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  1. Any idea where pez has gone?probably to Barrow,anyway,thanks for your service to our great club and all the best in your rugby career wherever that may be..UTT
  2. I will second that,Ollie would be a great addition to Chris's team, especially has someone has already pointed out by keeping tabs on teams around Barrow..
  3. MODERATOR: I have listened to members of their distrust of brad hepi's heed, and,Their has been plenty of you that have not liked him pretending to be a Town supporter, for that reason i have decided to ban him from from our Forum,i hope this meets your approval.Thankyou.UTT...
  4. I agree,I think young Blain would make a fine halback.At times, after watching Doran especially yesterday,I wouldn't have him in our side,i know he has got the ability but his tackling has a lot to reckoned with,I hope Mr Thorman brings in a new standoff where Doran has to compete for his place,and in forber,well he does his job at times, but i still think we need someone with a bit of go forward and young Blain will do that job for me.
  5. MODERATOR: After careful consideration i have had to ban 2 members from our Forum.ihaveatry has been banned for Trolling,The ban has been applied for his persistent abuse of our members posts with such negativity.Seaton sandy has also been banned by the Admin for his constant abuse of "MEMBERS' wherever their choice of support lays, and i have to agree with the Admin on their decision.Thankyou..
  6. Abysmal,Couldn't tackle my mother.I think he should go back too the amateurs quickly.....
  7. Going off topic,we all are aware that both Barrow&possibly Haven that there might be some players out of contract or hoping to find another club.At Barrow i would take young Tee&Jarrod stack for sure,and at Haven i still would like to have big shacks if he was available,possibly young burns&holliday,but maybe i am just wishful thinking but would deffo look at Barrow..
  8. Heard from a gentleman that Dobie is coming on board next season,not sure if it is true but i can guarentee there will be no freebies if Bill is in charge for anyone...
  9. I thought we had bolton&lancaster has wingers,not sure if they are injured or not but both play wing?...
  10. Rooke,played fullback in RU..
  11. They are like all the creatures off Jackanory,going round and round but haven't a clue where they are going.
  12. MODERATOR: Congratulation to Whitehaven on winning the Division1 Title,Best wishes for the Championship and of course to Coach Gary charlton&Jonty Gorley,and the players who have played beyond their limits.I would like to think all supporters at Town will be hoping we can join them in the Championship,once again well done Haven.....
  13. troutmaster


    In all honesty,which Town player(s) would be deemed good enough to play in the championship.I could maybe stretch to one being Doran,but after that i would struggle to choose anyone else.I look at the forwards and there is possibly Dawson& curwen but i still think they not good enough for a championship team.
  14. I would not take it to badly about Rooney being our next coach,This lad has been a succesful coach at wath brow for a lot of years and an international coach has well.If town can keep a few of our lads for next season and if Mr Rooney can persuade a few from the Brow to join him we won't be to bad off.I have heard the coach from leigh miners is joining him and by all accounts he has a few top players to bring with him also,We can now see that a good local coach can deliver the goods has Gary charlton has done at Haven,And Gary did not do a bad job whilst at town,I have seen wath brow a few times and they are a well drilled side with some good players to boot,hence they are top of the league so far,anyway,I have not heard he has signed just yet, but let's give him a chance and maybe he will do a good job for Workington town.... 't
  15. Is the match still on???.thanks....
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