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  1. Yorkshire cup

    it would be an error of judgement to think Fryston are like Upton.They have 9 players with some level of pro experience. 5 have played and beaten Siddal this season. The smart team would adopt the tactics of the Myton warriors side that beat them in the National Cup semi final
  2. Castleford Panthers

    You hark back to your agenda, as is your wont. Participation is not a great measure of success as only 17 people can play for the team on any occasion....
  3. Castleford Panthers

    But conversely, other clubs in th town booming....
  4. Castleford Panthers

    Some sympathy for "the dog", as they are known locally, as they have suffered from being populated, even more than we all are, by the scourge of community sport in GB..... The millennial. This generation will prove the downfall of this and other team sports as commitment levels are tested on a rolling monthly basis. In their wake will be the shell of rugby clubs like Panthers, now saddled with a £1500 fine plus suspension clauses added to automatic re-election and repayment of their 4 figure NCL travel allowance.. However, the suits at the RFL will no doubt put it down to "one of those things". Surely these people must be related to the orchestra on the Titanic.... "Just play on, chaps"..
  5. Excuse's for missing training?

    "I've got a darts semi-final" "I've got an interview for It's A Knockout " " It's the girfriend's mother-in-law's funeral" :-)
  6. NCL Disciplinary

    Some facts. NCL Discipline Sanctions 06 06 2016.doc
  7. Yorkshire cup round 1
  8. The last club side to beat a touring side?
  9. The last club side to beat a touring side?

    Cas beat them on a Tuesday night, 2 days after they had hammered Hull KR. Singe scored a hat trick in both games in a season where he broke the club try scoring record. New Zealand had made the disastrous decision to drop the in-form Tony Kemp and Richie Blackmore from the Test squad and both players ran riot for Cas against their own national side. Safe to say they both appeared in the final test by which time the damage had been done.
  10. Brow v West Hull

    Egremont, Barrow Island, Millom and Askam all played in the top division in 1991/92.
  11. Castleford Panthers

    Yes Jim, around that time. You may remember I did an article on the Panthers in RLW in 2012 which highlighted some of their problems.
  12. Oulton v Siddal

    Come on Sid. We've all kicked off in a Yorkshire Cup final in the past
  13. Castleford Panthers

    I think they will although they are just running a number of juniors at present, which is the way forward for them.
  14. Castleford Panthers

    They have had several ongoing problems since around 2011 involving the wider club, committee, the junior set-up and floating players.
  15. Castleford Panthers

    The RFL, Summer rugby, Scholarships, Academies, Community Board or Coffee smelling have nothing to do with the Panthers' demise, but don't let it stop you trotting out the same old crud.