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  1. Ok mate no worries
  2. York council are a joke, poor york fans
  3. Houses are around the 250k mark
  4. Not the new signings
  5. Not a mention of meet the players night to, come on Dews get a grip.
  6. Went past other day no were near being completed
  7. Funny as Hemingway was on a the army training camp with the Rams at the weekend
  8. Would play him most weeks but age his catching up with him now especially with the injures he as been carrying the last few year. Just think he will only play once every two week now.
  9. Players and Glenn should be made to attend and hand out flyers for season tickets, perfect opportunity to get into the local community.
  10. Guzdek Morton Crookes Barnes Potts Sykes Kain Stringer Hemingway T Adamson Hale Walshaw L Adamson Subs Ward Brown Teanby Tonks Captain Stringer Hemingway has signed up
  11. We just don't promote the club enough, are crowds are getting lesser each season. We need to attract a younger generation.
  12. The clubs not clever enough to do that.
  13. Says in Rugby League Express that Scott Hale and Luke Adamson are doubts for boxing day and won't be risked if not fit.
  14. Think Glenn and the boys owe us one on boxing day. No messing around this time Glenn lets see our strongest team out and hopefully come away with the bragging rights. Hopefully we give it to Farrell to and he loses his head again
  15. Probably would have Lockwood back at Dews and groom him as a prop were short on props we've only got 3 signed up.