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  1. What was the final score anyone. ?
  2. Pity Gary did not do that when he was at Town,It would have been better than him sitting in boiler room with Oggie and leaving all the setting up to Butch B has usual.
  3. I think Hewer is a good choice for the ref's position,I was one of many that always thought he was a biased ###### when it came to our derbies,but have to admit he hasn't done a bad job of late,and we will see on Sunday how he runs the game...
  4. Would welcome back young Dickinson to our club,Him and Fui(if he comes back)would be a good front row partnership to give us a good alround team and one i am looking forward to watching...UTT....
  5. Good signing for our club,Looks to have the size for a threequarter which we have lacked for a while.
  6. Get well soon Ged,An awful lot of Townies rooting for you. %
  7. On behalf of Workington Town&TotalRL,We wish all Town fans a very Merry Xmas&And a Happy and prosperous New Year for 2020....MODERATOR:
  8. Brilliant!!!,The right man to be by Chris's side.I think and hope them 2 will be a resounding success for themselves and all town fans,welcome back big man....
  9. Hope it is that young fella Thompson,Was impressed with him in the few matches he played.
  10. Can we have an inkling of jd's name please,will go any further..
  11. Any idea where pez has gone?probably to Barrow,anyway,thanks for your service to our great club and all the best in your rugby career wherever that may be..UTT
  12. I will second that,Ollie would be a great addition to Chris's team, especially has someone has already pointed out by keeping tabs on teams around Barrow..
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