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  1. Ambient music mixed with the ground noise would sound nicer and be just as enlightening...
  2. Hadn't heard about the Mullen incident but he's not a winger IMO. I don't mind Sarginson as a fullback but Escaré is a specialist in that position and if he can't get in the team when Hardaker is out then I kinda feel we should let him go (and that someone should really sign him up).
  3. What does Escaré have to do? Clark was embarassing even me then.
  4. He's been impressive for TO when I've seen him, full of energy and with a good offload, think he could be a useful second-row off the bench for Cas. Bit small for prop I'd have thought but maybe I'm wrong.
  5. We're basically relying on the Tongan diaspora to make this look at all good.
  6. Important to have home and away games for all nations IMO, England don't play at home enough for us to be forced to play away. Take it out of our traditional areas and England France looks much more attractive. Really hope it's not the Knights, it does us no favours and devalues the competition.
  7. A bit of fun that could be lucrative and help develop the game.
  8. In other news, Jodie Broughton's gone to TO on dual reg and could play against Leigh this weekend. Why's he fallen out of favour at Cats, given Tierney shouldn't take much shifting from their side? https://www.to13.com/actualites/jodie-broughton-en-renfort-au-to-xiii/?fbclid=IwAR0WBkDkZOISTRh1AJqxeX0DP1errYEDXf-MamxA3QAvAbTSrBQJj22uxhg
  9. Drawing up plans for such a high capacity may be just giving them some breathing room for when the council decides to scale back on the plans so they can negotiate down to what they had really wanted anyway. Just a thought. The pitch and the TOXIII move is the big thing for the moment anyway.
  10. https://www.ladepeche.fr/2019/05/21/le-stade-ernest-wallon-va-changer-de-standing,8212206.php?fbclid=IwAR2nODm-B_72WVMmIG2LwnkjWUX9UNTXvTw28PlDvPk_khs3xRaOepkOylM According to this, TO will be moving into Stade Ernest Wallon at the start of next season (which is to get a serious redevelopment including a capacity increase to 40K and a new pitch that will be in place by the time they move). A big step up from Argeles, although it will be way too large with the capacity increase. Good opportunities for corporate by the sound of it, which could be very lucrative in a much more economically vibrant area than Catalans.
  11. I'm an RL fan and six games in two days seems like overkill to me, especially in a cramped stadium. While there's a debate to be had about turning this into a 9's concept, at least taking the festival atmosphere of the NRL 9's and the Union 7's circuit should be a target.
  12. Yeah, which RL fans thought they had a realistic shot of ever seeing a match at the Nou Camp? It's a big deal but for some if it's not a sell-out and the Spanish national team doesn't win the 2025 World Cup then it can't be judged a success.
  13. I wish. In any case, I'm going to this one so it's a surefire Catalans win.
  14. Pleased to hear about the Jack Owens ruling but I'd really like the RFL to come out and say it's totally unacceptable, that players will be binned and then it's up to the refs to back themselves. I thought Gutherson in that Parra game should have been off for ten almost the moment he started talking to Perenara, no respect whatsoever. And it just bleeds into the game at all levels. Reffing some amateur matches where there are no stewards around must be pretty scary and it's the amateur game that will suffer most from a lack of officials.
  15. Yeah, I'm not convinced that it would necessarily be the best experience for Smith either. The team was much more promising yesterday so I think it's OK to hold off for a while and let him find his feet at Swinton.
  16. The amount of ###### handling errors from us today, cost us badly.
  17. Thought that might have been a double movement, but guess it makes up for the first one.
  18. We've been a lot better than I'd feared and we're matching Wire in the wrestle. Cutting out the mistakes would really help us but I'm just glad we're in the game.
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