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  1. I personally see both sides of the debate but I think they're kinda academic - he's not good enough.
  2. If it really is just the Elite 1 players heading out for the 9s then they're doing their best not to get invited for the next one (admittedly not for a while). Apart from that, it's excellent news.
  3. Canberra seems like as good a place as any for him, other English lads have gone well there. Echoing what's been said above, I'm not convinced he's got the kind of organising game to be paired with Wighton, he seems to need that pressure off him.
  4. Bevan French rumoured to have signed too, could be partnering Hastings in the halves although I thought he was more of a fullback, not sure where he'd slot in. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/the-mole-manly-sea-eagles-brad-parker-parramatta-eels-bevan-french/57aceafd-a606-48d8-997d-c677a2359b72
  5. You'd hope Leuluai would'nt be in the halves and that Smith and Hastings would be the new pairing with Williams leaving.
  6. I'd be inclined to agree. Having someone who has a good long kicking game in the halves would be an improvement on what we put out last year and take some pressure off the likes of Williams. Plus we nearly lost the decider against the Kiwis because of poor goal kicking - Sneyd is probably worth 4 points a game if Widdop isn't playing and that's more than we can say for most of our halves. Austin made his choice and he can stick with Portugal.
  7. I understand the logic behind this but I think if we really want to grow hte game then there has to be home games for each nation every year. England never maintain any momentum with the fans because we don't play regularly enough. Even when we have a Four Nations or a World Cup here, if there's not games already organised and on sale in England then there's such an opportunity missed to keep any new fans interested but we've not got a single bloody game on here this year. All major nations need consistent home games.
  8. He should definitely be in the Knights squad, he's a genuine playmaker who could do a job in a position England are a bit short.
  9. If they want games then there are surely a few national teams that would benefit much more from it.
  10. It would need very significant investment.
  11. Ambient music mixed with the ground noise would sound nicer and be just as enlightening...
  12. Hadn't heard about the Mullen incident but he's not a winger IMO. I don't mind Sarginson as a fullback but Escaré is a specialist in that position and if he can't get in the team when Hardaker is out then I kinda feel we should let him go (and that someone should really sign him up).
  13. What does Escaré have to do? Clark was embarassing even me then.
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