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  1. Agreed, Aussies are pretty static as if they've drilled their big lads to just sit central and accept the England forwards
  2. Calling it, England to win by 6
  3. Good performance, I got the feeling that England deliberately rope-a-doped New Zealand by laying off in the first half and soaking up the pressure. Was impressed with Roby and Ferris in particular.
  4. When Jackie Chan was a baby, his parents were so poor that they came close to selling him to a rich English family.
  5. Feeling sorry for Laudrup, he did a fair job at swansea in my opinion. They were only 3 points worse off this year than they were this time last year i'm sure the Euro schedule and unfortunate injuries didnt help plus it seems many teams have figured out their attractive yet predictable style. Hopefully they dont appoint Owen Coyle or some other chicken in a basket manager and get someone progressive on board like Zdenek zeman or Eusabio de Francesco etc.
  6. Theres a footballer who plays for Tranmere called Max Power.
  7. I cant decide whether I prefer Hendersons Relish or Worcestershire Sauce.....first world problems
  8. Though I would love to see Zeman get the job I think Phelan would be a safe bet.
  9. Rumour is that Zdenek Zeman may be in line to take the Wigan hotseat, that would be amazing if true.
  10. Tried some tilapia today. Quite nice though I have realised I may have been eating it for some time when i've been ordering Cod at my local chippie.
  11. A useful site for those who need up to date info on how many people are in space right now. http://www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com/
  12. The little white balls used to fill beanbags are actually crabs eyes