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  1. Not bad pal but need to as neutral as possible
  2. Dean please put your energy on haven getting beat every week and make sure karl catches the bus
  3. Retired ,I am led to believe
  4. Scott was only really playing when we were down on numbers. But knew where the try line was, and 2 seasons ago in the play offs against Swinton when we were down to the bare bones got a great try. Some people have short memories........
  5. Town player leaving for the jam? Any Idea who?
  6. Shame . Strange you would walk with that commitment
  7. Thorman is no fool. He won't have singned 3 years deal without having a big say on who goes and who staying. And them that decide to go AWOL
  8. It was inspirational as Winston Churchill we will fight them on the beaches well said mark.
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