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  1. Glen Riley was our best player for me, maybe size was the way to go
  2. What's surprising about it?
  3. Must admit, it would be nice not to get covered in rust when a ball hits the popular side roof above you!
  4. Distington college as reds youth training on it every night of the week, weekends there's football matches, I've also seen town up there and haven. So a new training pitch in town would defo be used every night.
  5. Exactly marra, that's the frustrating thing. We are athe weakest team and everyone around us is getting stronger, whatever slim hope we had is defo going down the pan.
  6. How can this be there's no players available, unless Chris is still looking for small forwards to batter us up the pitch
  7. He's 16 stone and takes some putting down, I'm all for it.
  8. Seems if you ask an awkward question your a keyboard warrior
  9. If they had an Oldham accent they were in.
  10. No sport changes so many rules and structure leagues more than rugby league.
  11. For such a long post you missed so much off, like a short kick off that they caught, we never laid a finger on them and 1 minute later we're kicking off to them again. Like the body language of some players looked like they didn't want to be there, I could go on and on. A big crowd was there today a lot won't be back for a while and a funny feeling they won't be back to watch West Wales next year. Opportunity missed!
  12. I don't think people will ever forget it
  13. On about Alex Young, yes i was there and I'm as piddled off as anyone thought it was embarrassing like I said previously.
  14. Played OK today, did the pair of you go to the match?
  15. When was the last time Jamie doran turned up for a game?
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