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  1. I've watched a few games, they all had full benches of subs. Not sure if they are considered strongest 17 but had good numbers watching aswell.
  2. Just curious has to what sort of percentage gets passed on to charities? I see afew shirts being in made in different charities names and often wondered what they get?
  3. I've seen tollbar afew times, they are a good side. I think they will probably win that cup now and possibly the league.
  4. I saw the 2nd half. Good game really enjoyed it
  5. Just keep trying to cash in. Would rather have quality than quantity personally.
  6. I maybe wrong but wasn't part of the reason the registration fee was introduced was because Sport England had withdrawn their funding? RFL announced they have received just shy of 12 million pound from Sport England this week.
  7. Already better than sky coverage. Good work c4
  8. I thought lock lane was outstanding and deserved the win and plaudits they received
  9. How do certain teams keep getting away with it? This behaviour has been going on for years!
  10. I think they were called scunthorpe barbarians. Could be wrong.
  11. Not always true I'm afraid. I always tried to have a bit of banter with the refs in RL and got on with most, RU refs didn't seem as open to having a joke with or sometimes wouldn't even talk. But my point is I played at some intimidating often hostile grounds and even hostile away crowds at our home games, the ref was certainly influenced and didn't like to give decisions against them teams. On one occasion while playing away the opposition player dropped the ball, to which the ref picked it up gave it him back and said just play the ball!!!
  12. What was the final penalty for that won toll bar the game?
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