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  1. David were are these oversea players? Slow boat?
  2. We are on a need to know basis. Why not let fans know who's gone? Don't get it?
  3. Very quiet again. Big game. Bank Holiday as well. Need to keep these stay away fans interested.
  4. That looks great. I would be very happy with something like this
  5. See jam got more signings. Announce today
  6. It doesn't bare thinking about getting relegated back to league 1. Could the club survive ?
  7. Must be top secret. Never know these days
  8. I think all ages want to know attendance figures
  9. Local car business man, central in town ?
  10. So the new stadium is a new grandstand at bp and a plastic pitch?. And dp has to be sold to fund it? What a joke if this is correct
  11. After the game 9.45 pm
  12. Yes that's correct. A mate of mine was given digging rights to look for old bottles etc, went they pulled bp ground down.
  13. I thought both grounds were built on old tips?
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