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  1. Don’t know how true it is @gillmeister will know but apparently asking Smallwood back if it’s long term I heard in the bar.
  2. London knew we were down to bare bones. Taking our half’s out off the ball constantly. Well done to the lads who stood up. Proud to be a townie today.
  3. I got to a couple of amatuer games this weekend egremont distington and Seaton hensingham, bearing in mind 2 of the teams playing were second teams the potential is there for a team of locals. They were 2 very entertaining games. With a few standing out to me.
  4. This would be an ideal time for a young half from the amatuers to try and stand up. But instead we got young Liam Williamson who didn’t get a chance except 30 minutes in a friendly then fired back to amatuer, and Smallwood who was a half back at amatuer and got brought in to play 9 which bamboozeled me, I know the kid well and against Newcastle was the first time I’ve ever seen him at hooker. I’m unsure if Marwood is a 7 as when I have watched county I have only seen him play 9 but if he can, surely he is worth a punt in that position. We will never know if he doesn’t get a chance and we will always ask what if. We need to bring these type of lads in when the chance comes or they will be off elsewhere.
  5. It was always going to be hard with 2 props on the bench but some displays today weren’t far from shocking. The coach has improved the defence out wide but they ripped us apart around the ruck. In fairness defending about 7 sets on our own line from poor referee decisions does take it out of you. We didn’t seem the same team after that onslaught of attack. But as always UTT. We go onto next week.
  6. Penky terrible today I thought. Didn’t add anything.
  7. Town by 4. Typical fashion winning easily til the last 10 mins. Nail biting finish.
  8. He is training I’ve heard.
  9. Players can play back at the amatuer team if they aren’t selected or have no game I believe.
  10. Few stand outs for me yesterday @gillmeister. Any for you?
  11. Anyone on the amatuer circuit get up to watch Seaton Distington game tonight? What a corker. Some real talents in both teams.
  12. @gillmeister you heard any news of haven trying to sign a couple of young lads from Seaton and one from distington? A couple who are on our radar so I’m lead to believe.
  13. IMO you can’t ask for more from 2 inexperienced blokes at this level. Defending 1 and 2 on the left edge with only a few games at this level between them before yesterday and to not look out of place is some achievement.
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