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  1. Kid For Free (Sunday)

    Maybe I'd be able to get in for nowt if I brought my dad.........he is 85, like.
  2. Ref for Whitehaven.

    We know how disappointing and under par the cup performance was, along with others and how they differ from that Toronto effort but, when we're trying to get by on such low home attendances, what can we really expect...and how is that going to affect sponsorship. Like Swinton, for the last couple of years we've been playing well above expectations and, no matter what people think, we've been scrapping like dogs. Let's put it behind us and keep scrapping, if not, what do we do? Good luck to the staff and players for the rest of the season.
  3. Eagles down us again

    Keep yer nose out, you. If you want to stick it in, read the post first.
  4. Eagles down us again

    John Butler?.....Though we did have Woody for a while with Martin Hall. Palph for Crooky ........saw better deals on Swap Shop. At least we had one of the best kickers in the game.
  5. Ref for Whitehaven.

    18-0 down at half time.....and I make it 5 knock ons and 7 penalties given away.... and 12 men for the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half. Doesn't look good.
  6. Attendances

    Just put that right!
  7. Eagles down us again

    It doesn't help, either, when you knock on the initial kick off giving them an ideal start....then equalise after 15', and spill that resultant kick off, too, handing them another 6. Phew! Couldn't make it but I was really looking forward to Monday.....not so sure, now.
  8. Toronto Wolfpack at home

    There endeth the lesson for Good Friday.....how to baffle Paul Rowley.
  9. Toronto Wolfpack at home

    I don't really think, in this situation, your argument can be upheld KM. I know they were relegated but last Friday night's attendance can hardly be compared to that of Bradford, last season....nor Oldham, if truth be told. I did hear a few wolf calls during the first half, though, all coming from spectators with a 'lobby gobbler' twang.
  10. Toronto Wolfpack at home

    Just found out, the game is on Freesports Sky channel 424 at 7.00 tonight.
  11. Rochdale game

    That's fair enough, mate. Hope it's a good game. I'm sure your fellas will enjoy the playing surface.....and the grub after. We attracted the wrath of the refs on many occasions, last season, not to mention the opposing fans, and gained a bit of a reputation the season before with TO and a certain Mr Betts' comments following the Challenge Cup tie against Widnes. Have a good season.
  12. Rochdale game

    No doubt we'll be 'thugs' again.....even if we just give you a game. I don't half hope we do.
  13. Barrow win.

    Since Superleague and summer rugby came in there has only ever been one way to go. All the 'money' is raked off by those who only care about themselves. Even since hornets moved to Spotland the downgrade is obvious. Before the stadium upgrade, playing in winter, I'm sure the attendances were far greater than at present, the whole ground being open to supporters. Remember the home game with Leigh in the Martin Hall days, must have been about four thousand in. Even when the team weren't doing well there were twice as many as these days. In summer people have other things to do. The interest has gone and, the way things are at present, the chances of encouraging people back look very bleak, I'm afraid. I remember thinking it was bad in the 70's and 80's but compared with now....well, it's just been a downward spiral. Then we look at the amateur game and the dearth of players. Again, to me, playing in summer has been the worst decision, along with the game all coming under one 'roof'. At least, in Barla days, in winter lads wanted to play the game to a much greater extent. Good second half effort on Sunday, by the way.
  14. Dewsbury

    I'll agree with that. A shambolic opening quarter. Playing without possession, the first try from a high cross kick and then 12 points presented on a plate really takes some pulling back, no matter what stage of the season or the standard of opposition. Obviously, sin binning and penalty count don't help, either. Whilst Hornets looked inferior in many areas, having not played for so long, I really think the players were caught cold. After hearing talk of '50 or 60 points' at half time, I think it was a very encouraging second half performance, especially taking into account the injury situation. Keep the faith........and the fingers crossed. Well done to Dewsbury. Well drilled, organised and took advantage of the situation. They'll give a few of the more 'well off' teams a run for their money, I'm sure. Great standard of pitch, too. Well done to all concerned. Oh...and all the best to 'Dale' tonight.