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  1. What a great post, some good ideas for pre season and ideas for much needed funds for next season now Chris has committed full time.
  2. What's with these " guests " that have popped up on this forum? Hi TBW,Guests are allowed to enter the Forum.I will look into how and why they qualify to post,but at the minute they are allowed, but i would ask if you do not like the question,just ignore it,or erase it,but has i has i have said in another post, the question posed is not a serious one and i can not ban him or her for that.
  3. Thorman is no fool. He won't have singned 3 years deal without having a big say on who goes and who staying. And them that decide to go AWOL
  4. It was inspirational as Winston Churchill we will fight them on the beaches well said mark.
  5. Worked on a lot of Thomas Armstrong jobs were big les worked as a joiner. What a legend.! So sad RIP big les gorley
  6. Tyler Mellor not coming back, Chriss Thorman coach next year.. fui not wanted next year. Crack in VIP today. Time will tell.
  7. Well done haven enjoy your weekend. Won promotion with 11 x town players. Take what you want from that!
  8. What? Have I not got the right as a town fan to ask what's happened to players?. And you will find this troll in the VIP lounge tucking in to some tattie pot next Sunday, putting even more of my hard earned cash into the club I love.
  9. How we could do with karl olstrom in the playoffs. Has he left the club or injured? Does anyone know?
  10. My guess would be missing body's at training
  11. Team news? You will be lucky! Least we know big fui is back!
  12. Pitch going to get another pounding in about 5 hours time, monsoon on its way
  13. Please don't release balloons, wildlife have suffered some horrific deaths pal.
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