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  1. What's all this jealousy again about our DR. We are DR with the worst Super League club?????.They should really play some of their young kids on a regular basis. They might start winning?
  2. PREDICTION BRADFORD...24. FEV...12. (6-10) TRY.............BOAS MOM..........RENDER ATT.............3036
  3. PREDICTION TOULOUSE 44. FEV. 22 TRY. REYNOLDS MOM. HARDCASTLE ATT. Anything between 1500 and 4500
  4. I can't see them being cup tied as they are two different competitions. The only thing that could go against us is if Leeds and ourselves are at Wembley on the same day then obviously they will have first pick of the players. Don't know the rules but this is how I would see it
  5. You'll not be getting Cas in the next round. That is a certainty?
  6. That first half was some of the best flowing football we have played all season. Render was superb and what a shame Teteh had to leave the field. Second half turned into the one man stuff due to injuries and disruption to Teteh and Boas injuries.Good game for Richardson and Cooper played very well. Ormondroyd is finding his old form.
  7. RENDER COOPER RICHARDSON Would surely have been Teteh had he stayed on field.
  8. Nowadays wingers come inside looking for work to rest the forwards a bit. Tommy Saxton would always be seen weaving in and out down the middle. He had it off to a fine art and was difficult to put down.
  9. And wouldn't you love them Leeds players to be your players and that's why you can't concentrate on your own affairs you little green eyed monster? To put matters at rest they are Fev players who very seldom turn out for Leeds until they realise they have nothing better to choose from?????
  10. That's the downside of DR and Loans Oxy.They play good and you lose them. Play poor and you don't want them.
  11. LTS. He did signal the last tackle but he seemed hesitant and was late in doing so. However it was impossible to hear if he had shouted it on time. This probably affected Kings decision.
  13. Exactly Coolie but its not just Fev fans that come out with that. Most losers always use the excuse that they played rubbish when in fact they were made to look rubbish. As you say in sport You can't win them all and you have to learn from setbacks. That won't define a season but it will give Dewsbury confidence to kick on.
  14. Sometimes when opponents play as well as Dewsbury did you automatically look garbage. Its up to our coach to make other teams look garbage especially at Post Office Road.
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