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  1. What a backwards decision anyhow done with taking an interest in this league. What a small minded sport it become. Leigh ffs it's like putting lithgow in the nrl
  2. Yeah yeah the ceo of superleague does he wear a clown suit ?
  3. Look let's be clear here there a reason the nrl looking to get involved in this league and it's not because it's well run. Blind freddy can see its run pathetically and not going in the right direction. Supporters like yourself may have to look at that reality at some stage.
  4. My reason is simply if superleague wants credibility then expanding to Toulouse gives this if not and it expands to a heartland club then its a insular game for northern englanders only not interested in expanding the sport being held down by a small clubs who have zero ambition and only looking at survival.
  5. We know the heritage and support of Bulls there a big time franchise I have the making but why rush it. As for Fev and leigh what do they bring a heap of championship level talent and washed up nrl rejects and recycling the same players between lower level clubs ?
  6. Don't agree at all sorry but that is lunacy at its finest
  7. I got my opinion and I really don't agree with yours so tell your story walking please
  8. The audience will grow in having a 2nd french professional team its won't by having leigh, Bradford, fev as the fans are already there. Given another team would give 8 to 10 players of french back ground regular footy it make them alot more competitive than before.
  9. I had my say on this matter and been vocal. The superleague product as gf showed is top class but we must widen auidence to grow the game. I would say if not in pandemic times Toulouse would be a no brainer they have the stadium, council support, large city and team. But unsure of how next year looks in terms of travel and if crowds are non existent how financially it affects them. If we take a shot on them then we may see France finally become competitive at international level. If not Toulouse then it has to be York imo. Going to leigh, bradford is this growing the auidence ...well no its not.
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