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  1. Go on towns Twitter page there is a link to get the twitch app on
  2. Thanks Callum. Could they not have done Facebook live?
  3. Can anyone get the twitch app to work? Keeps saying town are off line?
  4. Great idea, no good sitting back. this could finish clubs like town, haven etc.
  5. Some great ideas and food for thought. You can't stay in the dark ages you have to do whatever you can to sell the club. Not many people liked the re naming of the stadium, the zebra claims.but it brought good money into the club at the time .
  6. ? 2 weeks away ,2 weeks away,latu Fifita your 2 weeks away? ?.
  7. Yeah thought ball no 9 was Rochdale?
  8. Not bad pal but need to as neutral as possible
  9. Dean please put your energy on haven getting beat every week and make sure karl catches the bus?
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