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  1. The reason for playing Saturdays is down to the league being made up primarily of part time players with jobs to go to Monday morning. Therefore travel over Friday, play Saturday and return Sunday. Simple really.
  2. Wolfpack get US tv deal

    Quick question. Broadcasting rights for the Championship are currently sold to Sky. Seeing as though Toronto will be in the championship next year doesn't this deal infringe the rights that sky have ?.
  3. Leeds loan Bulls 4 how do you feel about this ?. Im a fax fan and was wondering how you feel about the Bulls getting loaned these from Leeds and also 3 from Salford. do you think it makes a mockery of our league and a uneven playing field before the season even starts ?.
  4. So..... Let's move on, the nextt game must be the biggest game in featherstones recent history and what winning and losing really means, I'm personally a fax fan, all form is out of the window for this one. Do or Die for both teams. fax win, then dependant on the Batley match they have got top 4, Fev win and. It's all down to the last game of the season, tears and blood will be spilt, fans wondering wether to bother next year for either team, results dependant. Personally I think this middle 8's has added more passion amongst fans. I appreciate this is Fevs first year, if you get here and build and cement, then I think you would know how this structure can make a difference. Good luck Sunday and with your clubs future, regardless of the result
  5. Give over moaning. Look at the games that are left. Fax Vs Fev and Batley Vs London will decide the top 4 for me. Fax win and Batley lose then fax are in the top 4. It will then be between Bradford and Batley in last game of season. Personally I see it being Leigh, London, Bradford, Halifax. Batley to miss out on goal difference and fev to finish in 6th spot and then unfortunately the club will go tori in over the next few years
  6. According to the link the page before the club is going through the motions at 10.30 this morning.
  7. Reserves

    How can you blame the RFL. It's the club who have pulled the plug. Halifax still have a reserve team as do a few other clubs. It sounds to me a money saving exercise by the club. Sheffield had to get rid of theirs as they failed to be classed correctly due to their ground etc. Poor day for your club as already reliant on DR players. Will only get worse when DR is finally scrapped, and that will come eventually.
  8. ffs DR

    ??. Elaborate on this one please ?. Fax have set up a reserve team this year and signed some of the kids back who disappeared to other academies.
  9. 2016 shirt release?

    Hi all, fax fan here, what I will say is the EV2 gear is so inconsistent in quality that it's hard to answer. The run out tops for the Middle 8 were great quality, the shirts however were the worst I have bought for years. Personally I hope Fax go back to o'neils as that quality was far superior. Where the stitching around the collars we're was all rumpled on the ev2. Really poor workmanship.
  10. Anthony England

    Depends how much you want. Richard Moore on £35k plus bonus and part time. Good work if you can get it.
  11. Anthony England

    Depends how much you want. Richard Moore on £35k plus bonus and part time. Good work if you can get it.
  12. 2016 Recruitment

    Oh you mean like Leigh have this year. Spent the cap on these class signings, just remind me again where they finished?. Oh yeah, that right, below fax and Sheffield who spent considerably less and took home considerably more. Maybe you should support Leigh or Salford. They have the same ethos. Run your business Kevin as you have and batley will be around for a long time to come, you may not reach the upper echelons on RL again but you will be around long after others have gone boom and bust.
  13. Rangi of to Leigh

    That's all well and good but with chase, Hanson, hock, higham, Patterson, moi moi, matua, Wesson. What are you paying the other 20 odd playerst?. Chump change!!. Get a grip. Cap must be broken. Plus every chairman that Beaumont has crossed/wronged will be all over getting some transparency here. Good luck.
  14. Championship money for 2016

    Feather stone finished 5th in regular season as highest place outside super 8 qualifiers, keep there points advantage and the shield prize money is £50k I believe
  15. Championship money for 2016

    Read the link above on Halifax website. 500k for last place, then 5th placed in regular season was £250k Basically once the super 8's qualifiers start the minimum anyone can leave with is half a mill, then goes up as per my previous message. I think The winner of million pound game gets full sky money, the loser £1million.