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  1. i watched a few games last year and afew teams was complaining about number of teams in div 3 meaning too many games? i dont know if thats anything to do with it
  2. if thats what they call attracting new clubs i think they will lose more than they attract. if its the fryston of old wont be long before teams concede rather than play
  3. what do you mean time to look else where?
  4. i saw a post about that on facebook? whats happened there?
  5. i seen the results from weekend. does anyone know why farnley was in div 3 final when cutsyke A beat them the week previous?
  6. embarrassing thats doing nothing for the opposition only massaging toll bars egos
  7. i heard toll bar asked to be put there as they had got alot of new players? who were the club/clubs from south yorkshire previously in the ncl?
  8. surely they knew the cost of hiring the batley rlfc pitch before they entered the comp?
  9. not sure ive not seen enough games in that div to judge ive noticed new earswick have had a big turn around in fortunes since last season and siddal and west hull results will depend on 1st team injurys etc im guessing.
  10. whats your prediction for top 4 then?
  11. do we think cutsyke teams dont like to travel?
  12. i thought so too, theyve been running 2 teams? and signed rangi chase
  13. how do people think seasons going? i see afew teams in yorkshire league are not travelling or playing have they dropped out of league?
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