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  1. How did we manage to score 52 points against them? If Hewitt was 5 some of their players must be zero
  2. Defence wins matches, I expected a tough 2nd half with that wind but we just snuffed them out of it. Great performance well done town...
  3. Yes it says well done town for sending so many and big thanks to the 5 that went giving up your own time
  4. Excellent signing and hopefully we will see him this week playing more than 10 minutes well done to the board
  5. Top of the slag banks nailed to that cross after that performance today!
  6. It was always going to blow up wasn't it, it wasn't pretty but it keeps us in with a good shout for the play offs.. thought Jamie had a better game and was chuffed to score his try which was good to see. 15 players and a player sent off, massive well done to them.
  7. Combine all the 3 sports above and I'd still get more excitement watching town run out of the tunnel...always thought cricket was better to play than watch and playing could be zzzz at times!
  8. The good thing about Thorman just being temporary he doesn't have to please anyone so hopefully he can right some wrongs before he goes....
  9. Make you wonder why oh why isn't he playing marwood, the lads travelling up from barrow and still can't get a game
  10. Sue hayman was mp when all this shambles was going on,why I ask as she not been involved until now? It's very easy to send good emails now but unfortunately the horse as bolted....
  11. Exactly David, you can have all the talent in the world but you still have to give 100% if not it's the difference between winning and losing...maybe having a local coach next season he'll know sellafield shift patterns which will determine who is genuine and whose swinging the lead
  12. Bearing in mind this is our vice captain, it's not really inspiring is it last year when he was fit he could turn a game on it's head,he never stopped running and broke loads of tackles. That's just one player add a few more that's been disappointing over the season and you start to understand where we are at.
  13. Workington false dawns it's in our DNA sadly
  14. Amateurs are not just waiting for town to knock you know, our track record with locals over the last few seasons as got some of them saying not a chance! Marwood being a prime example Scott rooke another. I said right after leon went penky wanted away and his body language suggests he hasn't changed his mind, jamie doran is 2 stone over weight I mean he's a semi pro for god sake. From favourites for the league to not making the play offs
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