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  1. Donald Kudangirana

    Ex player Donald Kudangirana has been banned for 3 years, and seven months for failing a drugs test. Silly boy looked decent ahead of the 2017 season and had a bright future ahead of him, hope he will learn from this.
  2. Look who has gone to the Bulls

    Heard Bulls maybe signing Alex Brown to haha 😂😂😂
  3. Look who has gone to the Bulls

    No mate got injured playing for us at batley, then got injured in training playing for London, missed all last season, but played in World Cup.
  4. Team for next year

    What about Dan Ingbiedion ? Would he be worth the risk ? Do we need more experience ? I heard that he thought he was bigger then club though. I would take a risk on him me though, would provide good cover, still think we need a experienced prop though and another halfback to.
  5. Team for next year

    Guzdek Morton Glover Hallett Worrincy Sykes Moore Sheriffe Ward Teanby Spicer Knowles Brown Day Walshaw Reilly Everett
  6. 2018 fixtures released.

    First six fixtures are defo winnable
  7. League fixtures/Summer Bash 2018

    Let's face the rfl don't give a about the championship. These Sunday fixtures will attract no one, and will put sky off from covering further Blackpool bashes after 2018. Well done the rfl you now how to screw the championship up.
  8. He is back

    Haha yes Graham 😂
  9. He is back

    The lad could not rip my to bits poor signing by batley tbh
  10. He is back

    Top signing defo top four candidates lol 😂😂
  11. Nana Fox Pauline

    Rip Nana Fox you will be sadly missed by us at all at Dewsbury Rams, gone but will never be forgetten by us all x
  12. Onwards to 2018

    Shame Luke try's to grab all headlines always thinks he's bigger then the club. He's had more clubs then Sunday dinner's has Luke. Toby is the better player you've got a really good player on your hands there.
  13. Toby Adamson

    Really can't see Rochdale offering much more, surely we've got s higher budget then Rochdale ? Shame to lose Toby as he was great for us, be a big loss
  14. Toby Adamson

    Been confirmed by Rochdale that he has signed on for them for 2018. Disspointed in Toby as I feel it's a backward step for him. Been great for us though, best of luck for the future, expect when you come up against Dewsbury.
  15. Wilsden Ram RIP

    So sad of hearing this news this morning rip Graham thoughts are with your family 😭