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  1. Anyone tell me what position does John Hutchins play.Thankyou...
  2. Moderator:Hya T4me,I can understand your feelings but to be fair he is entitled to put them on our site.Townie987 might be just be winding us townies up and but go back a few weeks some of us townies were having a go at one of the haven signings,but don't quote me on that or I will get my ears chopped off, grin and bare it T4me in half an hour you will have forgotten it. Cheers T4me. UTT
  3. Townie987, A Forum member is entitled to put his post on board,You can join the Havenfans site if Julie let's you on, but if you don't want to join it is your perogative,but he is allowed on hear Townie987.Cheers marra. UTT
  4. MODERATOR: Say what you feel TBW, You are a member of the Town Forum and can express your feelings just like anyone else.(Troutmaster)I understand your frustration at not much news coming from our club,It is a difficult time at the club for our Directors but I am utterly convinced they will be working hard to put a team out on Derwent Park. I am sure Chris will find the players he needs before the first game of the season,So express your feelings and frustrations TBW and there is many more fans going through the same situation has you are..
  5. I do, Why shouldn't town fans go on the Haven site? I have supported our club for over 50+ years and will support them until have leave this earth.There are many of Town supporters who are members of a lot other sites so why not Haven.I respect your right to not go on the Haven site,but please do not question member of Towns Forum just because he follows Whitehaven.
  6. Not a bad resigning, Maybe a little bit small but never holds back. Jake and O'brian were spot on last year but they will meet a lot bigger props this year, Hence the need for a couple of big props to give the young lads a break. I have heard that club have signed or interested in signing a young half back but that is just a rumour.But to myself there is a lot of hard work ahead for the club and Mr,Thorman but I have faith in them both and look forward to seeing who is our new chairman... UTT...
  7. MODERATOR:Anyone that is a member of Forum can put their comments on our site, To be honest lads like Donald and Davo5 contribute a lot to our forum and Haven13 is also welcome to do so.If we stick to Town members only who would you have a bit of rivalry banter with.
  8. I would say any team below London bronco's would be relegation prospects .I will be honest and say Town would be favourites at this moment .I hope that Mr Thorman gets a couple of big props and possibly an Half back to really give the team a decent chance of staying in the Championship.Whitehaven are looking stronger, and with another prop for Jonty's team that makes them even stronger, But good luck to all 3 Cumbrian clubs for this season.
  9. Sorry to hear Les has stepped down from the chairman's job, He has done very well whilst in his tenure has leader of our club and I thank him for that. It will be interesting to see whoever takes his seat, There was a post from one of our Forum members who said he had heard rumours who was coming in to take the top seat, Has anyone heard anything else about who is in for the job?, or any new signings. It's only been a few weeks since our last game, but when you read about other clubs signings you, or I do, think of what's left to sign, but I have faith in the coach and the board to at least make us able to compete in the championship. UTT
  10. Well he did not show what potential he has got this season I am sure Chris will find a suitable replacement to take his place. By the way, Chris I have heard was talking to players in the middle of last, season, So let him do his job and look forward to coming season and the top teams that will be on Derwent Park. UTT.
  11. I would hazard a guess on it being Thailand?,It gets hot over there.
  12. , And the rest Mr Frisky,Great crowd,Great Atmosphere,And a moment of joy for us oldie town fans who have waited a long time for this most special occasion.UTT.
  13. Town were brilliant and tackling was outstanding today,This is what we oldies of town have been waiting and what a moment the lads gave us.Disappointed with Doncaster today,the decided to take the town on up the middle,but it backfired big time,To the Board,You have persevered through some rough times but everyone of you deserve all the credit thrown at you.Our Coach has worked wonders with his troops,most of the lads had never played to this standard before but hats off to you all from every Town fan who have supported you to bring this special moment to us all.Lastly,My old friend skipper Frew sadly missed this occasion,but i bet he was in the front row of the Tele upstairs in Heaven.R.I.P Skipper my old friend...
  14. No,I was going to the ground later on to ask.I think they should carry on to when the match v Barrow is rescheduled?but you would think the club might have let the fans know what they are doing.UTT
  15. So sorry to hear the sad news of the loss of your Father,Every fan @Workington Town will be there for you now and forever.Or Condolences to You Gabe and your Family,our thoughts are with you all at this awful time.UTT.
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