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  1. Welcome back Neil, great childhood memories of when he was here last time. Neil will defo get the respect from the players, and will talk sense. It won't be a quick fix, but hopefully performances start to improve, otherwise Neil will get rid of any deadwood. Good luck Neil we're all behind you, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, and his passionate about this club.
  2. I reckon franny will get the job me, will back him, plus he's a dewsbury lad.
  3. Can't see us winning don't think these players are good enough to get us out of this big hole we're in. Rams 6 Doggies 28
  4. Heard Francis Cummins has been interviewed this week. Don't think these players are good enough to get out of this fight though,were doomed.
  5. Fax 56 Rams18 FTS Crookes
  6. Calland is coaching at Rochdale Mayfield I think.
  7. No chance of dual reg SL coach happening and most fans stop watching them if that happened. As for john bastian no thank you, did nothing at featherstone. Broadbent has been out of game too long to.
  8. Andy Hay is football development manager at Auckland Rugby League. Doubt he would leave them shores for the lights of Dewsbury.
  9. Dave Woods would demand too much money always been on good money whatever club he's been at. Think he's been sacked from 2 clubs to for bad discpline so no way would I take him. BG would probably have a big ego like GM, so that's a no no. Im sure Andy Hay went to Australia late last year and his coaching out there now, so doubt he would take it.
  10. Hope the ones who did not attend under GM get there Cash out now and back the club, the players and the new coach. Your club needs you more then ever now get behind us !
  11. Please not Garry Schofield
  12. Please not Paul march or lee gimlour. Gary Thornton is at Doncaster. Would not go for him to. There is better coaches out there.
  13. Just think mark will go for someone like Harrison, he has the knowledge of the championship and his experienced. Always got the best out of Batley who would on a similar budget to what dewsbury would be on.
  14. I reckon Karl Harrison will get it
  15. Always said to see someone lose there job, but it was time for a change, even Glenn knew that himself. Its a result wise industry though, and if don't achieve the results set out, the coach will take the blame. Good look in the future Glenn.