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  1. Let's hope it ends in the same way as the rumours that linked him with Fev., H.K.R. and the Rhinos.
  2. He was in Saints 21 last 2 or 3 weeks and came on as sub about 4 weeks ago.
  3. Are any of last season's players already contracted for next season?
  4. A couple more wingers, a couple more centres, a half back, a hooker and 4 props and we've cracked it!
  5. I'll agree with that S.K. Great news!
  6. I thought he went to Wakefield at end of last year?
  7. League Express seem to think the R.L. are saying if Super League don't want relegation this year the parachute payment they make to the usually relegated team out of the Sky money, £500,000, should go to sponsor some sort of competition for Championship clubs and League one clubs.
  8. It makes you wonder where these rumours come from.
  9. I read in this week's League Express Fordy and Jon Flatman along with some club sponsors had a look round the new stadium last week. Fordy said he was well impressed but when asked about the rumour the Knight's are about to sign Blake Wallace from Toronto he said it's nice that people see we're interested in players of that ilk but the club don't comment on other club's players.
  10. I was suprised nobody mentioned where a lot of us were on the corresponding weekend last year along with a few pictures. I would have put 1 or 2 on but not savvy enough!! Toulouse ring a bell??
  11. Couldn't agree more about the loss of Benny! I've just come home from having a chat with a pal of mine and I told him I could put my finger on the precise moment the Knights lost their potency in attack in my opinion. He said straight away what I was going to say. " When we lost Ben Cockayne". I've come home, put the forum on and there's Jon T., [coincidently my namesake by the way!], saying exactly the same thing. Incredible! I also agree it was a sad loss which was not and hasn't been and unfortunately won't be, easily rectified. As has been said in another post, it's early days yet and we've had two of our hardest looking tasks of the season already so I'm certainly not too worried yet. I've every faith in Fordy and Jon F. to get us there eventually.
  12. Toulouse away should be our toughest game of the season and let's face it, we could have and maybe should have won. Taking all that into account it all bodes well for the season ahead. Having said that, it's a funny old game and it's a long season!
  13. I'm afraid that name doesn't mean anything to me in the era you mention Roberto. The only Parkin I can remember played for York about 50 or 60 years ago.
  14. If you could mention his name it might be a help.
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