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  1. Who have we signed please.?
  2. No,He is still stuck in his canoe rowing from timbuctoo.
  3. A great idea,Are they cotton or that sponge type ones?.I have had a few of the sponge type ones and found them bloody useless,but have now bought a cotton one from Dobbies yesterday and they are far superior, and they have the inserts for new filters.I will deffo have a Town one if they are cotton.Well thought of Gary.UTT...
  4. I cannot see Jamie going to Haven at this minute,Maudling will be back and i personally cannot see haven taking him on.Maudling is a pack man and Haven have in my opinion far better players in there now,my only fault with maudling is turning his back in the tackle, and rarely off loading the ball,Charlo will not have that from his forwards.If Haven want Jamie i would want the PNG halfback or Dixon,but am sure the Haven fans would go crazy if either one was in a swap deal.I like Burns,but could he play at 6?...
  5. Sorry off topic,But doe's anyone still do video's of the game?,Golden wedding Anniversary took precident on the game today,sounds like i have missed a good game,Hopefully a dvd can at least bring the game to me..Thankyou....
  6. I thought one of the aussies had gotten a job working in mines???.
  7. Craig will be a big miss at Derwent park,Hardworking lad through all weathers for his team, whoever was in charge. Best of luck Craig..
  8. Thought Adam had a good debut today,Lost a couple of dropped balls but otherwise the boy done well.Adam will be a good asset at Town when its a bit drier,but overall,Well done Adam...????
  9. Are children allowed in for free at todays game? Thankyou.
  10. Pretty dismal performance from Town today,Ok,We can accept we havn't played a competitive game until today but a lot of silly mistakes that we need to cut out.I liked the way west bowling played, and their hooker&15 were top players for them,but a win is a win and roll on next week for Donny,but top marks to west bowling you did yours proud today and were unlucky not to snatch it at the finish......
  11. MODERATOR:The season has just started for one club and we are nitpicking already,If you want to persist with this silly ###### for tat i will close the topic.I would also like to think you are all grown up men, so, Start acting like men not children...Thankyou...
  12. I like your optomism marra,I just hope they complete all that you have intimated, but i doubt we will have a clean sweep during the game.I can see town in the top 3 but only if we can avoid injury's like the last few years.????
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