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  1. prop...

    I knew it
  2. prop...

    "Meanwhile, Powell confirmed that the club will not be offering a new deal to veteran prop Garreth Carvell." I reckon he could do a good job for us. Granted wages might be something of an issue, but if nobody else goes in for then he may be open to offers.
  3. Kyle

    From what I saw while Kyle played for Fev was talent, but couldn't handle the pressure that playing for a team with aspirations of finishing top brought. Decision making is key for a half back and some of the passes kyle made cost us the game on a few occasions.Thus knocked his confidence and was clearly (to coin a phrase) heading for melt down. Let's see how he copes with pressure that will be on him if Sheffield do indeed get to Grand Final and/or decide to play rugby for a full season.
  4. Next Season

    If Fev get promoted how long do we think it will be until the novelity wears off? Dont get me wrong we are all up for the challenge but lets be under no illusions it going to be v.tough.