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  1. Good day for game over there just never capitalised on first up crowd. Paris obviously has links to our sport way back to first game there in 1933. There just not enough clubs nor benefactors these days to consider a pro team. It aleast gave thought to a french team in competition which we seen infield and very good average crowds with catalans. Obviously the holy grail is for france to be winning tests v big 3 which is still I say a bit off. That said the dragons cc success of 2018 would have shown mainstream france that sport making progress there. Toulouse are making plenty of right moves to join there fellow french team.
  2. Yeah my bad, sangare looked good in highlights today. Maybe revisit the academy catalans side would benefit more.
  3. Yeah not sure I believe we need another let's bash Toronto thread with leigh fans digging the boot in.
  4. I believe outside backs is more a a concern. Most french forwards hold there own yes there is some size issue, Springer there largest seems to still not developed to level needed for a superleague player. Far and away casty still the best french forward currently. Toulouse whole pack bar barthau is all imports now.
  5. Wow shows our sport in both comps got to bullying officials. Thing is there people they love the sport like us are helping.
  6. Yeah simply there alot of guys in twp who are not up to superleague level. I believe this season will be wake up call for there club.
  7. Play games at home, get catalans president see importance of test footy. Most difficult question to answer. Get ffr13 be more professional in test camps.
  8. gigot should be playing at this level he best player out of France at moment. Yes he can have a howler but he can also be brilliant.
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