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  1. rfl block minga

    Marcon and Maurel are the obvious wingers with Ader and Marguerite on hand as replacements with a modification at centre. Maurel would probably revert to fb in case of injury to Kheirallah. As was said in the PC TO13 only have a squad of 22 and are looking to reinforce, they are looking at several youngsters in the Elite 1..
  2. Toulouse 2018 thread

    I think a friendly like last season was considered and a lot of communicaton went on between the clubs but Houles was a bit worried about playing the game after some of the TO squad were not adequately prepared after the World Cup. He felt those players were not ready for the intensity of a game against The Catalans.
  3. rfl block minga

    When he was at the peak of fitness he was as good as they come but his knee problems would be a worry for me if I was a club looking to take him on. He has had a knee op and is now recovering, he could well turn out for the Broncos as part of the rehab I suppose. Ability ha never been his problem but his discipline is the reason TO don't wish to retain his services.
  4. rfl block minga

    Probably no coicidence then that ASC for example have predominantly French players maybe barnyia ?
  5. rfl block minga

    I believe he missed most of his games with his knee problems which are quite dodgy by all accounts. I can recall him being rested for some games plus he did serve a three-match ban for disciplinary reasons as I learned yesterday. But whatever, the law is an ass. He should be allowed to play for whoever wans to sign him IMO. From a personal point of view, i've been watching him regularly since he arrived in France and he's been brilliant but his games last season weren't that impressive. He seemed tired or stale and less effective.
  6. Toulouse 2018 thread

    Kuni was seen as a disruptive influence on the rest of the squad which is said to be a very happy unit. He recently underwent a knee injury though his fitness and playing ability wasn't doubted. The club says they have done everything to accommodate him but the feel he can't be integrated into the system because of disciplinary reasons. One such incident was a three-match club ban for being late for one of the games last season.
  7. Elite 1 follow-up

    He is a very handy guy to have in the squad, so who will cover for Andrew B at 13 ?
  8. Elite 1 follow-up

    I think the business was done at TO well before Eloi decided what he wanted to do. Kane B was put out to pasture for various reasons and Houles has put his faith in Kriouache, a bit of a loose cannon for me and Bouzinac who doesn't have that much experience at a higher level. Eloi would have been perfect IMO but maybe the salary would have been a sticking point with the arrival of Barthau etc ? Dunno, just guesing.
  9. Hows about if he was put a convict ship, sent to Oz, did his bird then got a coaching job with The Roosters ?
  10. Toulouse show SL intent?

    The Elite 1 play-offs are scheduled for that weekend (16/17th june) that's all, there's a fair chance Albi will be involved.
  11. Toulouse show SL intent?

    It's not a great road from Rodez to Albi whereas Toulouse to Albi is quicker by the motorway. If I had the choice I would stay in Toulouse which a bit more lively.
  12. Toulouse show SL intent?

    Depends when the game is John. Albi RL play their league games on a saturday evening (this weekends cup match is sunday as it happens) so they have always clashed with TO13 and the Catalans so the Albi supporters have never really had the chance to follow them. I think the fans will turn out but nowhere near the 10K, rather 4 or 5 K maybe. Flights to and from Rodez are from London or Southampton so maybe not so practical ?
  13. Toulouse show SL intent?

    Yeah, it'll be played at the main stadium which is about a fifteen minute walk from the town centre. It's a 10000 seater just about and was packed to the rafters for the France v Wales game a few years back. The Mazicou, where Albi XIII play will be too small for such a game. I went to the Jean Vidal a few weeks back to watch the Albi reserves play Villefranche and the atmosphere there was brilliant too. The Albi public are a passionate lot when it comes to RL.
  14. Toulouse show SL intent?

    You'll enjoy Albi, it's a beautiful town - some good watering holes too.
  15. I don't have a problem with anyone asking to be pai to play tho' it's just Mirco was asking too much apparently. The club has a very small budget most of which goes towards the travelling expenses.