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  1. I really enjoyed it for the first couple of games after that I longed to be back at DP, probably for no other reason that it's our home..
  2. Sunshine? I think that's maybe pushing our luck
  3. We are town and thats good enough for me...
  4. I agree about the squad, a decent champ 1 team will not compete in the championship. Being whipping boys week in week out will just crush the confidence of young players. Maybe get more funding though so might be able to get some experience?
  5. My first ever visit to the wreck this, it was a bit nuts with more players off the field than on at times ?
  6. Well done to you guys awesome effort ??????????????
  7. Mully Baildon Kay Fawcett Cocker Ellis Sammut Jimmy Jenkins Lomax Buck Williams Byrne McKenzie Hepi Hitro Phillips
  8. Yeah I think o'Brien is going to be a huge miss but hopefully Marwood can grab his chance!
  9. He had it down to a fine art didn't he.. brilliant
  10. Stuart Cocker though, what a try scorer he was and a very clever player...
  11. It did sound more until town started kicking butt! ?
  12. The guy is class isn't he, says and does the right things. Must be good for the players to have a guy with patience who they can respect and learn from..
  13. Seem to remember us really struggling for a team and he pulled out because he'd been stung by a bee!
  14. Couple of things, fui's tackle was just a good solid hit and it seems when he does it he gets penalised for a shoulder charge and the tripping why wasnt that a yellow? It seems to be creeping into the game when years ago it was a straight red...
  15. Heard a bit of negativity towards Alex young today which I thought was hugely unfair, think he done a ton of work running the ball in hard and fast...
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