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  1. It's a fair old trek down the motorway from Batley to Fev.
  2. It's about time we showed some ambition.
  3. Big game for Swinton. Expect they'll bring a few.
  4. Think our trips to Blackpool peaked in 2010. Personally not been back since to watch rugby. Don’t want to tarnish the memory. Does anyone remember playing Oldham there about 15 years ago?
  5. Run a competition on the Bulldogs website to win a family ticket to a game and ask fans to enter their email address.
  6. Cheers. So there’s still a small possibility then.
  7. Bit of a while off but does anyone know what time this fixture kicks off. Is it confirmed as 3pm? Trying to get a few neutrals over with me but will be heading to the Leeds match at 3pm.
  8. enjoy another season of TGG in our own stadium supporting a club free of debt surrounded by loyal fans/volunteers.
  9. I remember when Queensland called Allan Langer back into the squad and that turned out well for them.
  10. KR lost twice to Toulouse already. Wonder who they will prefer to play in the 8's.
  11. Then potentially Toulouse away in the final. might aswell relocate to France.
  12. Has everyone booked on an organised trip? If so just wondering what the price was and what you get for your money, flights, hotel etc? Cheers.
  13. Surely loan players can be called back if needed.
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