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  1. Eli Woods:
  2. I just had shoes, none of this school shoes nonsense. Any footwear, including pumps. Plus long keks only allowed with at least one oil in em.
  3. Agreed. Plus attack and defence, or three and in. You could change sponsorship for the latter during the game.
  4. Contractors. What is their real purpose?
  5. Did Flashman play rugger with Webb-Ellis?
  6. Yes, but these are the types of politicians the British (or is that English?) voter is crying out for? No more duplicity with these good honest hard working tell it like it is jolly good chaps.
  7. You're right, but I'm sticking to it.
  8. Man U timed this to divert attention from Burnley's promotion back to where they really belong.
  9. It is intense. I also find some of the dialogue is hard to follow, especially with Matthew McConaughey.
  10. Then he played the part of Albert Goldthorpe in The First Kangaroos.
  11. I sprayed my first pair of docs silver. I don't have a clue why.
  12. Be careful what you wish for. Remember Frank O'Farell?
  13. True Detective has been good so far. I think there are only two episodes left.
  14. Saw that the other week. Great band that I didn't appreciate when they were great.
  15. Maybe he went on a tour there.