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  1. Lad works really hard to improve his game, now he is reaping the rewards well done Tee, Great lad with a Big future....Up the Town
  2. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all enjoy Festive Family time. UP THE TOWN
  3. Cheers Trouty,I'm down in London so missed Training,will be back up for the game Sunday,pleased Latu is getting there we just need him match fit now mate.Up the Town....Keep up the good work,
  4. Told you tonight Trouty even I look forward to your comments mate ,well done and keep up the good work .ps your lap of the Zebra claims stadium while I was impressed I think Chris (Murphy) could improve your Lap time just a wee bit .......
  5. Merry Christmas to you Trouty, Will see you back at Training in the New Year Mate.Hope there's some nice Suprises waiting for you.Up the TOWN.