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  1. Not sure if I've understood it - is this the full squad or does it also include the players out there for the 9s? I like Philbin but if he gets in over Watts then I think the latter should feel very hard done by.
  2. I quite agree, Raiders had so much ball but attacked like Wigan. Still, they have to feel aggrieved given the effort they put in, there was more than a little injustice.
  3. Great performance from Salford, absolute dross from us. With Hastings in the halves our attack should be a bit better next year but we need more than just Burgess in the pack. Happy for Salford, some fans and players who have stuck at it through some tough times and are getting their rewards.
  4. Says in that poster the 7 extra squad players against Australia and Western Province.
  5. And I thought that flat cap thing was just a stereotype about the North... Great work both teams.
  6. That's not true though, RU has a much bigger profile in Japan than RL does in France and substantial corporate support.
  7. Even as a Wigan fan, I don't think he's worth the gamble for a touring squad. I think he could've been the difference if he'd played that WC final (taking the pressure off our struggling halves) but that's kind of the point, he was injured. I don't know what he's on at Wigan but I think he's probably using up more of our cap than he's worth.
  8. 2 years ago he was in the World XIII. He was today but it's not been that long since he was top-class, his injury's clearly shaken him.
  9. Serbia are much more stable than Greece whose political situation would limit their opportunities to grow the game on the back of an RLWC appearance. It's Greece's home game being played in England because they can't legally play matches on their soil. As a result, I hope Serbia get through.
  10. MEA tournament is going to be an aesthetically pleasing tournament what with Nigeria's jersey and now this...
  11. It happens everywhere (although the World Cup was a breath of fresh air). It doesn't bother me too much but my girlfriend hates it and I'm sure it stops a lot of people from going.
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