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  1. Maybe but i'm passing on what was given as the excuse for the two not being selected for recent games. Kriouache seemed to be progressing well but appears to have had a problem since changing agents. He's now with a well known English agent. Maybe he is beginning to think he is better than he is ? Whatever, his confidence seems to be shot ever since, again IMO.
  2. He still has to catch the ball wherever he plays !! I personally haven't seen it as a problem for Marguerite either in fact this season all the players under the high balls have done well IMO except Kriouache who has spilled a couple of important ones near the posts.
  3. Maurel and Marguerite are both fit but out of favour recently. The excuse given by the coaching staff was their difficulty in taking the high ball under pressure compared to other players in the squad. Seems odd to me as Maurel, when asked to play fullback for a few games didn't spill a high ball.
  4. Donny have been a DR club with Hull for a while now and Richard Horne coaching there was a logical step when Thornton was (unfairly) sacked earlier this season. Donny are an ambitious club with the use of a good ground and fairly stable ownership so a good proposition for an SL club looking for a partnership.
  5. Every four years now. The first was in 2008, then five later in 2013, this year in France then 2021 in England to run alongside the RL World Cup (mens and ladies). Loads of footage, look on wiki Five players at any one time, two of whom can be non-handicapped Brilliant sport and a sport which is growing rapidly in France. The only barrier is the cost of the chair which can be anything between 2000€ - 5000€ ! It's action-packed and brutal at times, the other day one of the Welsh lads was yellow carded for repetitive dangerous play, no red cards...yet.
  6. The French crowds shout 'offside' every time the ball is played, it's like an instant reaction. The two linesmen intervened when required and they seemed happy enough with the 10M rule. Just to remind you one of the linesmen was English and the other was the excellent French ref Stéphane Vincent (ref for the Elite Finale if I recall) so I don't see any bias there. The only problem had with the ref was when TO were pressing when they had ten sets near the Fev line and he didn't give a team warning to Fev for persistent penalties conceded.
  7. Looks like Gordon ! I see Hakim Miloudi is on loan to Donny along with three other young Hull players. Hakim will enjoy the Keepmoat which is a nice playing surface, even better now t's been re laid.Richard Horne was a good choice as Donny coach as he will hopefully concentrate on the youth rather than the trend by Carl Hall to employ OAPs !
  8. Fev MOMs 1 Thackeray 2 Briggs 3 Wildie TO MOMs 1 Robin 2 Ader 3 K Bentley
  9. I can't see where the ref had a bad game., I thought he got most things correct.
  10. A good signing for TO. A piece of useless information - Perez is the 100th player to have turned out for the Cats.
  11. Don't forget Albi who have big ambitions and of course Villeneuve who aim to get into C1 in 2020. A move to ASC for Ferret will help him a lot, he's been innefectual when he's played for TO so maybe he will find his level. Good to see so many more French signings at ASC tho' they did announce the possible signing of an overseas player for next season.
  12. A rush of blood !! fookin' ridiculous...
  13. Maurel was left out of the latest 17 at HKR in favour of Marcon and Marguerite was omitted from the 19 although he was 19th man against Fax. Houles had Kane B back which mercifully meant Kriouache didn't get in the 17. Kheirallah at last was given some freedom to run at the defence after weeks of holding back.
  14. Batley 22 Bulls 32 Fev 34 Fax 20 HKR 28 TO 18 Eagles 26 Oldham 27 Swinton 34 Dewsbury 14 Hornets 16 London 34 Here's hoping the Fax fans have re acclimitised themselves to Fev weather...
  15. They have basically had a squad of 23 plus the two recent loan signings. Interestingly, I came across an old squad list from april 2011 where there are 33 players listed for that season.