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  1. I think 14 was Sam Dowsett, an excellent contribution.
  2. Nice learning experience for the squad today, the most pleasing surprise for me was the performance of number 20 Kieran Mewse, a promising debut.
  3. Apologies if you are already familiar with this site and information. However, with regards to squads and signings for the next season in Championship 1, it is worth looking on the RFL Fans Forum - RLFANS.Com. Once on the site, scroll down to and then enter the Keighley Cougars site, find the topic '2017 League One Squads' where 'Hello Trouble' is recording all the respective club squad details as they happen. Interesting reading for all rugby league anoraks amongst us!
  4. Apparently an e-mail was sent by RFL chief executive Nigel Wood to other member clubs which outlines why the controversial decision to allow them to retain their Championship status has been made. "I am writing to update you on the current situation of the Bradford Bulls club. As you will no doubt be aware the club was placed into Administration on 14th November 2016 and since then the Administrator has been attempting to sell the club as a going concern. Throughout this process the RFL has supported the club and its staff in an attempt to navigate it through to calmer waters. Regrettably it would appear that the Administrator has not found a buyer for the club or for any part of it. The accumulated debts to unconnected parties of approximately £1M and the estimated funding shortfall of circa £1M for 2017 has deterred many interested parties from pursuing a formal offer. Accordingly we have been advised by the Administrator that he has ceased to trade with a view to liquidating the Club. However the RFL is aware of a number of individuals and consortia interested in taking professional Rugby League forward in Bradford. Similarly the independent Board of the RFL has also concluded that our sport would be weaker and our competition structure damaged without a club in Bradford. Accordingly the Board has asked interested parties to contact the RFL directly. The Board recognises the need to balance competition integrity while protecting the reputation of the sport and acknowledges that all other clubs in the league have prepared for the competition in 2017 on the presumption that Bradford would be competing in Championship. Accordingly the Board, having balanced up all the alternatives, have concluded that a new club would be invited to assume the membership slot vacated by Bradford Bulls (Northern) Ltd., in the Championship. However the club would start the season with a points deduction of 12 points, and the central distribution would be limited to the lowest distribution available in Championship, with the funds freed up being used to assist the closing down of the current company. Clearly all player contracts are voided and the players will become free agents. The RFL will provide dispensations, as we have in the past, to those players who are contracted to other clubs, where appropriate. The Board recognises that there are arguments that could be made to reach a different decision, but they have concluded that in the best interests of the wider sport, the other clubs in Championship, the 1000 plus season ticket holders who have invested in the sport and the players and staff rendered unemployed by the failure of the club are pragmatically best dealt with in the course of action set out above. In closing could I add that Rugby League has a long and enviable record of rallying round parts of the sport that encounter difficulties. The situation at Bradford is as acute as any experienced. We have been inundated with messages of support for the club and encouragement for the centre to assist the Bradford club as practically as possible. The challenges facing the new club will be significant however I know the sport can be relied upon to deliver the support and goodwill that will be needed to recover its current circumstances."
  5. I wonder if the RFL actually bothered to ask Whitehaven or Barrow if they would take the opportunity to step up to the Championship League?
  6. According to the Guardian:"The Guardian understands that the RFL were hesitant to place a newly-reformed Bradford into the sport’s bottom professional tier, League 1, due to the logistical problems arising from asking a side in that division to make the step up at such short notice, just weeks from the beginning of the new season." They also go on to say, "The club’s playing squad are now effectively free agents just weeks from the start of the new season. However Super League sides who have already spent the salary cap for the 2017 season will be given special dispensation from the RFL to sign players outside of the cap on a case-by-case basis." Catch 22 situation, place in the Championship still, but if their best players are taken under the above "special dispensation" ruling, where will they get a competitive squad from in time to meet the start of the 2017 season? Relegation (minus 12 points and a weakened squad) at the end of the season would appear inevitable.
  7. The full draw: Whitehaven v Workington York v North Wales Crusaders Hunslet v Newcastle Keighley v Doncaster Rochdale Mayfield v Barrow Pool B Oxford v Coventry South Wales v London Skolars Hemel Stags v Gloucester All Golds It would be nice to get Barrow at home in the second round!
  8. And so it starts! In round 1 of the League 1 Cup to be played February 18th/19th, Town play Whitehaven Away!
  9. Well done to all involved tonight, a most informative, honest and entertaining evening and well worth a seventy mile round trip.
  10. Signed for Barrow, thanks for your service to Town.
  11. Brad Marwood was part of Cumbria Select 17 that played against. Scotland.
  12. Correct town4me, not the first club to do this. The accounts are for 2015 which needed to be filed by September 30th 2016. Usually a fine and then back to business as usual.
  13. Simply missed filing their accounts which were due at the end of September 2016 - according to Company House.
  14. I think he is a Town supporter, looking back at his posts he also made an interesting comment to an extremely apt and very prophetic comment by DKW which I have quoted below. dkw, on 03 Sept 2016 - 12:02 PM, said: "The last time the club were in this situation it was used as a prompt to sweep clean, change the whole outlook at the club and basically start from scratch. We need to do the exact same thing, the club has stagnated for years and things obviously need to change. If we had stayed up we would be facing the exact same thing next year, and probably the year after that. We are in the bottom 6 clubs in the Championship, and the distance between that 6 and the rest will just grow year on year unless one of the clubs manages to find a major investor. We arent going to lose fans dropping down, there are no fans to lose. The die hards are there now and will be there next season. A winning team may even see an increase in attendances, strangely. So, new investors/ideas into the club, build a young squad with a couple of the seniors being kept. I`m fairly confident in saying Vievers wont be there, so that now should be the priority. The club need to send messages out to us fans now as to what to expect for next season, what direction they are going to take, what future plans we have etc. Get that message into the press, make a positive from a negative. Dropping isnt the end of the club some seem to think (hope?), handled correctly it can be the beginning of a bright new future. " Totallytown's response then was: "Great Post.....And with a rebuild employ the services of young Cumbrian talent (Who would be chuffed to wear the shirt) that will have a chance in the lower league to showboat their skills and rugby brains."
  15. Was he the big lad that played really well for us in a friendly against Egremont in 2014?