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  1. Maybe if rfl was run better at the top by people who can bring good money in commercially and realy promote the game then we wouldnt need to hit the grassroots players in their pocket.
  2. This could see players not register n not bother playing, It might only be a small amount to some people but its the rfl hitting the same people all the time. Players n familys are already paying to play and supporting clubs with subs,signing on fees attending games etc now the rfl want to get in on the action and hit the same pots,well it wont be long till them pots dry up and say up yours!!
  3. I agree clubs are sticking to guidelines. I think the guidelines were alittle strange. Lads were wet through and covered in mud getting back into cars
  4. Same with changing rooms. Lads can train together spend 80 mins tackling strangers, but cant get changed in seperate rooms before and after.
  5. I dont like the sound of this change either. Will be very messy once the attacking player is over the line. Could even lead to a number of defending players pulling players over try line in order to steal.
  6. How can clubs enforce no spectators if they play on a open field?
  7. Is there anything saying how much if anything they are donating to the rob burrow cause? I would have thought they would be if using his name etc.
  8. There must be some dodgy dealings going on because the oxen shirts I have arnt great! I currently have 2 shirts and a vest,they seem like cheap imported copies. Like as been said they tick boxes with promotions and stores but quality is rather lacking i wont be buying another one of their products unless its greatly improved.
  9. Soon as attacking players join in tackle the ref should be shouting hekd i believe
  10. Good work all involved. I like to see RL clubs getting better facilities to rival our union friends
  11. I think the old stalwarts of union will not embrace the new rules. They will liken it to league and that will leave a bitter taste in their mouths.
  12. I think thats why I like RL because its simple ha. Ive been watching union for some time now and still dont get all the rules.
  13. Yes i saw that, if im honest ill enjoy it more as I'm a massive RL fan I prefer to watch it. My son just likes playing rugby so he plays both codes (rather that than go to football) So im hoping it speeds up yawnion.
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