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  1. A last minute win today for Donny at Keighley sees them travel to Workington next weekend to try and seal a place in the Championship. Anyone fancy ANOTHER trip up there next season on top of the Barrow and Whitehaven matches?
  2. Where would you rather spend a weekend next year?
  3. Yes. Always one of my favourite players to watch. Thanks Sam. Good luck in the future.
  4. Sam Scott's last game for the Knights tomorrow then. That's one rumour confirmed on the Club website then.
  5. They showed the try he scored after the Leeds v H.K.R. game. It was a cracker!
  6. Sorry to hear you're retiring Ryan, I've enjoyed watching you play this season. Many thanks for the entertainment you've provided.
  7. I see on the Halifax forum there's a mention or two of the Knights in a post about Joe Keyes going to Fax next season. As I'm usually the last to find out I was suprised it hasn't been mentioned on our forum. Or has it and I've missed it!
  8. I agree about wishing we'd kept him if it's true but I can't see why it should be the first of many. First of a few maybe which is usual at the end of the season. I just hope, like Fordy said the other day, we've had our share of bad luck with injuries this year and it's a lot better in that respect next season.
  9. He was sat on the back row, block E.
  10. I assumed Boyny meant they were sat in his allocated seat so it didn't occur in an unallocated block Gav. but maybe I've misunderstood. Actually we got to our allocated seats in block E, (we're season ticket holders), and a couple were sat in our seats for the Whitehaven match. When we told them they moved, no problem, but it could have been someone who wasn't so amiable and could have been a problem.
  11. It says 4,000 "estimated" after the match report in the L.E. I don't think many will agree with that if they were there.
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