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  1. boost

    Rhys and Ben Evans Choose England

    I didn't have a problem with Warrington signing them. Or with Warrington finding a house and a job for their mother so that they could move to Warrington and attend the academey but finding them a natonality, well that is something else.
  2. boost

    Rhys and Ben Evans Choose England

    If they fancy playing for an england side that matters, recent world cup winner etc, they can switch to english union. Sad but true. Steve Mcnamara should refuse to pick them, problem solved.
  3. boost

    Rhys and Ben Evans Choose England

    It sounds like Rhys Evans fancies flying to the world cup business class instead of roughing it with the rest of the Celtic teams. Will Rhys be looking at his feet just like Brian Carney did during the english national anthem?
  4. I rembember Halley getting binned for knocking the ball out of Matt Sings hands to delay the restart in a challenge game a few years back. Ganson said at the time that 10 minutes in the bin was mandatory for delaying a restart. I'm sure Mick will remember
  5. boost

    Crusaders fans

    Wrexham FC tried to rearrange the kick off time for their game at The Racecourse, so that their dual code fans could go to Huddersfield and support the Crusaders as well but York weren't having any off it.
  6. boost

    Crusaders fans

    With Huddersfield Town playing away and Wrexham FC playing at home, the crowd was always going to be affected.
  7. boost

    What should the referee have done?

    Just can't image Jamie Peacock staying down on the floor in similar circumstances. Maybe Bailey stayed down because there wasn't anybody to hide behind?
  8. Carvell ditched Wales a while back. As for Briers, I had the misfortune to watch him and Harris playing their last ever game for Wales. It was against Lebanon at Widnes in the world cup qualifiers a couple of years back. I've have tried to block the half backs second half performance from my memory. Thanks for reminding me!
  9. boost

    Bums on seats

    No. Did you go?