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  1. I'm still scratching my head as to why he's been allowed to come to us on loan. I thought he seemed to be establishing himself as a regular at Rovers hence Joe Keyes arrival the other week. I wonder what caused the change of plan? I've watched 2 or 3 Rover's games on Sky or Super League Show this season and he's been one of the stand outs. As Andy says, Rover's fans crying into their Ovaltine tonight. [Unless someone knows something we don't!]
  2. They both play for H.K.R.
  3. Keiron Dixon m.o.m. for me although Washbrook had a big hand in a lot of Knights good work.
  4. A big well done to all the Knight's players and staff for this afternoon's entertaining display and thank you for all the hard work that you've all obviously put in during the week. I'd just like to add I prefer not to say the opposition were rubbish or "tripe" but they played as well as the Knights allowed them to play on the day. To me to suggest otherwise demeans the effort put in by the Knights.
  5. Thank you Gav. for saving me the trouble of composing something along those lines. I agree with everything you've said there apart from the last paragraph. I would temper that with a "hope the wins will come". This is a tough league and nothing can be guaranteed. Thanks again
  6. I thought it seemed it was when Keyes started to direct things that we started doing it.
  7. I agree about all our ex Super League players.
  8. I saw the league table in the League Express and assumed they'd got it wrong in placing Broncos above us. I thought percentages only come into it when teams end up playing a different number of games to each other.
  9. I agree with everything you've said there Peter but would just like to add our defence must have been really something to only concede 3tries after giving as much ball and territory away as we did. Set completions of 50 odd each half!!! I've never heard of that before! You're not going to beat anyone with those kind of figures never mind Toulouse.
  10. Poorest display for a long time from the Knights yet only lost 3 tries to 1. I'm still trying to work that out.
  11. I see in today's Press report Jacob has us down as having 5 changes from the team which beat Sheffield last week. He doesn't mention Danny Washbrook, who, incidentally, I thought had his best game for the Knights last week. I hadn't counted them up before. 6 changes. It's a lot but I suppose it was mainly due to circumstances and of course we won!
  12. Agree about Kieron Dixon. My m.o.m. too, but I can see why Fordy uses Stocky as a sub. His footwork and pace for a forward must be more dangerous when the opposition are running out of a bit of steam don't you think?
  13. I see all London's home games for the first few weeks of the season are being played at Rosslyn Park r.u. ground where the Broncos train and it's a 4g artificial surface.
  14. Listening to Fordy on Radio York with Andy after the streaming finished on t.v. it seemed to be a case of he could only pick 17 players and he felt a p....t for having to leave anyone out! As he said, it's the part of the job he hates. I wouldn't have liked the job of picking the team after last weeks showing against Hull.
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