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  1. Lillicrop Farrell Hallet
  2. some on here had already a negative view regarding Diskin before his first game. Shouts in the crowd at our 3rd game of the season calling for him to go. He needs a season or two IMO. Also it is a good thing that players aren't guaranteed a starting spot. They need to man up and fight for their place. its the effort of some that is lacking. Lillicrop is leading the team in my opinion. Scott was non existent today. (I know a few on here have a soft spot for him and would give him MOM for being the water boy). Hayward not good enough right now and Rowe isn't half as enthusiastic as previous seasons. London were too good for us today. Too quick all over. It appeared our players forgot how to tackle. Our fans at the end of the game were a disgrace. Not a friendly place to bring a kid. The same muppets who wanted Kear out every 5 minutes I guess.
  3. Farrel Bretherton Lillicrop
  4. Bent ref. Penalty count is 14 - 6
  5. One of the worst reffing of a half I have ever seen. Hopefully the officials give themselves a shake at halftime.
  6. There were 3 players in the Warrington side last night who played for Rochdale against us. The two mentioned above and the French kid with the scrum cap. All had a good game. Especially Sevelio.
  7. A few of those who played for Rochdale on Sunday are playing well for Warrington tonight.
  8. Again no-one knows the reason Dom has not been selected. I honestly believe if MD had picked Dom and Patch in the halves there would still be the usual moaners on here complaining that Holmes is out.
  9. As for Maher? Who out of Rowe, Gledhill, Brown, and Lillicrop would you drop to get him in Phildog? yes he got a try on Sunday but he was poor defensively (too slow). I'd rather have the four props mentioned above
  10. Just what if there is another reason why Dom is not in the squad?
  11. We're in the top 6. Joint on points for 4th spot. Only lost to top 3 and the Bulls. Its diskins first season. He's been in charge for 9 league games. We are still in the running for top 4. the same people complaining about Diskin are the same people who complained about John Kear. (Who in my opinion was the best coach we have ever had). Underestimating Rochdale because they are newly promoted. we got the win and that finish today will give the boys some belief in themselves. Move on to Friday and Diskin faces a tough decision. I am sure some of you would like him to stick with the same players who played yesterday and not tinker. I hope he brings back in Farrell, Manning, Scott, Walker, and Southernwood. IMO of course.
  12. If he rotates the squad he's tinkering too much. If he doesn't play someone there must have been a fall out. Same people wanting Kear out a few seasons ago. I personally don't think Hayward is up to the task at this level right now but MD is picking the team and I'm fine with that.
  13. 1. Tom Lillicrop 2. James Brown 3. Sam Smeaton.