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  1. Is it such a big deal? I like the tag names. I definitely would not want us to drop the 'Bulldogs' as part of the club name.
  2. They are on loan to us for the 2017 season. Keep your hair on phil. Just wait and see.
  3. Not received yet but I'm in again when it comes
  4. I may have misheard. But he was described as our leader on the field this year.
  5. I think it was mentioned that don would be captain on the meet the players night
  6. I agree with the offer that has stood for years. Close links with the Batley boys is a good thing and should be encouraged. I have given my views on Facebook and don't really want to have to reiterate on here for those in the "what's in it for me" club.
  7. Great if true. Disco will struggle to keep everybody happy this year.
  8. Haha great work guys.
  9. I'm in as usual
  10. I'm sure there was a Blackpool Panthers? Or have I just imagined that.
  11. If that was the case then what is the point in the article? It would have read better, and Fax would look a little better, if it would simply thanked Dane for his outstanding services to the club in his time there. But Dane didn't feel it was in his best interests to stay at Halifax as he was homesick.
  12. I'd rather pay £300 for a Batley season ticket than pay £99 to the Giants and then pay £5 each week at the Bulldogs. You'd save about £10 over the year and your club would suffer financially.
  13. It's a poor article. Trying to label Dane as a bad guy for wanting to stick to the contract he was originally offered. Not his fault the club don't have their sh.t together
  14. Well said OG. We know it's not all and all clubs have a few numpties.
  15. Phil moaned about us getting a big name signing. We get one with Dane Manning and comments regarding Sam Scott deciding not to stay? Thought you'd be happy with this phil?