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  1. Seb Planas out for the rest of the season with adductor troubles would have been a major problem but TO should be able to make do with what they have to get them through the rest of the Shield games.
  2. Toulouse with a weakened side which will make the game closer. Ford fit but not playing, being saved for the semi-final (and final ?), he was never going to be risked against the Hornets. Good to see Tony Maurel recalled after not having done much wrong in the first place.
  3. You mentioned Marcon (Was 'Macron' a freudian slip ?) Gordon, he has had a super season and looks better with each game. He's unrecognisable from 18 months ago. Interesting interview on the TO13 website yesterday with the president of the club promising a stronger squad next season which is a bit contrary to reports i've been hearing.
  4. What's changed with Kelly from what it was with Morrison ? Semms like chalk and cheese.
  5. That was six months ago and team selections change.
  6. He was lined up to sign but it hasn't gone through apparently..
  7. After the season at L├ęzignan has finished ? What with the late start to the Elite that won't leave much of the season for him to play at TO.
  8. They should be good enough to stroll through the Shield games epecially as Ford due to come back next game I believe or against the Hornets at the latest. A trophy won maybe but scant compensation for the etimated loss of revenue due to not finishing in the top four..
  9. Houles didn't deny it, Ferret also off to ASC along with others.
  10. A much changed team against the Bulls with Marguerite coming in for Planas, Kriouache replacing Kane B and new boy Ugo Perez in for Bastien Canet who is on his way out of the club. Bradford must fancy their chances of taking the points.
  11. Marguerite and Maurel were both fit but left out on purpose by Houles. The reason given was because neither have looked convincing under the high ball whereas players like Marcon & Mika have. I can't imagine that would have done much for their confidence. I'm surprised Seb Planas hasn't been brought in after a wonderful season, same can be said about Rhys Curran IMO.
  12. Good to see Kuni Minga at the front, hope he can stay fit now.
  13. Superb entertainment. Great defence from the French at the end. Allez la France !!
  14. Maybe but i'm passing on what was given as the excuse for the two not being selected for recent games. Kriouache seemed to be progressing well but appears to have had a problem since changing agents. He's now with a well known English agent. Maybe he is beginning to think he is better than he is ? Whatever, his confidence seems to be shot ever since, again IMO.
  15. He still has to catch the ball wherever he plays !! I personally haven't seen it as a problem for Marguerite either in fact this season all the players under the high balls have done well IMO except Kriouache who has spilled a couple of important ones near the posts.