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  1. No. 3 filled by the guy I daren't believe we'd get!! Always admired him and never understood why Leeds let him go. Brilliant signing and a massive thanks to all involved in getting him on board. A real statement of intent! Well done!!
  2. Radio York said this morning The Knights have said there's no sign of the stadium opening soon and the season will start at Bootham Crescent so it looks as though the Toronto game could well be played there too.
  3. If we can afford to let someone like Harry go it shows how high we're aiming because I've always admired him. Good impact player but may be a tad injury prone?
  4. I like a quiz now and again Andy. I'll have a stab at his initials first to make it even more of a puzzle. How about T.C.? [I don't mean my favourite cartoon character either!]
  5. I see 2 or 3 faces back in the 19 man squad for Saturday who were missing last Saturday plus Andy Ellis!
  6. I'm not sure about buying the tickets on line but I phoned the office this morning and tickets can be bought by phone and they'll be in the club shop on match day for collection or they can be bought in person at the club office in Haxby Road. The office is definitely open between 9.30.am and 2.30pm but usually longer than that. N.G. confirmed what we thought, season tickets aren't valid for the game. Hope this helps.
  7. Good signing for Mark Campbell's team. ☺'
  8. As you are aware David, I totally agree what a good function this has been but as S.K. has pointed out it's such a shame no former player wishes to be involved with organising it. Another point I would like to make is the event has nearly if not always been held when there has been a Knight's match in progress on a Sunday afternoon, usually a play off game in September. Despite this being mentioned to the people involved by me and indeed as far as I am aware, yourself David, nothing was ever done about it. I would like to add I hope the event does continue but if it's the club that organise it I'm hopeful and pretty sure it will be held at a more sensible time of year so that Knight's supporters can attend without having to miss a game.
  9. Couldn't agree more S.K. You always need 2 or 3 old heads in a team to keep the young ones right. Have we missed Benny? Of course we have. Do we miss Tim when he's not in the side? Of course we do. Same with Graham Horne.
  10. I'm sure John Kear will apologise to Fordy and the Knights for his mistake in effectively accusing them of cheating when he realises he's opened his mouth again before engaging his brain. He will, won't he? Won't he?
  11. I think we all realise that H.K. What I was asking was had I missed any news about his absence. If a regular player misses a game or three it usually gets mentioned somewhere but as I said, I haven't seen a mention of him.
  12. Have I missed something recently or am I the only one whose puzzled by no mention in the media or on here about the absence of Joe Porter?
  13. Not only that, his winger scored 6 tries!! (But Junior still got man of the match in the League Express! That tells you something!)
  14. I see there's no Will Oakes in the squad named in the Press. Pity as he's been outstanding lately. Maybe too outstanding if he's been called back to H.K.R.!
  15. That's just what we were saying after the game. I don't know where he is from and I don't recall seeing him before but he can referee the Knight's games anytime if he performs like that every time. A. Moore was his name I believe.
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