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  1. Story from BBC Website
  2. We aren't trying to steal anything from anyone. The merchandise that we have created and sold does not in any way, shape or form claim that we are the Co-operative Championship 2010 Champions. That is Halifax's title and they are most welcome to carry on and enjoy that to it's fullest. The Merchandise in question is simply printed with 'Champions 2010'. Now, to sort any confusion, this merely states that in the year 2010 Featherstone Rovers RLFC were Champions of something. That, I'm afraid my good man is a FACT. Please be my guest and look up the definition of Champion. You will find that we are not in fact breaking any laws in using the term. The merchandise is available to anyone who wishes to purchase it, although, admittedly, it is aimed at the supporters of Featherstone Rovers and plenty of those said supporters, may I add, have purchased such merchandise and in doing so have, ungrudgingly, provided very welcome funds to said club. Now, to finish, congratulations to Halifax RLFC for becoming the Co-operative Championship Champions of 2010, just please drop this ridiculous argument and let us get on with enjoying our 'Champion' season. Kind Regards Me
  3. Check your PMs. Cheers
  4. Of course we are beatable, Toulouse and Sheffield have proved that. Unfortunately for Halifax, they appear to be having a bit of a hard time even getting close to us, never mind beating us. We are not so arrogant to believe we are unbeatable. It's just a shame that arrogance still features highly in at least one other club at our level.
  5. I have to disagree. Applying for a Franchise, in my eyes, is about stating an intent. Its about progression. We applied last time and had feedback from the RFL about what we needed to do and improve to work towards future acceptance. This time around is exactly the same, it's about showing the RFL how far we have progressed and again get feedback on what else we need to do. Just because the Club accepts that it is not ready for Super League at the present does not mean it should not apply. In the long term it will help the Club. Like the Franchise system or not (and I am a supporter of Promotion & Relegation), it is the system that is in place at the moment so Clubs have to work with it. Thats the only way to progress. I can guarantee you the BOD at Rovers don't just sit there and moan about the Franchise system, they do what they need to do to work with it, hence the progression that the Club has made over the last couple of years. Any Club that don't work with it are not going to get anywhere. For me you have to aim for the highest level otherwise there is no point.
  6. I was just looking back at last season's table and was stunned when I realised we already have 2 points more than Barrow finished with last season. I suppose I shouldn't really have been that surprised seeing as we've only lost one game up to press. However, pretty impressive all the same. Just confirms really what an outstanding achievement this season has been already for the lads, whatever the final outcome may be. Anyone fancy a look here's the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Co-operative_Championship
  7. This excerpt taken from the Pont & Cas website pretty much answers the question......... .......Meanwhile, Australian utility player Rod Petty's trial at Featherstone lasted just one match. Petty, who has recently been playing for Birmingham and Solihull RUFC, had a run out as a substitute in last week's reserves game at Oldham that Rovers won 28-20 but he decided afterwards he wasn't suited to rugby league. Powell said: "I was pretty disappointed because he was the one who chased the opportunity and he then decided the game was a little bit quick for him."
  8. What about this The chorus is perfect IMO for a chant whether Monster is changed to Tonka, Morro, Rovers or just left as it is.
  9. Personally, I don't think it's a bad thing that Barcelona wish to branch into Rugby League or, for that matter, joining Super League. What bothers me is the way that it would be done and at the expense of another space that will never be filled by a traditional Rugby League club. Recent evidence shows that the RFL would steam-roller over all the traditional clubs, who have fought for years to survive in this game and who still deserve the right to strive to compete at the highest level of the game but can't because the spaces are taken up by manufactured clubs who are then given the old blue light escort into Super League with their pretend spectators and second rate, washed up Aussie players.
  10. Barcelona branch into Rugby League I wonder how long it will be before the RFL transplant these into Super League?