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  1. God Bless Evan. Rest in Peace fella.
  2. It is very competitive.....just a pity you had a decent side out and the confidence was up against us, Peter......home and away. Very impressive all round at Spotland. Shame the squad couldn't stand up to it under the pressure of injuries. You never know, though. Fight to the end, like we did last year.
  3. Is he good enough for super league? Promotion for London and get him signed up for next season. I'm sure he'd love a decent pint.
  4. Typical, still moaning after a win.......same old biased rubbish.
  5. God, what a moaner. No cards issued in1hr 50mins of good hard football. No major injuries?....but a man down after 20 mins and still outplayed a bunch of bruisers in such conditions. Before the second try, a good few minutes rest on the goal line and still can't defend a drop out. Accept a bit of spirit and effort, maaaad ass.
  6. Of course it does. That's what I'm saying, it's rule change. It used to be about having full control of the ball. I find a bit of a difference between a 'spear tackle' and a 'one to one' under the ribs. Not calling the lads', some are amazing, but I sometimes wonder what would happen if a final defender hit one of our 'leaping salmon' scoring wingers in mid air, smashing his legs upwards. ...and are you responsible for a player's wellbeing when you smash the living daylights out of someone fairly and squarely....I'd gladly take a brick than some of some of the machines of these days hitting me......just look at Sky's super league's robot introduction
  7. There seem to be so many rule changes. For example, it used to be a case of not playing the ball until the defender had disengaged completely or be penalised whereas now, it seems that many aren't even back on their feet before attempting to play it. A PTB had to be done correctly. We all know playing the ball quickly is so important, it always has been for the attacking side, but the obsession with defenders wrestling and turning players over for a slow PTB, to me, is a spoiler. If someone's tackled they're tacked. It all results in way too many many contentious decisions. Down under influence, I know, all intent on quickening the game and creating more point scoring. Leg lifting above 90 degrees? It should be a penalty if it's dangerous. Many, to me, aren't, one to one tackles, for example. Shoulder charging and high tackles, more contention open to opinion, not to mention offside and obstruction interpretation. And how can anyone have control of the ball with one finger tip when touching down? Touch judges' opinions are very important but I never seem to see one overruled by a referee, who in many cases, is in a better position to see the situation anyway. It's getting me frustrated.
  8. You really think that? It's surprising just what adrenaline can produce. He did take one hell of a whack.....did you see the size of that lump just above the temple on the side of his head?
  9. Too true, mate. I would say, best team by a mile won by one. Unusually, we were very lapse in defence and caught cold with half a dozen planned last tackle plays. Two props missing and a couple more injuries didn't help things but they are minor points in a very poor overall display.
  10. The opposite of a ''To win''?
  11. Blimey Peter, with a game like that we'll need paramedics for heart failure in the crowd, never mind battered players. Mind you, we had it last season. Are you coming over, by the way?
  12. Hopefully he'll respect both teams and referee accordingly.
  13. Calling us 'thugs' on Gen Forum. I've not been today but seems a bit churlish?
  14. ....and look what the Vichy did to them.
  15. I've just read the London match preview on the new Hornets website. What's this all about...? ''The one and only meeting of these two sides came way back in 1983, as the then Fulham RLFC picked up a 24-4 win in the Challenge Cup at Spotland''. Let's get our facts straight, please. They need informing that we were the first team ever to beat them at Craven Cottage, 1980-81 season. Wigan had been relegated and lost there in Fulham's first home game. I also saw the teams play at Crystal Palace, so they must have played each other four times in 2nd division matches. .....oh, and we didn't move to Spotland until '88 ???