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  1. RogerTRam

    Dewsbury Faithful Sponsorship Latest

    Make that one person short coolie am in.
  2. RogerTRam

    Dewsbury Xmas lights

    Well everybody I am very pleased to say that tonight’s lights switch on was a grand success. It’s got me right in the mood for the Christmas season so Merry Christmas all may this time of year be merry and joyful for all.
  3. RogerTRam

    Dewsbury Xmas lights

    Oh trust me Coolie I have been warming up the words to use on them arrogant stewards since last year. If they want to insult and swear at me again this year I know the name and number of their boss so any problems I shall be having words. Also this year I have a Go-pro.
  4. RogerTRam

    Dewsbury Xmas lights

    Last year the club was contacted with a request for me to come to the event they did not ask for anything else. The email was forwarded onto me and I corresponded with a person in Huddersfield after that. That same person contacted me directly this year since they already had my email address. I have always had a invitation for the Christmas lights switch on's the first years I spoke directly with the Dewsbury and Batley town management team. That team as since been disbanded due to cost cuts so its now all planned from the civic center in Huddersfield.
  5. RogerTRam

    Dewsbury Xmas lights

    For the record I was contacted directly by somebody in Huddersfield this year and asked to attend. The event starts at 4.15pm until 5.40pm how many of our players will be able to make a visit down into the town center at that time. I've had to book a Holiday for this one myself. What nights are training nights at the club ?
  6. RogerTRam

    Dewsbury Xmas lights

    That was last years event Graham and your right I was made to feel like I should not have been there even when I was invited. I've got massive jitters about tomorrow night and I can't say am looking forward to it. I have a feeling its going to be another rerun of last years let down. The pulse kind of does run the show its a brand promotion thing for them. Last year they had the Huddersfield Terrier there and since HTFC is a sponsor of the pulse him and his team was given the lime light in our town and I was given the cold shoulder big time.
  7. RogerTRam

    Dewsbury Xmas lights

    Am going to be there on Wednesday this year.
  8. RogerTRam

    Fan's Forum

    I have decided not to publish the recording on youtube (too much messing about) but if you would like a link to the audio files please Send me a private message and I will reply with the link.
  9. RogerTRam

    Fan's Forum

    I've found my recorder now so there will be an audio copy of the night. To be honest am glad you started this thread as I had no idea about a fans forum coming up. I have a feeling this years going to be rather fiery.
  10. RogerTRam

    Fan's Forum

    Hey I keep an eye on things here quite frequently just don't have much to say. I kind of like to keep myself out of the little battles that happen here from time to time. I've Never missed a fan forum yet and if I can find where I have put my recorder it I will be making an audio recording again this year since the fans have requested it. I will post a link here to where I host it as soon as I get it online.
  11. Yeah your right I keep getting them mixed up. Cheers for noting that. But still theres a nice pub in the same complex and 24hr Petrol station.
  12. This topic is important Tom you should pin it. We need loads of support for the team at the bash next year.
  13. RogerTRam

    opposing fans forum

    Coolie If you’re talking about the Rams barmy army page on facebook I can confirm it’s not Tom deleting stuff. He as no kind of moderation powers on that group what so ever. The exact reason for that is because of his connection to the club as the media guy he did not want to become a mod so could not be accused of interfering. The Barmey army page is indeed a group run by the supporters for the supporters. The likely person who deleted any post would have been me. I frequently remove posts that break the no flame rule or just don’t belong there like scammers and peddlers of fake products. Then again the group as more than one admin so it could have been any one of the co admins that did it.
  14. RogerTRam

    Exciting stuff...

    Ummm let me think Brass band + the amber ribbon song = something to play over the speakers on match day.
  15. RogerTRam

    Roger the Ram at the Coal Race

    Your very welcome Wakefield Ram and well done for crossing the finishing line as the coal race is not for meer mortals. It was one heck of a long day on Monday as I spent a good ten hours under that sunshine. I must have ached as much as you did afterwards.