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    I suggest we wait and see.....about both the seasons result and KH's reaction.

    Well it certainly hasn't been caused by rugby. Football certainly has a worse affect on certain areas...although the worst part tends to be where the touch judges/referees' assistants plod up and down. We could think of some of the mud heaps we used to play on.....but some 1st division football grounds were no better. I just hope things improve and we don't get back to the problems of yesteryear, at Spotland.
  3. Jono Smith in the crowd

    Just seen him on the box, in the crowd at the Adelaide test match. Couldn't miss him.......stood out like a sore konk

    May be some good news tomorrow tea time, though. Hopeful.
  5. Fiji

    Yes, well done to the Fijians. Fantastic effort against NZ. Go give them Aussies a real hard game. Good luck lads.

    There was talk of Jo signing last week. Nothing seems to have materialised, though.....yet.
  7. Jono Smith

    He's certainly full of beans, probably Heinz though. You've got yourself a good 'un, if he can avoid injury. Very sorry to loose him. He's a great lad, talented and 100%, no question....and certainly up to standard after your promotion. Best wishes to him and yourselves for next season.
  8. I remember playing in Germany a good while ago, a bit of an exhibition game to get the game going. The German lads were really keen but they were the only team so not much chance of a foothold. It was a very enjoyable long weekend. The standard of ground and facilities really good, with a doctor in attendance, too. The refereeing was abysmal, though. A certain Mr Fred Lindop was the man in black.
  9. Ken Gowers

    RIP Kenny. A real gentleman. A true great and natural, who started his career as a brilliant scrum half..... ending it there, too.
  10. Onwards to 2018

    Any word on Jo Taira?........or Jono Smith?
  11. Onwards to 2018

    Aye , I've heard some stories. They were Wiganers and played for a good few clubs. Bill was the real good 'un and teams used to sign Joe to get Bill. Real hard buggers. A mate I used to play within the 70's told me how he debuted for Wigan A team, as a kid, away at Workington, I think. Bill was playing prop against him. He didn't know Bill and was given orders, by a more senior team mate, to stick one on him at the first scrum. After lamping him good and proper, he ended up a good second best and got his marching orders and was told, on the way off, who he'd just hit. Mcfarlane followed him, on the ref's instruction. The bath was full and he sat there sh***ing himself. A few minutes later Bill walked in with a pie in each hand and lobbed one to my mate telling him 'get that deyn thy neck'. No way was he dropping that pass.
  12. Onwards to 2018

    I see Whitehaven got through to the promotion final with a golden point drop goal in the 107th minute after Crooky had hit the post with a late dg effort of his own..........and guess who kicked 4 out of 4. OK, he hasn't the pace of LP but I can't remember one occasion where that made the slightest difference. I know who I prefer as a kicker, be it for points or in general play.
  13. Embarrassing, to say the least

    Agreed. Another example. Galbraith banned for a game and THEN no case to answer. How often has someone been punished before being found not guilty? I know it was an appeal but why the ban before the final outcome?