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  1. Looks like Gordon ! I see Hakim Miloudi is on loan to Donny along with three other young Hull players. Hakim will enjoy the Keepmoat which is a nice playing surface, even better now t's been re laid.Richard Horne was a good choice as Donny coach as he will hopefully concentrate on the youth rather than the trend by Carl Hall to employ OAPs !
  2. Fev MOMs 1 Thackeray 2 Briggs 3 Wildie TO MOMs 1 Robin 2 Ader 3 K Bentley
  3. I can't see where the ref had a bad game., I thought he got most things correct.
  4. A good signing for TO. A piece of useless information - Perez is the 100th player to have turned out for the Cats.
  5. Don't forget Albi who have big ambitions and of course Villeneuve who aim to get into C1 in 2020. A move to ASC for Ferret will help him a lot, he's been innefectual when he's played for TO so maybe he will find his level. Good to see so many more French signings at ASC tho' they did announce the possible signing of an overseas player for next season.
  6. A rush of blood !! fookin' ridiculous...
  7. Maurel was left out of the latest 17 at HKR in favour of Marcon and Marguerite was omitted from the 19 although he was 19th man against Fax. Houles had Kane B back which mercifully meant Kriouache didn't get in the 17. Kheirallah at last was given some freedom to run at the defence after weeks of holding back.
  8. Batley 22 Bulls 32 Fev 34 Fax 20 HKR 28 TO 18 Eagles 26 Oldham 27 Swinton 34 Dewsbury 14 Hornets 16 London 34 Here's hoping the Fax fans have re acclimitised themselves to Fev weather...
  9. They have basically had a squad of 23 plus the two recent loan signings. Interestingly, I came across an old squad list from april 2011 where there are 33 players listed for that season.
  10. Yeah, the performance at Spotland was awesome and pretty impressive at home too, if that 17 was available I think they would have been challenging HKR for the title now, unfortunately it doesn't work like that as most teams know ! A few injuries can change everything, like it did London at the beginning of the season.
  11. Certainly not a failed season, I think mid-table was the target for this season as the kids gain more experience. The discipline has been excellent compared to last season it's just a pity for TO and the fans of the other clubs that they have been robbed of the services of Ford etc as they are an entertaining side when in full flow. Yep, really impressed with the quality of RL in the Championship since TOs last time around. The game is quicker and the players fitter , we are lucky to have some good coaches around too.
  12. Big problem is now their confidence is shot. As Houles said, they are so used to winning over the past four years they now find it difficult when they lose ! I don't think it would make difference if they were all fit, the confidence is at an all time low so HKR should win by a mile. There is no Plan B, that's obvious...
  13. I've only ever seen him play at prop at TO and Limoux but he may have played in the second row. He came on to replace Rouch (if I recall) at prop in the final vs FCL. Three years back TO has a surplus of up and coming young props so he was probably squeezed out, tho' i'm just guesing.
  14. Yeah, he's another one - no idea why he left TO, maybe it was easier for his studies ? His RL hero is Jamal Fakir so if he's half as good as him...
  15. No, it's a joke ! How Rhys Curran isn't in the squad is a mystery, he's been reliable for years but never gets the credit.