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  1. First fixture should be on the 5th no game next weekend due to challenge cup semis
  2. Yep I'm sure Swinton have realeased there games at it's put them away at dewsbury.
  3. We can't afford to take swinton lightly though, they will be up for it. Im sure Neil and PD won't let that happen though.
  4. Rams 40 Hornets 26 Att 690
  5. Rams 28 Frogs 16 Att 650
  6. Hull KR have been getting 7k at home this season, can't see there being 3k there.
  7. Fickle then bulls lot are they wanna about there team before ours, beating them makes it sweet
  8. Sam Day is here till end of season now, Neil confirmed it at fans forum other night.
  9. Craven is likely to sign according to Neil. He's looked really good in training and has got the right attitude. He was good last time he was here. Zac has been training with us.
  10. Moore should Sunday according to Neil. Was down to play in Blackpool, but had to pull due to his daughter spending the night in hostipal.
  11. Was talking to Neil at fans forum to night, James has been training with the club again. Neil said, James has been training the house down, and has got the right attitude. Neil said that he is likely to sign him. If we can get James back to his best we've got another good local player on our hands. Zac Johnson has always been training with us.
  12. Know what mean with the Adamson's mate and Alex Brown. Just thought I would of picked the best team to win the game though. Sykes Hemingway or speakman would not get no were my Seventeen mate. But certain players have let us down, so must to be picked. Don't worry they won't be there come end of season.
  13. Fev 38 Rams 6 I would go with this team ; Guzdek Morton Walshaw Glover Alex Brown Fairhurst Moore Sheriffe Ward Teanby T Adamson L Adamson Aaron Brown Subs Douglas Ingbiendion Tonks Stringer
  14. Great signing, hopefully he can get us out of the we're in.
  15. Rams 6 Wakey 48 Att 1650