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  1. Too true, mate. I would say, best team by a mile won by one. Unusually, we were very lapse in defence and caught cold with half a dozen planned last tackle plays. Two props missing and a couple more injuries didn't help things but they are minor points in a very poor overall display.
  2. The opposite of a ''To win''?
  3. Blimey Peter, with a game like that we'll need paramedics for heart failure in the crowd, never mind battered players. Mind you, we had it last season. Are you coming over, by the way?
  4. Hopefully he'll respect both teams and referee accordingly.
  5. Calling us 'thugs' on Gen Forum. I've not been today but seems a bit churlish?
  6. ....and look what the Vichy did to them.
  7. I've just read the London match preview on the new Hornets website. What's this all about...? ''The one and only meeting of these two sides came way back in 1983, as the then Fulham RLFC picked up a 24-4 win in the Challenge Cup at Spotland''. Let's get our facts straight, please. They need informing that we were the first team ever to beat them at Craven Cottage, 1980-81 season. Wigan had been relegated and lost there in Fulham's first home game. I also saw the teams play at Crystal Palace, so they must have played each other four times in 2nd division matches. .....oh, and we didn't move to Spotland until '88 ???
  8. I remember cheering that victory at Craven Cottage in 1980. First team to beat Fulham there. Great atmosphere and well worth the journey to see Henderson take 'em apart. How times change. I don't know the crowd that night but they did average over 6000 the following season, after promotion.
  9. Shocker it was, for sure. After the Halifax and Owdumb second half performances, I didn't think it could get any worse. Giving the opposition a start is always going make it difficult but mistakes and panic football, along with such a bad penalty count, is a recipe for disaster. This squad has so much potential and we know what they can do. AK knows the score and I'm still very confident we can come back well. Just hope the injuries don't pile up. Over with..... let's move on and take the capital by storm.
  10. I think we only had the ball in their 25 six times and one of those was the missed penalty. The first half was bad enough but I can't remember many 'in play' kicks in the second half, we just couldn't complete a set of six. I don't think it was 'out enthused' so much as 'panic ball coughing'. When we had the ball in decent positions, look what happened. Oldham just went about the basics and deserved more because of it. Two of Oldham's 2nd half tries, one absolute give away from MG and how Tyson got that ball away for the other, the ball staying in play was pure luck. At that point I thought that was game over. Two five minute sessions at the end of each half, along with good defence, got us a lucky point. In between those two sessions it was worse than Halifax. Two stinking first halves followed by a downgrade in the second. So much promise must come to fruition but we've got to cut out the crazy antics. PS. I'm beginning to feel glad we're away in the cup next week with the last two homers.
  11. Well, I've no idea yet how the red rose rah rahs have gone on....but I'll bet the beeb's got that one spot on.
  12. 36-28 final score. TO13 website. Great effort. Looked like TO were pulling away just after half time but a really good effort to get back into it. Trying to remember my french from lessons at l'ecole edit: There are usually some highlights of the game later, on the Toulouse website.....at least there were last year when Hornets stung 'em.
  13. Toulouse head on 10m after forward pass (or knock on). 3mins left.
  14. Swinton scrum on 20m....intercept knocked on by Ford.
  15. Where'd you get that? 20-14 HT 36-28.........72mins. Swinton just scored.