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  1. Worth noting I think that Gildart is actually a month younger than Toby King. The proof will be in his performances at Wests and the progress of the rest but I don't think he should be written off for 25 either.
  2. Fantastic result for Toulouse and a good one for the game, looking forward to seeing them playing an exciting brand of rugby (a little less so today for obvious reasons) in Super League next season. Very pleased for Casty too after a less than satisfactory exit from Catalans, showed his incredible attitude all through the season with Toulouse and led from the front with an outstanding performance tonight. Very pleased Commiserations to the Fev fans who made the trip out at short notice, as well as those who sere unable to.
  3. Well I guess it depends on what Farnworth's done, but Hardaker's certainly having a shocker, hope we get French to fullback and Smith as kicker next week
  4. They're all in, RFL have announced it. Fantastic to see a focus on these areas and hope that it all goes well for London, Wales, Cornwall et al.
  5. We're only 4 games into the NRL season so far so there's plenty of time for him to prove himself and for others over here to put themselves into the frame. Given that he's got a fair bit of experience across the back line, Farnworth looks like a valuable squad member if he can show good form and keep building through the rest of the year.
  6. https://www.nswrl.com.au/news/2021/04/05/nsw-cup-highlights--knights-v-dragons-round-4/ Think this is the one
  7. Scored two with impressive power and made another brilliant offload for his winger to score, hope the injury's not serious because he looked like a man amongst boys in those highlights.
  8. Thought Williams looked good and Sutton too. Dom Young put his winger in with a worldy of an offload in the NSW Cup, hope he gets a shot at the NRL later in the year.
  9. Hope they can get a solid squad together and build back up some of the cohesion and passion they had in 2014, it would be great to start the tournament with a close match to build some momentum
  10. Not sure if I've understood it - is this the full squad or does it also include the players out there for the 9s? I like Philbin but if he gets in over Watts then I think the latter should feel very hard done by.
  11. Even as a Wigan fan, I don't think he's worth the gamble for a touring squad. I think he could've been the difference if he'd played that WC final (taking the pressure off our struggling halves) but that's kind of the point, he was injured. I don't know what he's on at Wigan but I think he's probably using up more of our cap than he's worth.
  12. 2 years ago he was in the World XIII. He was today but it's not been that long since he was top-class, his injury's clearly shaken him.
  13. If they want games then there are surely a few national teams that would benefit much more from it.
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