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  1. Philam was a cheap shot merchant i seen. Wolves fans are losing there . Maybe concentrate on not being bridemaides always helps.
  2. Ref simply lost control that said players where acting like thugs
  3. Titans yeah wow that will end well...failure of a club.
  4. Same culprits also. Oh how the sky falling in by the way what a lumping To xiii put on leigh yesterday
  5. yeah look imo trent Robinson best coach who consider national role. Gigot and fages are france 2 world class level players, they just don't have enough of them. Thats the main issue. Toulouse are imo a yeah off superleague as toronto seem certain to go up. The development with stade rugby is promising and questioning all in one. I believe they average 6k in superleague.
  6. Gigot has some talent and at times is infuriating kicks out of full give away dumb penalties. But wow that field goal was sublime.
  7. Do you have any thoughts if the below correct need some wise advice thanks in advance
  8. https://www.ladepeche.fr/2019/05/21/le-stade-ernest-wallon-va-changer-de-standing,8212206.php?fbclid=IwAR1P4g6E1R3UdVisfhKZtFGcbXpI0a45bXZbbqs7BTZFmldOGYHqj-4eDqM Toulouse confirmed at ernest next season.
  9. Hmmm comparing welsh local scene to french and strength. What ever floats your boat
  10. This is massive not just for superleague, but code. There doors opening toulouse is pretty well on mark to play at ernest next season and stade getting along. Look some people some supporters will get upset if toulouse where drafted in. Given the beating they coped v twp depth is again an issue.
  11. hysteria. There more interest in twp than any other rugby club in either code in north America. Bradford great there won a game v leeds maybe lets not get ahead of themselves. I am for toulouse always have been now there using stade toulousain ground there no reason to let them in is there they attracted 7 thousand to game v twp. I can't see a large scale takeover from us as game won't allow it, unless they pay there own way.
  12. Love the hysteria is parksider going to bring out a pie graph fmd. Here a thought twp crowds far exceed anyside in major league rugby and are considered a major sports side in toronto. The key for tv is canadian tv sports buying rights in canada to superleague games.
  13. Your grammar still ###### and your still going around in circles.
  14. To me this us very significant. I had a look of major rugby numbers and the wolfpack are making traction. There mainstream in the city. No doubt step is getting kids playing game and locals in side. The fine line here is not over do the usa thing as i imagine ny and ottawa are going to be full of uk and down under imports. I do ottawa next year and new york in 2021.
  15. So had a bit of a look at major league rugby crowds. Toronto well exceeds any of those teams crowds.
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