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  1. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Chandler Harrison Leak
  2. Bulldogs V Beagles MOM

    Leak ainscough scott
  3. Trae O'sullivan

    Again which of our props would you leave out for the lad.
  4. Dogs v Rams part 4 MOM

    Manning - just tackles everything and organises others around him. Great try too Reittie - was tough not to have him as my no 1 but the ball didn't get to him as often as I would like. He didn't get many chances but got 4 tries. walker - patch was solid in both attack and defence. Thought he had a good game
  5. Bulls v Bulldogs MOM

    Leak - Hat Trick - Great in both attack and defence - 80 mins. No-one close to him for my MOM Manning - Tackled everything all game some good runs too Harrison - He got a good hat trick and showed how a forward should come on to a ball. I thought all the boys were great yesterday.
  6. Batley V Oldham MOM

    My argument was not that I think Scott is a bad player. I don't believe I questioned his effort either. As I said he can catch a high ball and is decent at support play. My point was that this week he had a poor game and yet some put him up for MOM. He was in my eyes at fault for 2 tries this week. To put it simply he is overrated. But I'm sure we'd all rather blame Diskin.
  7. Batley V Oldham MOM

    Can't believe it lol. Scott can't break an egg. He gifts 2 try's away and still gets on MOM list for some. He's decent at catching a high ball and support play that's it. He's not in the same league as some of our past full backs (Greenwood, Preece).
  8. Batley V Oldham MOM

    Manning cowling walker if Scott gets a point today you can't have been at the game.
  9. MOM Dogs v Bulls

    Walker Manning Bretherton
  10. MOM Dogs v Rams part four

    Walker Manning Brown
  11. Fev v Dogs

    Penalty try. Turner was running on to a kick alongside Reittie. He got the try but the ref gave the kick under the sticks as he ruled Reittie pushed him.
  12. Fev v Dogs

    Still 5 mins on the clock. The better team won today. But game completely spoiled by the officials. Bored is not the word. The 3 Leeds players along with taulipapa stood out for me.
  13. MOM Rochdale v Batley

    Walker lillicrop manning
  14. Great Get Together

    Keep doing what you are doing Kevin. I am baffled at people trying to find negatives out of Sunday. Was a great day and a great game of Rugby League. Well done to Matt Diskin and the coaching staff too. They too deserve a bit of praise after all the stick they have got this season (some absolutely vile comments too after some of the games by one or two individuals). But I would say that as I am a "Dumb F-ing Happy Clapper". Heads up Bulldogs and let's see if we can continue our run of good performances can continue against Rochdale.
  15. 2017 Player stats

    Clearly the Smeaton / Reittie wing is becoming a very dangerous wing (21 tries between them)