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  1. He had the ability and guts to go for the gaps and was strong enough to break most tackles with an amazing surge. Another was Alan Robinson. If he hadn't have had to retire through injury, he could have been up there with his brother, Dave. The list goes on....Bill Holiday, Bill Sheffield, Wally Jones, Tony Cooke, Terry Fogerty, Tony Halmshaw, Stuart Whitehead....and a certain young Hodgkinson signed from Salford.
  2. A truly great player and our best ever coach. He brought John Butler in at stand off and what a transformation from an average loose forward at Keighley to international tourist. Those backs....Myler, Crellin, Aspinall, Brophy, Taylor, Brelsford, Butler, Gartland, Hammond, before we get to the forwards.
  3. Hmm...white Australia policy. It was just coming to an end about that time, though it took a few years to fully banish it. I think that barbed wire might have had a bit to do with the infection, too. If I'm not mistaken, Api got the aussie league 'forward of the year' award twice running....correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. With the atmosphere too.....Api days, eh?
  5. Lovely bloke, what an awful shame he died so young. http://www.dragons.com.au/news/2016/06/01/apisai_toga.html
  6. It's not going to surprise me if the French go up even if they lose. With the state of Sheffield there's a fair chance of a shoe horn. Be interesting if York won, after being banned from promotion. The winner of Barrow v Donny would be going up, even if they lost the final game against York. If a spare place became available would the two losers play off....I wonder.
  7. We had the Final on Saturday.....and that wasn't at a neutral venue. The final game is a play off for second place and that isn't either.
  8. I wonder if we'll get a mention on the Superleague Show tomorrow night.
  9. David Cairns......up against one Andrew Gregory that day, I believe. Kevin Tamati in the Widnes front row, too.
  10. Do you remember Hendy in that great performance at Craven Cottage when we became the first side to beat Reg Bowden's Fulham on their own patch? If there was anyone to make Jim Mills back off, it was Alan....and it was a joy to see him lift that cup at Central Park, as Barrow captain.
  11. Well said, Peter. Are you doing the report? If so, I'm looking forward to good long read. ps. What do you think about the spectators booing a player who could have been seriously injured?
  12. Toulouse Le Trek, it seems. Hope you can get a decent squad together to give 'em some more. Today has proven that they aren't infallible, no matter what they might have thought. Good luck for next week....and for your short and long term future.
  13. Good luck at Barrow in the final..
  14. And today?.....by the better team on the day, by any chance, Peter? Look forward to reading your report in the Express on Monday for a totally unbiased opinion. Get in there the 'nets sounded like a brilliant performance, almost nilled 'em in the second half......there may be difficult games ahead but a few derby matches coming too, next season.