well done to the staff at St James 9that also used to include my wife). I cannot believe your example at all To use such as an example to reinforce an ignorant and ill informed political stance is frankly contemptable Ive given this forum a rest over the last couple of weeks due to the lamentable standard of debate, having come back this week it seems its not improved
  2. My abiding memories of GB BARLA at Dewsbury are a supporter with a bell and BARLA refusing to lend Italy a kicking tee to kick off with The Morocco squad were there (I read that the Moroccan RFU intends abolishing them if possible in Lesgue Express this week) as were USA Women
  3. Chapeau Were you lottery funded?
  4. My lemon drizzle cake was unplaced in the Men Only category of Otley Show again this year There were 21 entrants, Ill never get to the top, there must be a glass ceiling Im considering walking away from baking altogether My mate's Yorkshire Curd Tart was again unplaced as well (although his pastry was carp) We should get together and break away
  5. T-Dub

    Long lost amateur clubs

    Did anyone not laugh out loud at this one?
  6. T-Dub

    National Stadium for Rugby League

    It usually works out better to own (even in part) than rent
  7. In part the refs have brought this on themselves. They are far too matey with the players In years gone by it was 'blue 13' now its 'Sinny'
  8. T-Dub

    Rugby League Hangers On

    This list missed Sir Bernard Ingham and Fred Trueman
  9. T-Dub

    Rugby League statues

    Jack Harrison VC MC at KC - largely, if not completely, fan funded