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  1. I would not take it to badly about Rooney being our next coach,This lad has been a succesful coach at wath brow for a lot of years and an international coach has well.If town can keep a few of our lads for next season and if Mr Rooney can persuade a few from the Brow to join him we won't be to bad off.I have heard the coach from leigh miners is joining him and by all accounts he has a few top players to bring with him also,We can now see that a good local coach can deliver the goods has Gary charlton has done at Haven,And Gary did not do a bad job whilst at town,I have seen wath brow a few times and they are a well drilled side with some good players to boot,hence they are top of the league so far,anyway,I have not heard he has signed just yet, but let's give him a chance and maybe he will do a good job for Workington town.... 't
  2. Is the match still on???.thanks....
  3. I cannot understand why we have to worry about Whitehaven,Lets give them some credit for actually being on top of league for sometime now,and,Should be a certainty to finish at top of league.I would think that the Haven have already planned out for next year and so should we,I am sure they will find it hard to compete in the top 3 or 4 but there is no reason why they cannot survive whilst in there.The main stumbling block for me is the age of several players who you would imagine not be has competetive in the higher league,but,They will be able to aquire players from Championship teams coming down,I know it will include some travellers but good luck to them,I hope that we can finish in the play offs and give it a good go,and, maybe shock a few teams by going up with Haven...
  4. Sandwith not a big hitter!!!!!,My god,that will be bitter pill for him to swallow.️
  5. The men are now installing the posts,The grass is looking well and is firm to the foot so hopefully it will stop raining and let the field dry out for sunday,and cannot wait to see it fully marked out...UTT....
  6. Just a couple of photo's of the new surface,Grass is growing well just needs to be marked out and the surrounding speedway track cleaned of surplus shale and surrounding fence.Hope the video is ok for you's….. 20190717_143632.mp4
  7. Well if it sold it was only 2 men that sold it?,but i believe it was on the stadium being given the go ahead...
  8. Careful Sandy,You cannot say anything bad (there is no good) about jenky or he will stop your bin being emptied....
  9. MODERATOR: C'mon Uni,Lets get your blood pressure down mate,we will comeback next year and start again under a new coach has this season is over
  10. You carn't win them all uni.??
  11. Waste of time asking to produce the figures you have asked for,The reason being,he doesn't have one.It was a smart move on his behalf to conjure up the idea to not involve the full council on all matters,HE has decided that 6 is a better figure to sort their business out because he has them all tied up for his ownself, and that includes the Leader.I have a feeling that any new ground will be built on the Reds ground now that it has been proposed by one of their die hards,but i suppose its his choice has i would do the same for our ground,Mind you,it will be just another feather in his helmet to politically have another go @Smith&Fryer once again.Horrible Fat ######!!!!...
  12. Very poor display from Town today,Young Mellor was outstanding and showed the forwards how to tackle.I wouldn't have chosen Doran has MOM,but maybe it was his family picking him,Our experienced players just showed their level today and i am afraid Hopkins needs to be replaced,absolute rubbish form Sam.I do not expect us to win at Newcastle, or, beat NSWales either,for me our season is over and we need to start now on building a squad for next year with a new coach....
  13. That is to accomodate Football league pitches.The speedway track has been halved..
  14. I heard the pitch is going to 120metres x 70metres,it is huge and looking at the ground it closer to the stands than before by big lot..
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