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  1. Walker Manning Bretherton
  2. Walker Manning Brown
  3. Penalty try. Turner was running on to a kick alongside Reittie. He got the try but the ref gave the kick under the sticks as he ruled Reittie pushed him.
  4. Still 5 mins on the clock. The better team won today. But game completely spoiled by the officials. Bored is not the word. The 3 Leeds players along with taulipapa stood out for me.
  5. Walker lillicrop manning
  6. Keep doing what you are doing Kevin. I am baffled at people trying to find negatives out of Sunday. Was a great day and a great game of Rugby League. Well done to Matt Diskin and the coaching staff too. They too deserve a bit of praise after all the stick they have got this season (some absolutely vile comments too after some of the games by one or two individuals). But I would say that as I am a "Dumb F-ing Happy Clapper". Heads up Bulldogs and let's see if we can continue our run of good performances can continue against Rochdale.
  7. Clearly the Smeaton / Reittie wing is becoming a very dangerous wing (21 tries between them)
  8. Brambani Reittie Walker (Manning, Farrel, and Brown deserve a mention too this was by far James Browns best performance of the season.)
  9. Smeaton Reittie Manning
  10. I still think he needs until the end of the season. Get behind the lads if there's no signs of improvement by the end of the year then fair enough. Look for a new coach.
  11. Billy you are constantly moaning and complaining. It is boring to read. You seem incapable of getting behind the team and the club. Would it be possible at least for now to hold off all the negativity (as the rest of the negative brigade have done since our win last week). As for James Brown. He isn't playing half as well as last season. He was unfit at the start. Improved in his last few games but doesn't put the effort in when returning to defensive line. Maybe he will get back in the team if he works for the team. I like Browny. When he wants to be he can be the best player on the field. This season he is not doing that. No-one should be guaranteed a place on the team because they did well last year. I hope James brown of 2016 returns. There's only 1 man can provide that.
  12. Brambani harrison cowling
  13. Farrell lillicrop manning
  14. Lillicrop Farrell Hallet
  15. some on here had already a negative view regarding Diskin before his first game. Shouts in the crowd at our 3rd game of the season calling for him to go. He needs a season or two IMO. Also it is a good thing that players aren't guaranteed a starting spot. They need to man up and fight for their place. its the effort of some that is lacking. Lillicrop is leading the team in my opinion. Scott was non existent today. (I know a few on here have a soft spot for him and would give him MOM for being the water boy). Hayward not good enough right now and Rowe isn't half as enthusiastic as previous seasons. London were too good for us today. Too quick all over. It appeared our players forgot how to tackle. Our fans at the end of the game were a disgrace. Not a friendly place to bring a kid. The same muppets who wanted Kear out every 5 minutes I guess.