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  1. If it’s on rugby league games played then it’s batley. Games played in other sports is irrelevant. The only other way to look at it is when each stadium was actually built and not when the first games were played. (I do not know the answer to this).
  2. Scott was our worst player yesterday. Dropped 2 high kicks with little kick pressure. Repeatedly letting the ball bounce is not good in my eyes. If Campbell was on they wouldn’t have got the first try for a start. Campbell is better than Scott in every department.
  3. Again which of our props would you leave out for the lad.
  4. Manning - just tackles everything and organises others around him. Great try too Reittie - was tough not to have him as my no 1 but the ball didn't get to him as often as I would like. He didn't get many chances but got 4 tries. walker - patch was solid in both attack and defence. Thought he had a good game
  5. Leak - Hat Trick - Great in both attack and defence - 80 mins. No-one close to him for my MOM Manning - Tackled everything all game some good runs too Harrison - He got a good hat trick and showed how a forward should come on to a ball. I thought all the boys were great yesterday.
  6. My argument was not that I think Scott is a bad player. I don't believe I questioned his effort either. As I said he can catch a high ball and is decent at support play. My point was that this week he had a poor game and yet some put him up for MOM. He was in my eyes at fault for 2 tries this week. To put it simply he is overrated. But I'm sure we'd all rather blame Diskin.
  7. Can't believe it lol. Scott can't break an egg. He gifts 2 try's away and still gets on MOM list for some. He's decent at catching a high ball and support play that's it. He's not in the same league as some of our past full backs (Greenwood, Preece).
  8. Manning cowling walker if Scott gets a point today you can't have been at the game.
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