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  1. Couple of things, fui's tackle was just a good solid hit and it seems when he does it he gets penalised for a shoulder charge and the tripping why wasnt that a yellow? It seems to be creeping into the game when years ago it was a straight red...
  2. Heard a bit of negativity towards Alex young today which I thought was hugely unfair, think he done a ton of work running the ball in hard and fast...
  3. Outstanding that today,absolute pleasure to watch and think we're only gonna get better! Awesome stuff
  4. anok4u


    Personally don't look at their bums but it takes all sorts....
  5. Same here, 30 odd seasons and I'm still like an excited kid
  6. Agreed, they called it early last week then got criticised because the sun came out for half an hour! They cant win...
  7. Thought we only got 10k? I can seem to remember thinking we lost out as I'd still rather have had Scotty...
  8. anok4u

    2020 Squad

    A footballer with the same talent as sammut wouldn't get out of bed for 40k a week let alone a year!
  9. anok4u

    Away shirt

    Tomorrow afternoon
  10. I'm just glad of the help, keep them coming I say....
  11. so pleased we only play haven once this season
  12. anok4u

    Away shirt

    I know it's just past the over indulging season but god knows how many Xs shackles as in that shirt
  13. anok4u

    2020 Squad

    I heard he'd broken someones jaw just shows how rumours get twisted, if he'd been a town player the jambos would be on here telling us every detail...thankfully he's not towns problem anymore so im not really arsed.
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