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  1. Our international sides don't get nearly enough games for Australia to go round playing SL sides so I think France and Jamaica sounds pretty positive.
  2. Sadly have to concur that he's past it now, was a fantastic 13, possibly one of the last great ball-playing loose-forwards but unless we see a remarkable turn-around in form this year then I don't think he's shown that he's up to it over the past couple of seasons.
  3. Under 5 hours from Malaga to Valencia on the train...
  4. That gamble didn't pay off then.. Guasch can be fairly criticised for treating French players a little unfairly in comparison to their imports but Cats took Gigot back straight after a drugs ban - I don't think he owes Gigot much. Would like to see him back in the centres with a point to prove but he might need to rein in the ego first.
  5. Believe Ukraine beat Turkey in the qualifiers to gain the final berth.
  6. The irony being that Gigot should be replacing Williame in the centres now, it would be a pretty strong backline.
  7. I guess Austin has learned all the subtleties of international wing play in the last 6 days.
  8. Got to really hope that Greece can solve this now, need a federation that can capitalize on a World Cup.
  9. Was that really the reason? Wasn't it to turn the sport truly professional? With the advantages that Australia have got, I'm glad we've kept pace with them.
  10. How Watts wasn't in the squad I don't know. He has been one of the best props in SL this season whereas Graham has looked tired when I've seen him and surely won't be around at the next WC. A few forwards there that need to be moved on. Bennett seems to be limited to improving our defence, while our attack has gone backwards since 2013.
  11. Our defence was good with one fairly lucky try and one bit of basketball. Toothless in attack. Hodgson is so ###### slow at passing. There are some players who look great in the NRL but have never cut it for GB.
  12. Lomax on the bench seems like a poor choice given the battering we're taking. Might be worth swapping him for Coote though, can't kick worse than him.
  13. He was clearly offside. We should have dealt with that but that's an insane call from the video ref. Do it right rather than just quickly.
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