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  1. Absolutely marra I've supported town 40 + years but that doesn't mean I can't be worried by what's going on at the club at the minute and it was senior player who told me, a player who is still at the club but fell out with our director of rugby last season and a few other things which explains why although we had a good season last year it could have been so much better!
  2. Sadly I've heard the same thing and to be honest its slightly worrying...
  3. I've never forgave him for that
  4. Huge achievement well done Carl
  5. I've seen distington quite a few times and couldn't really think of any that would step up and make a huge impact really, bri richie had a go done nowt and he's probably the best forward on his day, the standard dis play is way down on what the champions of div1 used to be...
  6. Agree about Doran but I think Carl Forber as had his best season for us and under Thorman can keep getting better...
  7. Nah they're to busy telling us how happy we should be for them...
  8. How dare you make a joke at whitehaven on a town forum
  9. Agreed but the occasionally falling off the wagon as a knock on effect like we had when leon was here, there was more people off the wagon than on including the coach near the end!
  10. And penkys tries, why would you want players like that in your team
  11. Didn't see that coming, awesome stuff well done all! Be great to see what he can do with his own signings and pre season....
  12. I like Thorman but when it's obvious that jamie was lost at fullback and nothing was coming from the halfs why didnt he change things around?
  13. anok4u


    It's up to wigan where Barnes goes and I think probably he knows that
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