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    Official Club Statement.

    Many thanks to the Board and background staff for all the efforts they have made to try to ensure a fair competitive game tomorrow. Well done to the Coach for putting the safety of the players first, and well done to the injured players for being willing to put their injured bodies on the line tomorrow. And finally well done to the players for their supreme efforts this season and for what they will endeavour to do tomorrow despite the odds. It is absolutely imperative that we field a team tomorrow, whatever the numbers, whatever our feelings and whatever our problems. We can't lose tomorrow whatever the actual result, because tomorrow it is all about our pride and belief in Town. Whichever league we are in come 2019, it will be an honour to support a team and club that has principles.
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    Hunslet game.

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    Hunslet game.

    Hunslet 19 man squad New signings Duffy, Tonks and Wright are expected to be in the final team 4. Mufaro Mvududu 6. Joe Sanderson 7. Cain Southernwood 8. Michael Haley 9. Jack Lee 10. Lewis Reed 11. Liam Mackay 12. Duane Straugheir 13. Matt Nicholson 17. Nyle Flynn 23. Tom Ashton 28. Will Cooke 31. Daniel Halmshaw 33. Josh Tonks 34. Zach Braham 36. Daley Williams 37. Ryan Wright 39. Josh Jordan Roberts 41. Gavin Duffy
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    Thanks for the prompt clarification.
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    Sorry David, my information came from the Town Website banner headline reference the game match preview and names both the Town squad and our visitors squad. It is still printed as I write and includes Bergal. Bergal is actually named this weekend in the Leigh squad, Assuming Town submit the information for the site, perhaps WTRLFC WEBSITE can explain the reason why Forrester is excluded on this one and the French player included? Please note, I for one am delighted that Forrester is in the team as he has been a standout player this season.
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    May be actually in the squad. The squad named by the coach includes him, the squad announced via the match preview page replaces him with Bergal. Sunday obviously will tell!
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    Sorry homeandawayer, my keyboard "automatic corrector" missed him off - Moimoi is in the 19 squad.
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    The Squad Bergal, Blagborough, Curwen, Dawson, Doran, Forber, Hambley, K.Maudling, Miller, , Moore, Newton, Olstrum, J.Patrick, Penkywicz, Rooke, Scholey, Singleton, Wilkes, Moimoi. Ilias Bergal is a (Leigh)French rugby league player. He previously played for the Swinton Lions. He plays as a winger.
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    Broncos prediction

    London Squad: 15 Battye 23 Butler 13 M. Davis 05 Dixon 16 Gee 01 Kear 27 Meadows 12 Pewhairangi 07 Sammut 02 Williams 20 Bienek 09 Cunningham 29 S. Davis 04 Fleming 26 Hindmarsh 21 Lovell 24 Ogden 12 Pitts 08 Spencer
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    Keighley Predictions

    According to the Cougars site: THE SQUADS: COUGARS: Aaronson, Bailey, Barnes, Beharrell, Conory, Emmett, Fairhurst, Gabriel, Hallas, Hardcastle, Hawkyard, Law, Lynam, Nicholson, Rawlins, Ryder, Senior, Tahraoui, Wright. TOWN: Akehurst, Bailey, Barnes, Dawson, Doran, Forber, Forrester, Foster, Hambley, Leatherbarrow, G Maudling, K Maudling, Mewse, Newton, Penkywicz, Ryan, Scholey, Singleton, Wilkes.
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    Keighley away - Whats your team?

    Changes approved for 2018 onwards are as follows: Early Guilty Plea replaced by Penalty Notice for cases graded A-C. Match Review Panel to decide grade and consult player’s disciplinary record to ascertain what sanction will be handed down: 1. No record showing two or more offences in last 24 months, including one in last 12 months; and no similar offence (as defined in the Sentencing Guidelines) at Grade C or above in last 24 months = penalty at lower end of range (for example – one match for B Grade) 2. Two or more offences in last 24 months, including at least one in last 12 months; or similar offence at Grade C or above in last 24 months = penalty at higher end of range (for example – two matches for B Grade) Cases graded D-F, or where Match Review Panel deem it appropriate not to issue a Penalty Notice, will automatically be referred directly to the independent Operational Rules Tribunal Players can challenge a Penalty Notice (A-C) – in which case the matter will be determined by the Operational Rules Tribunal. A refundable deposit of £500 for Super League players and £250 for all other players must be lodged when submitting a challenge. If challenge is successful, the deposit shall be returned. Challenges to a Penalty Notice can only be made on the following grounds: Guilt; or Improper Grading of the Offence by the Panel Unsuccessful challenges will result in a one-match increase in sanction where grounds for challenge considered unreasonable. If player is found not guilty then no sanction will be handed out. A successful grading challenge will lead to a sanction that would have been imposed for the revised Grade.
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    Keighley away - Whats your team?

    RFL Disciplinary Eliot Miller (Workington) - Grade B Strikes with Shoulder - 2 match Penalty Notice (Graded at the higher end of the penalty scale due to having a relevant record, including two or more offences in the last 24 months, including at least one in the last 12 months)
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    New signing

    There is the potential at least for first teamers Leeming and prop Seb Ikahihifo to get a run out In what is their final warm up match.
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    Next season....

    Nice to see in the Les Ashe article that Scholey, Maudling and Curwen signed TWO year contracts! Pleasing commitment shown by those three!
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    Next season....

    Club comment and promise of action For those of you who may have missed this in the News and Star. Quote from the N & S: "Les Ashe said he can understand fans’ frustration following his side’s dismal derby defeat .......... The second-half performance was totally unacceptable, with only a handful of players showing any pride and passion. So, we can understand the fans’ frustration." He went on to say. "To lose by that margin in a derby is disappointing in itself and unacceptable, with the greatest respect to Whitehaven. We have a board meeting planned for this week and, after working extremely hard over the last 12 months, we now need to take stock and fathom out how we repair the current situation."