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  1. Archer is back training and looking very sharp apparently, where he fits in I don't know! But as long as long as sammut doesn't go fullback
  2. They're probably waiting for it to stop raining for a day at least
  3. No it won't and no they won't...
  4. Thought Jake Bradley was awesome today both in defence and attack, the lad puts his body on the line doesn't he. We are a few players short of being a really really good team I think.
  5. To be fair their scrumhalf was bigger than everyone, defo belly wise anyway!!!
  6. Me either, some of his passes after he caught the ball were well stressful
  7. Thought Astley was very good yesterday sadly
  8. Absolute class, over the 2 games we were the better team no doubt. Jamie dropping the ball off kick off was beautiful also..
  9. Don't think they get paid in friendlies, never used to anyway.
  10. One thing if their fullback was cold the last match he ain't gonna like playing in the temperature we have now, if he plays I would be telling walker and forber to be doing high bombs all afternoon..
  11. He was pants today like, first touch a knock on
  12. No it says on another thread, the tickets are only for the ike game
  13. See Oldham beat barrow today cast for our league.
  14. I couldn't work out what position walker went into, surely would have been better taking forber off and leaving 2 half backs?
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